10 Hilarious The Last Of Us Memes Only True Fans Understand

The Last of Us arrived in 2013 and took the gaming world by storm, with its superb graphics, exhilarating gameplay, and all-around fantastic execution. Despite currently there only being one game in the series, it has millions of fans that have created an entire fandom.

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As any fandom worth its salt goes, there are hundreds of memes on the internet dedicated to The Last of Us. A lot of these poke fun at the nonsensical elements of the game and most of them are those that true fans won’t have problems understanding. So, let’s see if you really are a true fan and check out these 10 memes from the game.

10 Say What!?

Is it really possible to not like The Last of Us? After all, the game has everything from awesome gameplay to a story with supreme depth; and yet, there are people out there who aren’t fans of it.

To this, those who loved the game have the same thunderstruck expression that Joel has here, as these fans can’t think of a plausible reason why anyone would hate on the game. Maybe The Last of Us II will change opinions when it arrives, seeing as there are chances things will be quite different this time around.

9 Put A Sock In It, Ellie

While Ellie imparted some definite quotes of wisdom, you couldn’t go most confrontations with zombies without Ellie beginning her swearing tirade, which opens up the question as to how she even knows this many bad words.

Ellie grew up mainly in a secluded area, where she couldn’t have had access to learning the number of curses she doles out during the game, nor was she brought up in a way where swearing was part of everyday speech. Then again, maybe we’re just thinking too much about this for no reason.

8 That Feeling

This is a meme for those people who don’t enjoy The Last of Us as much as its hardcore fans, as the funny part comes in the form of seeing the fans be all sad and depressed after they’ve finished the game.

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Sure, one could start playing on New Game+, but it’s really not the same because you don’t get to go on the journey without knowing how it’s going to end. Now that the players know what’s going to happen, they start missing how it felt when they were blown away by the big reveals.

7 Let's Skip That Level

On the other hand, you could just remember that you’ll have to replay the ordeal with David all over again if you want to go back to the game, which should put off a few people at the very least.

The Winter chapter was notorious for being a horrific journey, due in part of the bad guys liking to chop up people and eat them! This level also lacked the empowerment players had with Joel, as Ellie is the playable character and doesn’t have the strength to combat big men.

6 Playing Idiot Ball

There’s a large variety of stuff that doesn’t make sense about the game, with this point being one that will ruin your experience because of how dumb it is. Joel took to using his fists to fight the zombies during the game, neglecting the fact that just a single bite would kill him.

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There was never a shortage of fabric in The Last of Us’s world, and yet these people never thought of covering their bodies up as much as they could to avoid being bitten. Tess even got bit because she had her skin exposed, which still didn’t give Joel the bright idea to at least use gloves.

5 That Sounds Easier

But maybe we’re expecting too much of Joel in the above point, seeing as it doesn’t strike this bozo to make more resources for himself and cut out a lot of problems. The times when one ran out of arrows is frustrating, as it meant you have to use your ammo; however, if Joel could craft pretty much anything, it should be a cinch for him to make an arrow.

The same way, our pal Joel crafted Molotov cocktails like they were nothing, but couldn’t use some fuel for the flamethrower. This was a vital weapon against the biggest zombies, so Joel really was being a dummy here.

4 Ellie's Magical Skincare

The one good thing that might come from the zombies taking over the world could be that skincare doesn’t remain an issue, as we didn’t see anybody with bad skin. You’d think at least the teenagers would be shown with some acne, but that just wasn’t the case.

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Instead, Ellie had pretty good skin for someone who likely never had access to clean water in her life. Since stress is a trigger for acne and Ellie has had a lot of trauma, it appears her skin might have some magical qualities to avoid all kinds of pimples.

3 If Only It Were That Simple

In order to make things look gritty and realistic, The Last of Us showed Joel patching himself up roughly rather than having magical solutions seen in games like Grand Theft Auto. However, the side effect of this practice was making things even more unrealistic.

It would make sense if Joel was using bandages to fix injuries sustained during a melee fight, but what the heck is it supposed to accomplish when he’s bandaging his arm despite getting shot somewhere else? In this case, GTA does it better by throwing away logic altogether and having a hot dog heal all wounds.

2 Not This Guy

The Last of Us fans know exactly what this meme is getting at, as fighting off these big zombies is always a cause for letting out sighs of exasperation. The other zombies with one-hit kills at least have a weakness to shivs, but these big ones are immune to almost everything.

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It’s only fire-based weapons that work on it, and those always carry the problem of having very little ammo. In a perfect world, we’d all have access to larger shivs that could eliminate the problems that came with fighting these bloated monstrosities.

1 Dead Giveaway

If you started playing the game without knowing that Joel was the main character, then you’d be forgiven for thinking Tess might have been the lead. Before her death, only Tess has any kind of relationship with Ellie, as Joel kept silent and didn’t interact much.

Unfortunately, this was an easy giveaway that Tess would not be surviving the story since she wasn’t promoted in the majority of the game’s materials. Plus, for Joel and Ellie to form the father-daughter connection, Tess’s death needed to happen.

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