More Last Of Us Part 2 Reveals Coming September 24th

With Sony's upcoming State of Play, along with the fated Outbreak Day only just over the horizon, a whole slew of news pertaining to The Last of Us Part II draws near.

The dystopian and post-apocalyptic game left every player speechless in its closing moments. With so many unresolved story beats left to uncover, in addition to an even larger world to explore, the sequel is already among the most anticipated releases of 2020, even with the likes of Cyberpunk 2077 contending with it.

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Airing Tuesday at 1 PM Pacific Time, Sony's State of Play will be an event that can't be ignored. Whether a gameplay demo or a new trailer will give insight into Naughty Dog's upcoming title is unknown, but it's already confirmed the game will be presented in some capacity. The fact that Outbreak Day is only two days following the event, there's sure to be plenty of TLOU2 announcements and insider information within the coming week. Vice President of Naughty Dog, Niel Druckmann, himself has alluded to the long lapse of silence in a Twitter post and vowed to amend it.

With rumors galore floating about the game, from it having no multiplayer to it being longer than thought possible, the necessity to satiate fans' hunger for more information has reached critical levels. The last time fans have even heard of their beloved franchise was from a leaked GameStop Expo gameplay, which elicited nothing more than higher amounts of intrigue, rather than insight. Other than the 5-minute sneak peek from Paris Games Week, fans are left with a mere E3 teaser released from a year ago, so it's about time more information was unveiled.

Little is known about the upcoming project, other than the fact that players will be taking control over Ellie rather than Joel. With the ending of its predecessor in mind, there's sure to be some interesting moments—both violent and tender—that will leave us all speechless and begging for more. Trailers and images thus far have alluded to a far darker story, one that will lend credence to the dystopian setting with interesting characters, new factions, and a world still ravaged by the past.

One of the most interesting things that makes The Last of Us stand out from many of its competitors is the narrative beats and character relationships inherent within the game's progression. Rivaled by the likes of Red Dead Redemption and Uncharted (which isn't even really a rival per se), The Last of Us Part 2 and Naughty Dog have a lot to prove and many to appease with their newest iteration. All signs point to an experience that will make us cry, laugh, and slam our controllers down in a fit of rage, all in the same breath.

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