Last Of Us Part II Collector's Edition Leak Resurfaces Ahead Of PlayStation State Of Play Hype

An older leak has resurfaced for The Last of Us Part II, just as the game is about to be featured at Sony's State of Play. The sequel to the massive 2013 hit is perhaps the most anticipated Sony title coming up.

When it comes to Sony's video game lineup, two games with notable discussion are Death Stranding and The Last of Us Part II. The video game community was not prepared for how big The Last of Us would become in 2013. Some fans would boldly proclaim it to be the greatest game ever made. Despite that, there was doubt over a potential sequel, due to how standalone the game felt. But, Naughty Dog surprised everyone in 2016 with a sequel announcement. Since then, fans have been wondering about its release. With rumors stating a February, 2020 release, the wait might not be much longer. Also, it might be possible that fans will be able to pick up different editions of the game, according to the previous rumor, and a resurfaced leak.

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Video games receiving Collector's Editions is common practice, and The Last of Us Part II could be no different. At the Swiss website Softridge (via VG Sources), the listing for The Last of Us Part II could potentially reveal a few things about the upcoming game. The biggest is the release date: February 28, 2020. This would line up with the heavily rumored February release date.


Though this leak has gained traction, it is actually an older leak. It isn't a surprise that it has resurfaced, since Twitter users are extremely hyped for any reveals coming this week. The original leak apparently didn't get much attention, so people thought it was new. When analyzing the product page, there could be something worth considering. The February release date lines up with previous rumors, and Collector's Editions have not been debunked. Of course, none of this serves as an actual confirmation, and it is odd that this page hasn't been taken down despite all the secrecy regarding the release date. So don't take it as official until Sony (hopefully) reveals all the important information this week.

If The Last of Us Part II is confirmed to release in February, that would instantly make it the most anticipated game of 2020. Of course, fans are hoping for Naughty Dog to announce a surprise holiday release this year. At this point though, February appears more probable. Either way, the game is coming. Look for more information on The Last of Us Part II during Sony's State of Play on September 24.

Via Nibel/Twitter, Softridge, VG Sources

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