Now That The Last Of Us Part II Has Been Delayed, It Might Be Smarter To Wait For The PS5 Release

The Last of Us Part II has been delayed until May. Should fans just wait for the inevitable PS5 release instead?

The Last of Us Part II has officially been delayed from February to May of 2020. The game's director stated this was due to a desire for "Naughty Dog quality." While many are likely upset over the delay, it could signal a bigger and better release for Playstation 5.

Right now, there's no confirmed PlayStation 5 iteration of The Last of Us Part II. However, given that PS4 got a version of the first The Last of Us, it's very likely the PS5 will get its own version of the sequel. This version would probably have superior graphics, handling, options, and perhaps more mechanics. It isn't known to be in development, but given The Last of Us Part II's release date close to the 2020 holiday release window of the PlayStation 5, a PS5 iteration is likely inbound.

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This new delay only further begs the question: Should consumers wait for a PS5 iteration? On the presumption we may get one, it could be the smartest way to go for those planning to get a PS5. The PS4 iteration of The Last of Us was superior to the PS3 iteration in many ways, including performance, graphical prowess, and more. It was, and is, a must-have on PS3. However, it was also a must-have on PS4, even for those who had already played the masterpiece on PS3.

Of course, getting the game on PS4, which would come out well before a PS5 release, would allow one to fully experience what could be a defining gaming experience as soon as possible. It would enable players to discuss the game without having it spoiled and, further, simply give fans the first opportunity to play the sequel they've been waiting for for what will have been nearly seven years.

A poll on ResetEra illustrates where the community stands on the debate of getting the PS4 or PS5 version. The two sides are nearly neck-and-neck. Of 810 participants, 39.4% of voters saying they are getting the PS4 version where 35.4% of voters leaning toward a PS5 version. 25.2% of voters say they would get both.

So, where do you stand on the issue? Let us know in the comments whether you will buy the PS4 version on day one or wait for a tentative PS5 release!

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