The Last Of Us Part II Will Span Multiple Discs

It seems like The Last Of Us Part II might be Naughty Dog's biggest game so far, as the game will span multiple discs.

After lots and lots of waiting, we've finally received more about The Last of Us: Part II, including information about various editions of the game, its release date, and the knowledge that the game will come on two discs.

According to Twisted Voxel, the Best Buy listing for the special edition of The Last of Us: Part II was indicative of this. While the description on Best Buy is no longer up, the special edition of The Last of Us: Part II will allegedly include the full game on two discs, a 48-page mini art book, Steelbook, Avatar set, and Dynamic theme.

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If  The Last of Us: Part II does come on two discs, then it is set to be Naughty Dog's biggest games thus far. For the most part, games are only installed via one disc, though exceptions have included Grand Theft Auto V and, more recently, Red Dead Redemption 2. Both were huge games, so now we expected The Last of Us: Part II may be even bigger.

After yesterday's story trailer, viewers now presume that Ellie is set on completing a revenge mission of some kind in an action-packed thriller. Furthermore, Joel has finally made his appearance and seems to be more grizzly than ever.

Above all, what might contribute to the game's size is its presentation. Based on the story trailer, The Last of Us: Part II has impressive graphics, complete with convincing facial animations, life-like character models, and hyper-realistic environments. By all counts, Naughty Dog seems to be shooting for the stars with its follow-up to what was essentially the PlayStation 3's swan song, and The Last of Us: Part II could follow suit. Granted, we're still missing some information, mostly in terms of gameplay. However, everything revealed so far has provided ample promise for The Last of Us: Part II, which will be released on February 21, 2020.

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