Latest Albion Online Update Adds New Enemies, Abilities, And Solo Dungeons

Albion Online, an MMORPG available on PC and mobile devices, has just released their latest update, Percival.

Developed by Sandbox Interactive in Germany, the game was originally released with a free-to-play model during beta, before converting to a purchase-to-play title after launch. There were no monthly fees during this period, however microtransactions were available through the in-game market. Then, as of April of this year, the game has gone back to the free-to-play model, while keeping its microtransactions.

It's been a fairly tumultuous development and launch for Albion Online, although that seems to be a pattern as of late. The game does have a dedicated following, albeit a small one, with concurrent users on Steam hovering around 5000. Of course, that doesn't account for all the mobile players, as well as those running the game without a third party client.

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This latest update, Percival, hopes to increase that low player count. The first large addition comes in the form of Randomized Solo Dungeons. These are balanced specifically for solo players, hoping to draw in gamers who don't have the time to group up with others. It's also conducive to playing on mobile devices, as players can hop into a dungeon and grab some gear while they're riding the train in to work, without waiting to find a group to party up with.

To go along with these new dungeons are some new enemy types. Albion Online's official websites doesn't list specifics, but states that, "New mob types have been added to solo and group Randomized Dungeons for all factions. These include new trap- and nest-type opponents, as well as environmental hazards, like explosives."

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Another big addition comes in the form of new weapon skills, something players will need in order to vanquish their newly added foes. A detailed breakdown of these abilities, along with some quality of life combat changes can be found on the official patch notes.

While it may not be the biggest MMORPG around, it's great to see the developers sticking with the title through all the rough patches. Hopefully these additions will encourage more players to start their own adventure in the world of Albion.

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