Latest Doom Eternal Trailer Highlights Playable Demons In BATTLEMODE

A new DOOM Eternal trailer highlighting the game's multiplayer "BATTLEMODE" has been released. Eternal is the second game in the rebooted DOOM series, and is one of 2019's most anticipated titles.

DOOM has seen something of a resurgence in recent years. After over 10 years of no new main installment, 2016 saw the release of DOOM, a reboot of the long-running series. The game was acclaimed, and many see it as one of the greatest modern first-person shooters. This year saw the release of the three classic DOOM titles on Nintendo Switch. In addition to all this, the franchise is getting a new movie titled DOOM: Annihilation. This November, DOOM Eternal will launch, and it's already looking to go even bigger than its 2016 predecessor.

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Bethesda Softworks has released a new trailer for DOOM Eternal. This time, the developer is highlighting the game's multiplayer: BATTLEMODE. In this 2-v-1 mode, two players control demons, and the lone player controls a Slayer. Check out the overview trailer below.

To summarize BATTLEMODE, first, two players work together controlling demons. Each of these hellish creatures have certain abilities, just like in the campaign. The demons can summon hazards, including AI-controlled creatures. The demons also have the advantage of being able to see the Slayer player through walls. However, the Slayer has access to powerful weapons, and is able to go through portals on the map. As for winning a match, if the Slayer kills one of the demons, the player only has 20 seconds to kill the other one. If the Slayer doesn't manage this within the time limit, the other demon will re-spawn with half health.

Wining rounds is especially important in best-of-five. At the end of a round, the winner(s) will acquire access to power items. The demons can summon the powerful Baron of Hell, while the Slayer will be able to use the very useful BFG. Bethesda says players will be getting additional playable demons and maps after launch, free of charge.

Via YouTube/Bethesda Softworks

Overall, BATTLEMODE, is looking like an incredibly fun multiplayer experience. At the moment, it seems Bethesda has carefully balanced the mode so it doesn't skew in one direction. The Slayer has plenty of firepower, but the demons have hazards and can be tough to manage when working together. If DOOM Eternal provides another satisfying campaign experience along with a well-balanced multiplayer, the game could end up being the greatest DOOM experience yet.

DOOM Eternal will launch November 22, 2019, for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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