Law Firm Investigating Nintendo Over Joy-Con Drift For A Potential Class Action

A law firm is looking into filing a class action lawsuit against Nintendo regarding the Switch Joy-Con and its control issues.

While Nintendo has dealt with patent claims in the past with its Joy-Con controllers, it appears a law firm is preparing to bring a class-action lawsuit against them in relation to the joystick drifting issues many are experiencing.

When the Nintendo Switch was unveiled to the world in 2016, many wondered if it would be able to compete with the likes of Microsoft and Sony. Just over two years later, we can safely say that the Switch has cemented itself as yet another Nintendo success story, having surpassed the PS 4 in all-time sales within Japan. However, while the console has had worldwide success, it has been marred by a variety of issues ranging from console bending and Joy-Con disconnection to the dock scratching the Switch's screen. With recent reports flooding in about Joy-Con drifting issues, it appears that Nintendo may have a battle on its hands as a law firm is currently looking to bring a class-action lawsuit against the company related to the issue.

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While this news is certainly troubling for Nintendo, it's important to note that there hasn't been a console on the market to date that didn't have similar issues during its lifespan. Given that Nintendo has weathered the storm before when it relates to issues on the Nintendo Wii U and the Wii, it's hard to imagine that they won't figure out a solution that is favorable for everyone involved.


News of the class action lawsuit comes directly from Chimicles, Schwartz Kriner & Donaldson-Smith, the law firm that is currently investigating whether a potential lawsuit against Nintendo is warranted. The firm goes on to assert that the Joy-Con controllers will register movements even when the Joy-Con joystick isn't being moved, causing a phantom drift issue that interferes with gameplay. This issue has been verified by many tech YouTubers; TronicsFix has released a video to show viewers worldwide how to fix this known Joy-Con issue, along with many others. While Nintendo hasn't announced a solution as of yet, given their customer service track record it's hard to imagine that they won't do so very soon.

Though the Joy-Con issue can be frustrating, many videos showcase that it is usually caused by dirt or debris under the controller's joystick - something that could be rectified with rubbing alcohol and a silicon covering. It's hard to imagine that this lawsuit will go very far given that it doesn't appear to be any manufacturing problems on Nintendo's end that caused it.

Lawsuits happen all the time, and while it may add some stress to Nintendo's legal department temporarily, it isn't likely to cause any major disruptions for the company. Even if the lawsuit doesn't go through, it will likely lead to Nintendo making improvements in future consoles to prevent such issues from occurring again.

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