At Long Last, Leafeon And Glaceon Are In Pokémon Go

Pokémon discovered in the Sinnoh region are coming to Pokémon GO, as well as two new evolutions for Eevee- Leafeon and Glaceon. Since the update, which launched last week, trainers can now find Pokémon like Cherubi, Gible, Hippopotas and others in the wild, or from hatching eggs. In addition, special lure modules are now available to purchase from the Pokéshop, or as rewards for completing special research tasks which will drop later this month.

Normal Pokémon lures attract wild Pokémon to a Pokéstop for 30 minutes, increasing the rate in which Pokémon will show up. These new lure modules, however, attract a certain type of Pokémon-- and even allow evolution for other types if the Pokémon is evolved inside the lure's range.

The Magnetic lure modules will attract Pokémon drawn to electro-magnetic fields when placed on a Pokéstop, causing electric, steel, and rock types to appear more frequently.

The Glacial lure module attracts Pokémon that love the cold, so trainers will find more water and ice types for a limited time if the module is placed. In addition, Eevee will have a chance to evolve into a Glaceon as long as you're hanging around the module (and after spinning the Pokéstop.)

The Mossy lure module attracts Pokémon that love leaves and grassy areas, so expect to find bug, grass and poison type Pokémon running your way. In addition, Eevee will be able to evolve into Leafeon if a Mossy Module'd Pokéstop is spun beforehand.

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Finally, there's a little tip we have for players trying to get their first Glaceon or Leafeon, and it only works once--on the one hand, by nicknaming your Eevee Rea and then evolving it, you will get a Glaceon once, guaranteed. On the other hand, naming your Eevee Linnea will get you your very own Leafeon. A reminder that this will only work once, so it might be wise to save it for an Eevee with great stats, or a shiny type, to get a shiny Leafeon or Glaceon.

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The Pokémon GO Team had some more news to share, as well. Certain Pokémon from the Sinnoh reason will know Earth Power, a powerful new Ground-type move. In addition, previous Pokémon will get a chance to learn it as well-- Nidoqueen, Nidoking, Aerodactyl, Camerupt, and Claydol.

Good luck, trainers!

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