The 10 Best League Of Legends Cosplays

League of Legends is known for their character’s immaculate designs that have remained untouched by any other characters within the gaming industry. And because of these intricate designs, cosplayers routinely make efforts to make these iconic character designs three-dimensional. And while many gamers may doubt the success of such an attempt, the creative craftsmanship at the hands of cosplayers has proven victorious for recreating this intimidating costumes.

The builds for these characters are typically decked out in intricate armor, with many of the characters also holding weapons of massive proportions. Despite the seemingly daunting tasks, these cosplayers have defied the odds to create some of the best League of Legends cosplays on the internet.

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10 Azir, the Emperor Of The Sands

Growing up, Azar was more of a reader than a warrior, much to the disappointment of his father, the emperor of Shurima. When a series of tragic events took his brothers, Azir became the unlikely heir to the throne. Azir unfittingly tried to endure the Ascension ritual which he would awake from thousands of years later with the power to wield the sands of Shurima.

Canadian cosplayer, Mel Colley, is a phenomenal armor builder who was able to construct the hawk-like armor of Azir. Mel masterfully detailed every element of Azir’s costume, complete with his floating staff and helmet. Mel’s original Pharah and Symmetra from Overwatch designs are some of her most impressive cosplay works.

9 Jinx, The Loose Canon

Jinx has been a cosplay favorite since she entered the game in 2013. This wired criminal from Jaun creates chaos and destruction throughout her path. Jinx is known for her audacious crime-sprees, namely her charades in Piltover, where setting off her favorite explosive toys is done with enthusiasm.

Haeley, also known as @kaiathyte, creates an incredible Jinx cosplay. Alongside the signature floor-length blue braids and bulleted belt, Haeley’s built a replica Fishbone canon. Sadly, she notes that her prop broke during a convention, but not before this amazing shot of her Jinx cosplay was captured.

8 Miss Fortune, The Bounty Hunter

This League of Legends character is the gorgeous bounty hunter who plays the game with a merciless hand. After the death of her parents, Sarah made a name for herself, better known to the salon-goers of Bilgewater as Miss Fortune. She wields the powerful firearms designed by her mother and takes no prisoners on her hunt for vengeance.

Miss Fortune has a few skins in the game, one notable attire being the Star Guardian Miss Fortune. Cosplayer “Salmon” handmade her own Star Guardian with complete accuracy. From the boots to the feathered orange hair, this Polish cosplayer worked to make sure that even Miss Fortune’s pistols were game-accurate.

7 Ekko, The Boy Who Shattered Time

Ekko is a genius prodigy from Zaun. He used his unlimited intellect to create the Zero Drive which allows him to craft reality to fit his expectations. Ekko is recognizable for his white mohawk and glowing bat, which is actually a stolen hour hand that he took from a Piltie clocktower.

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Marcos Maker is a cosplayer who did an exceptional job bringing to life the features of this League of Legends character. He accurately applied the hourglass facepaint and even wields his own green bat prop. Everything about this cosplay is canon. Marcos has also cosplayed as Zed from League of Legends.

6 Leona, The Radiant Dawn

Leona was born a warrior, but spared the life of a young boy who would lead her to the light of the Solari temple where she would harness the power of the sun. Leona hoists the Zenith Blade and Shield of Daybreak by her side at all times. Her armor is a recognizable shimmering gold with prominent spikes.

Cosplayer Sonia Grillet fashioned her own set of Leona armor with fierce precision. This was her first armor build that she made back in 2015, and since then, her cosplay armor making skills have even slightly surpassed what we see here.

5 Darius, The Hand Of Noxus

Darius is the most fearsome leader in all of Noxus. His formidable stature is surrounded with excessive armor that is fashioned with large spikes. He holds a large blade, which causes extreme damage to his opponents. His other abilities include Innate and Noxian Might.

Veirous Cosplay recreated an identical Darius costume that is just as intimidating. The Canadian cosplayer structured every last bit of armor down to the lion head shoulder blades. He even has his own Battleaxe prop!

4 Garen, The Might Of Demacia

As head of the Dauntless Vanguard, Garen is a well-known soldier. He is a born noble as a part of the Crownguard family. He is known as the Might of Demacia, with his abilities including one-on-one combat skills and anti-magic armor.

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Leonardo has his own set of impressive armor that mirrors Garen’s skin in League of Legends. This cosplayer’s attention to detail in his armor making is simply mesmerizing and his Sunsteel Broadsword is something to be desired. Leonardo’s other cosplays include Jayce and “Mister Fortune”.

3 Kayn, The Shadow Reaper

Kayn is a male warrior who battles to take his place as leader of the Order of Shadow. He holds one of the sentient weapons of the Darkin, which he snuggles with as it tried to consume his body and mind.

Cosplayer Danielle Denicola crafted her own massive Darkin Scythe. She completed Kayn’s full arm armor and even included the glowing armored eyepatch. This gender bend is one for the books and just goes to show the immeasurable talent within the League of Legends cosplay community.

2 KDA Ahri

KDA is the name of a popular music group in the realm of League of Legends. The all-girl K-pop group is made up of four girls: Ahri, Akali, Evelynn, and Kai’Sa. Ahri is the lead singer of the group who is known for her nine-tail fox attire and blonde hair. She has numerous skins in the game with each one being flashier than the next.

Kinpatsu Cosplay is a South African cosplayer who is known for her incredible armor builds. Recently, she put together a cosplay eBook and Youtube tutorial for Ahri’s flashiest skin yet, which includes these iridescent fox tails. Kinpatsu’s ability to craft even the most extreme cosplays is inspiring. And it shows in her other cosplay costumes such as her  Artoria and Sister of battle from Warhammer 40k.

1 Ashe, The Frost Archer

Ashe is the leader of the Avarosan tribe. Known as the Iceborn warmother, Ashe uses the magic of her people to wield Avarosa's True Ice Bow. This bow allows her to apply frost to her enemies in order to slow them down.

Nikki Lee harnesses her own Ice Bow in this amazing as Ashe cosplay. Nikki made sure to include all the bells and whistles in this cosplay, making sure to add even the most finite details like the armored hood and quilted bodice. Her other breath-taking cosplays include Xeno Jiiva from Monster Hunter World and Genji from Overwatch.

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