League Of Legends Courts Middle School Crowd With New Axe Sponsorship

Riot Games is taking steps to bring back memories of our high school days - specifically the moments and smell after gym class. Whether it is the timeless scent of “Phoenix” or the lingering, persistent smell of “Apollo,” AXE is as much of the high school experience as bad acne and awkward pep rallies.

As part of a multi-year sponsorship with grooming brand Axe, the kingpins of the body spray world have become official sponsors for the pivotal League of Legends events such as the Mid-Season Invitational, World Championship and All-Star Event. Axe is no stranger to the rodeo having sponsored this year’s eLeague and is using the partnership with League to launch their own gaming wing as they begin to expand their business into the eSports realm.

As expected, both sides are absolutely glowing with these recent developments and their potential impact to high school kids across the country.

Gaurav Raisinghani of AXE touted the companies traditional support for youth culture, going as far as to add that “ We hope to create value for the community and encourage fans to fearlessly express their passion.”

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The central theme of expressing passion and bolstering the community was also mentioned by Naz Aletaha of Riot Games. “AXE is a brand that celebrates individuality, inspires confidence, and shares our passion for esports. That perspective, combined with their expertise...is sure to enhance our fans’ experience.”While details are scant in regards to the sponsorship, it is to note the partnership between the two brands is already in effect for the 2019 League of Legends World Championships. Once more information becomes available, we’ll be able to see how these two companies that are staples of high school culture will reach out to the community at large.

For now, AXE joins a unique set of sponsors that includes Red Bull, State Farm and even luxury clothing brand Louis Vutton that are backing the biggest game in the world.

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