League Of Legends Hits 8 Million Concurrent Players, Making It ‘The Biggest PC Game In The World’ According To Riot

The ten-year anniversary of League of Legends is right around the corner on October 15, and the game has done what few would consider possible a decade after a formal release, and that is to remain the biggest PC game in the world.

In a blog post speaking about the upcoming celebration of the anniversary, Riot also stated that they see 8 million peak concurrent players every day, which is larger than the top ten games on Steam combined. The accomplishment is evident in the engaged community of players that can be found anywhere in the world. Riot plans to show their appreciation on October 15 with livestream celebration and a rebroadcast for those who miss it.

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The figure is calculated by averaging the daily peak concurrent users for the month of August and includes all of the regions where the game is distributed by Riot, which take the bulk of the regional representation; Tencent in China and Garena in Southeast Asia.

Some may be surprised to read that a game now approaching the ten-year mark is so popular, but the claim's quite logical when we break down everything that makes League of Legends attractive. First and foremost, the game has supported a free-to-play model since the beginning, and consistent play means that one can eventually acquire all of the heroes without needing to pay real money.

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With that said, players are often happy to open their wallets for the variety of skins that are released into the game, both for their favorite champions, and for charitable events, as has been done before.

League of Legends is also a game that can be played on older hardware, meaning that it does not demand a high-end PC to play for fun or to stream, compared to something like PUBG. This means that a wide range of users can access the game, which is easy to learn, but difficult to master. It takes little time to learn the fundamentals of a Multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game, and from there one works to master the subtleties of individual characters.

Finally, there is always new content being added, even years later. As a testament to this, there are currently 144 unique champions in the game as of May, 2019. This means that there is easily a character for every style of player, and half the fun is experimenting with a broad range of characters to find those favorites.

With an esports scene that continues to grow, we should expect to see League of Legends remain as a top game among players for years to come.

Source: leagueoflegends.com

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