Learn From The Pros: 30 Things Every League Of Legends Player Needs To Know

League of Legends is a serious video game. Every casual player needs to know these pro tips.

Multiplayer Online Battle Arena or MOBA for short have been around since the time of the time of Sega Genesis, however, this particular genre of video games didn't really kick off until Blizzard, the video game company came out with a bunch of tools called StarEdit for their famous strategy game StarCraft. This allowed the gaming community to come up with a number of custom maps, among which maps like Aeon of Strife ended up becoming really popular and setting the foundation for future MOBA games.

It was in 2009 when Riot Games released their debut title as League of Legends and with it coined the term MOBA, referring it to as the genre the game represented. Since then, it has become a global phenomenon with millions of players all over the world. Unlike other casual games, a lot of strategies are involved in if you're trying to get good at the game and win. Those that are already good at the game are called pros some of whom even have thousands of hours of gameplay, giving them the experience required to effectively play the game. This is why we set out to gather some of the things that have helped pros over the years. So, whether you are a veteran or just starting out in League of Legends, our list of 30 things that you need to know as a League of Legends player will definitely help you out.

30 Learn To Farm Creep Score

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What is creep score? Well, it basically means how much have you farmed during the entire game. With every minion slain, you get a particular amount of gold, for example, a melee minion grants 21 gold and 59 exp so make sure to never miss a cannon minion as it is worth 60 gold. Usually, a pro player farms 10 CS per minute which means that in around 10 minutes you should be at 100 CS. If you want to improve and go pro with it, start by calculating on how much you miss and how much you hit for, you should practice farming in custom games to improve at it. Pick a champion which you are comfortable with to start practicing creep scoring with, you will soon know how to attack and where you need to improve.

29 Have Map Awareness

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Try to make a habit of looking at your mini-map every few seconds, it’s one of the fundamentals of the game when your pre-made or teammate gets caught in a fight. Facing a dire situation, it's certain that your teammate will not be able to ping but, if you were to follow up the fight, it can result in your favor. Map awareness means to foresee the movement of your enemies on the map which can allow you to save yourself. If you cannot do this, you will either miss out an opportunity to keep time on important events such as team fights or perhaps even getting ganked by the enemy team.

28 Be A “One Trick Pony”

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Have a small champion pool from which you alter your role in-game. If you are to stream and watch a pro streamer, they will always play with certain heroes and more specifically the ones that they are comfortable with. League of Legends has around 140 champions at the moment and it could get difficult for you to master them all. So, choose a champion through which you feel you can deliver, as it will help you climb the ladder faster. By learning a particular hero, it can help you prioritize over counter picks, their builds, and mechanics. It can also help you be a better player as you will know all the little tricks to the hero you are consistently playing with.

27 Watch Pro Players’ Streams

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Watching the live stream of a pro player is one of the ways to get really good at League of Legends. Some of them are very educational and diverse when it comes to teaching. They tell you how to ward, farm, which champion is easy to overcome and the mechanics of the champion they main as well. It helps a lot since you might want to try out the same routine in your game and sometimes things won’t occur the way you want but once you get a grip on your timings of what needs to be done, it helps you improve overall as a player. At the very least, the outcome is you will be able to view the game, what the pro players do and copy the same technique.

26 Ward Your Map

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Warding also comes in as one of the fundamentals of the game. What if the enemy team is doing the objective at the time? Surely you have the timer access but how would you know that they aren’t just there to pull out a team fight and then to just secure the objective? Having map awareness is a key but you cannot see what’s happening in the fog of war. At the start of the game, you always have two wards so utilize them to secure your laning phase as well as to help your team. Most of the time when the enemy team is trying to land an objective and your team has placed a ward you can easily outplay them.

25 Read Guides

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Sometimes the game itself isn’t helpful on champions and runes or maps itself. At times like these, one should start to look for a guide. For example sites such as Mobalytics, the summoner school subreddit and Lolking are highly preferred. These sites help you read about the framework of the game on what to do and how are things usually done in the game. Most of the time there are champions which are complex in regards to their kits/spells so the best strategy is to try reading about their abilities and how their mechanics work, learn the counter picks or who you are strong against using the current champion or what lane is best for them so you can increase your skill-cap higher.

24 Follow The Official Tournaments

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Riot Games hosts a set of tournaments every year and every tournament brings in a new Meta which pro players participate in live by applying the best of their skills. These tournaments can be streamed on Twitch as well as YouTube where many pro players from all over the world are matched up against each other with their main role and they show how or when one should initiate a team fight, what lane would be optimum for your champion or counter picking can also be learned here as well. Always follow them directly on Twitter to know the live updates on who is winning or the plays that are being made.

23 Do Not Tilt

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Tilting is the most awful thing that could ever happen to a player. It’s when your teammate intentionally helps the enemy team or when you get upset over the gameplay. How to fix this? Simple pro tip is when you lose three games in a row, quit the game and take a break. Your mental health is more important than the loss of a match. League of Legends is a fun game but it sure can attract some trolls and people who want to ruin other people's game. It can even happen in ranked games and for this reason alone, they have introduced a system where you can mute the enemy player if he is to verbally abuse or simple harass you which actually leads you to win your game with a level-headed mindset.

22 Timers Exists In The Game — Track Them Or Lose

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Timers exist for a major reason in the game with one of them being to secure every objective in the game. It can set the difference between a good and a bad player. Every pro player focuses on objectives (macro) rather than micro gameplay. The pro teams don’t focus on the fights unless they need to secure the objectives; it’s what makes you win the game and it is best if you stick to a guide or at least press TAB to view when the drake or baron nashor will be spawning (in game-minions). Be attentive and as soon as the objectives are up, stay close to your teammate to secure if you think you can.

21 Never Surrender

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A surrender is always an option. Sometimes it’s best to play out till the end so that you can learn a lot about the gameplay or your performance in particular. Sometimes a good team fight or a securing an objective can turn the game in your favor, the more the game prolongs, as long as you are playing it with a cool headed-mindset and helping your team, you could always win the match. The more you play the more your focus increases and so does the attention span and once you are in the heat of the moment, you will always give it your best shot.

20 Always Review Your Last Game

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Every time you win or lose a match you should review your game. Riot Games have introduced a feature to view your games from your match history, which enables you to know how you performed in the match, whether you performed well or in a bad way. Another website which helps you to achieve a deeper review in the game is Mobalytics as its features are similar to League of Legends match history but it gives you more in-depth analytics about the game you’ve played be it post or pre-game. This can further guide you against various matchups and give you tips on how or what to build, for example, your team presence, your hero presence etc.

19 Be More Decisive

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While playing the match always try to be aware of your environment of the ongoing game. Usually when someone pings you on the mini-map or when your teammates ask you for help in the chat, try to be responsive and help them as soon as possible. Crucial team fights take place within the game; a slight uncertainty could result in your team incurring a loss. Always heed your teammates call and don’t be afraid to say that you cannot reach or will not commit. Sometimes a fight can lead both ways so if you pay attention and think quickly, you can either commit or just let go.

18 Communicate With Your Team

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Communication plays a vital role in this game. As of 2018, League of Legends has introduced the voice-chat system in which players can interact globally with each other rather than type it out in the chat box. A pro player always communicates with pings and the map during the time when a player is missing on the map or the enemy is coming your way and mainly to secure an objective. You can help your teammate from tilting as well as by guiding them to what they need to do in order to win the game. Also, keep in mind the fact that since you are with random players, you could work around with the strengths and weakness on your team and get the best possible outcome from the game.

17 Keep Yourself Updated With The Patch Notes

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League has always been consistent with pushing updates every other week. The regular intervals keep bringing in new items and builds to follow on including nerfing and buffing of the champions or the gameplay mechanics as well. Always try to read to keep an upper hand because they help you learn about the game itself. Most of the time people don’t tend to read it which makes them vulnerable to new developments in the game. It is important to know the what kind of updates are getting uploaded to the server, for example, Riot Games Inc always updates their map according to the events going on.

16 Understand The Mechanics Of The Games

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Basically, mechanics are what makes the game you play more transparent. Understanding the game takes a lot of time and it does not have to begin with you going through a crash course about it. Just try to understand the basics of the game, for example, every MOBA game has some sort of slang every now and then and learning it can be useful so you can follow it in the future. Also, understanding how the game works, how to farm and how to utilize the map etc. is also very important. Once you have grasped the basics of the game, then you can move on to the next stage in which you actually implement all of your knowledge into the game. It can be overwhelming at first but once you get a good grip, you will have a lot of fun while being pro at it.

15 Play With A Veteran Friend

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Always start off by inviting your friends, whether they are real life or in-game friends. It can help you tilt less and have a different outlook for the game overall. Some of the veteran people in the game have an even more extensive knowledge regarding the game and they can then analyze each of your moves and help you improve your mistakes or improvise a situation gone wrong. This might not always work out since it can become a bit annoying for a veteran player to teach basic concepts to a newbie so in this case, find friends who are patient and willing enough to put up with you and train you to become a pro as it will help you learn about new builds, team fights and also to make a decision at crucial timings.

14 Choose A Server With The Lowest Latency

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For you to become the best amongst the fellow gamers in any MOBA or online game, you should first have a good internet connection. While playing the game, if you get interrupted due to a bad connection, you could end up losing the game and even get reported. Before logging in, always perform a speed test to see how good your connection is. If there seem to be any lagging issues, its best to avoid gaming and check your pc for a program that might be downloading data in the background. To avoid this issue, choose the best server and shut down any Windows updates that might be running in the background. Try using the ping software as it helps to eliminate unnecessary high pings and it also automatically ends up choosing the best server and gives you a direct connection to the hosting server.

13 Perfect Your Knowledge About The Role You Want To Play

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Each role is considered important in the game, they consist of Top, Mid, Bottom, Jungle, ADC, and Support. Depends on what you choose to do, you can be an all-star, however, try to focus on one role to secure your knowledge of that particular task. Playing a dedicated role will improve your knowledge about the lane, how it works and when is the enemy approaching and at what cost. It also helps you to achieve a mastery over the champion and the lane as well. Once done right, you can outplay rather easy. Watch a dedicated streamer who specifically focuses on playing the role you desire as they can also give you hints and tips to improve and help you climb the ladder.

12 Work On A Strategy For Every Phase In The Game

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Every great player or a legend has a plan or tactic up his sleeve. You should always plan out your next move on how to secure the objective or an elimination, it doesn't always work but sometimes even a calculated setup can help you achieve a lot. For example, by reviewing your previous game you can see the whole scenario you had in mind, whether it worked out or not and where did you make the mistake or how can you improve yourself overall. Simple things such as warding in the right places can help your team a lot which adds to macro plays.

11 Respect Your Opponents

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Every opponent or player has their own way of warding, ganking and a certain pattern to what they do. Once you analyze the approach they are taking you can easily counter them. However, sometimes it goes the other way around as most people in higher ranked matches do not respect the lane behavior of their opponents which results in them losing the game itself or tilting. While playing their favorite heroes, specifically ones that have a power spike at a certain level, you need respect that because players can abuse them to gain an advantage. Basically, you need to understand your opponent and his playing style in order to be ahead.

10 Read About The Items On The Champion You Play

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League of Legends always releases new patch notes every other week, keeping that in mind one should read about the new item changes because even a minute detail can affect the course of the game itself. Sometimes the items are nerfed to the ground so you do not have to purchase them in order to save yourself some time and follow the pros on Twitch at the time of the release as they can help you more on what you can do. For example, if you had a certain build to follow, watching the stream of a pro can help you figure out what would be the alternative to it and how would it benefit you as well.

9 Master The Laning Phase

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For mastering the laning phase you need to know and cover a lot of ground on it. Warding, enemy tactics, fog of war and how to last hit properly. Always punish your enemy in the lane for doing mistakes and grasp every other opportunity that you can while exchanging blows against the enemy champion. Deploy or implement tactics in order to win. For example, if the enemy player is punished, then you have the advantage of pushing the minion wave and denying him experience and gold, that way even when you come back to your lane you would be a level ahead of him.

8 Play Ranked Games

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In comparison to normal games which are fun, ranked games have evolved to being serious and more competitive meaning that this mode is solely for people who don’t play for fun and like having a serious challenge or competition. People usually learn a lot from ranked games even if they are defeated since these games help them learn from their mistakes. Before landing into a ranked game, a pro tip would be to watch pro players and see how they perceive everything around them. Then study those tactics of how everything works including the laning phase since most pros go in a great amount of detail to explain how to overcome any difficulties in ranked games.

7 Analyze Lane Behavior

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The key to winning a lane would be to know your opponent's mind. If a player plays a lot of rank games he/she will know how or what the enemy player will do in order to achieve the goal. Watch the play style of the player, is he aggressive or defensive? Sometimes even a few mind tricks can work, for example, if he is playing aggressive it means that his teammate is near and they want you to make a mistake. At this point, play defensive, do not push the lane and make him waste whatever abilities he is using. On top of that, punish him so that he knows that you aren’t just around to farm but also to exchange blows. Another example would be to know where the opponent is warding, so if he is warding in the river, ping it so that your team knows to approach with a plan.

6 Learn About Key Bindings

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The basic keybindings you need to learn are Q, W, E, R which are mostly used in League of Legends for abilities. On the other hand, the numerical keypad is used to handle an active item but it all depends on what setup you are most comfortable with. There are several shortcuts such as if you hover your mouse over a certain key, it will tell you to use CTRL+Q to level up a certain ability rather than to click or drag your mouse over to it. Then there is the function of normal casting and smart casting, most of the pro players use smart casting because it is easier for you to land whatever skill shot or ability you are aiming for. There are plenty of guides available on the internet about key bindings and how to or how much mouse DPI is required to pull these off.

5 Counter Pick Your Enemies Champion

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By having over 140 champions, everyone has a definitive counter to their kits or playing style. From poke style to control mage and from assassin to bruiser or fighter for that matter. Learning to counter pick your enemies' role is as easy as it gets. If you do not know how to counter or what champion to counter with, an excellent resource is champion.gg where you can learn the counter picks and how to lane against them as well. Most of the people even in the pre-chat will give you suggestions as in what to do in order to counter and how you should adjust your play style accordingly.

4 Make A Team Composition

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While making a team there are few compositions that exist in order to get the most out of the game, stuff like which team comps are the best against what. For example, some team comps can counter the whole enemy team when you consider that a poke comp excels at chunking down enemies from afar, before closing in for easy eliminations or objectives and siege comps, in particular, are focused on taking down towers by forcing away enemies with poke all the while sneaking in auto attacks on the towers whenever it is safe. Another type of comp is the dive comp. These comps excel at forcing fights, starting them with lots of crowd control from the tanks and bruisers in order to leave enemies helpless against the relentless assault of your team's carries (ADC). These comps can often win fights with a good engage, even when behind.

3 Read About The Runes And Masteries

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Runes and masteries have evolved at such a high scale that even the pros read up on them regularly to see what gives them the edge in the game considering that some of them are broken and some are just dull to take. With every patch, these runes and masteries are nerfed or buffed accordingly and on some heroes, they end up being really powerful because of the kits and abilities etc. Always read about it as it is a core part of the game which helps you make the most out of it. The guides that help you in detail about the champions also guide you in choosing the right set of runes and masteries and hows or whys of doing it. This is important because if you choose the wrong masteries or rune set, the result would be disastrous in-game.

2 Be Open To Suggestions

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Every time a game takes place, there exists a chat-box where one can type whatever you want, be it to troll flame or just to give a positive suggestion or otherwise just to simply chat with your friends. Always listen to what the other person has to communicate, whether it is the right thing or wrong but it can always be something like a hint to improve your gameplay perhaps. People that are playing with you can notice a flaw in your build or game since sometimes you are so deep in the game that you won’t be able to notice what you could have done to play out that situation perfectly. Most of the time people also aren’t correct so you should not eliminate your own judgment and rather look towards relevant comments which can help you.

1 Have A Hero Presence

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Having a hero presence simply means that you are present on your enemies' screen. If you aren’t then this gives them a chance to easily do pretty much what they want to do, like freeze the lane or ping their teammate that a player is missing which could alert the enemy team and turn the favor toward them. Usually, in this method, a person has to acknowledge your presence in the game. You can do this by being active, whether it’s to flank the enemy team or perhaps to save your ally, whatever it might be, your presence should be made clear so that the enemy will feel threatened and be wary of your lane as well.

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