League Of Legends' Lux Is Getting Her Own Marvel Comic, Here's A Peek

League of Legends champion Lux has received her own comic book as part of a venture borne out of a collaboration between Riot Games and Marvel.

Despite being the center of unwanted attention, given its current misconduct scandal, Riot is keen on expanding, and Lux is now the focal point of a fresh line of comics.

Riot announced a partnership with the Marvel franchise towards the end of 2018, citing similarities between the League of Legends and Marvel Universes.

“We love comics as a way to tell stories because it gives League of Legends fans an opportunity to see the world of Runeterra and not just read about it,” Greg Street, Head of Creative Development at Riot Games, declared in a press release back in November.

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“We see similarities between the League of Legends Universe and the Marvel Universe, as both of them feature an array of characters with compelling and diverse backgrounds. Marvel's success at developing a world through comics and creating great stories is industry-defining, and we're thrilled to be working with them to bring our own stories to life."

So, fans will be treated to five issues of a comic simply branded Lux, the first of which dropped on Wednesday.

It brings to light the life of Luxanna Crownguard, as well as the lore behind the Kingdom of Demacia, which is apparently replete with secrets hidden beneath the beauty seen on the surface. The story follows Lux as she learns about the society's history. You can check it out on the League of Legends website if you're so inclined (of course you are).

Street has said that he's hoping Riot's partnership with Marvel will allow them to tell more origin stories and maybe even explore alternate universe narratives in the future.

Riot will also hope that the so-far successful venture will see the Lux issues follow the path set by Ashe Warmother. Fans should expect plenty more from this collaboration, as there are over 140 champions, plus hundreds of skins to serve as a basis for alternate universe tales.

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