League Of Legends Might Finally Get Voice/Announcer Packs

Riot seems to be considering adding new voices and announcer packs to League of Legends, according to Ken Adams.

If you're sick and tired of the same female announcer in League of Legend yelling, "Pentakill!" after your amazing streak, you might be in luck, as Riot seems to be considering adding new voices and announcer packs to the game - and not just during certain events, as was the case until now.

Different announcers are certainly commonplace during events in League of Legends, such as during the June 2018 Bilgewater: Curse of the Drowned event when Pyke was launched and his voice was used in the ARAM game mode, which was revamped into Butcher's Bridge instead of the usual Howling Abyss. Not all announcers were recently launched champions: the Gangplank pack, for example, was used during the July 2015 event, Burning Tides, when the champion had been reworked. Similarly, Ahri's voice was used for the August 2017 event, Star Guardian: New Horizon, hand in hand with the launch of the Star Guardian skin line. Other than the aforementioned three and the default voice pack, other featured champions include Kayn and Thresh, as well as a project pack celebrating the launch of the corresponding skin line.

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Ken Adams, the product manager for League of Legends, recently took to Twitter to ask fans what they envision as different voice packs and announcer packs, later adding that different announcer packs would be "pretty cool." The community immediately took this to mean that Riot might finally look into adding the option into the game full time, which spawned the discussion of what voice packs would look best. One idea was that the voice of Jhin - a champion obsessed with the number four - would get angry at players for getting pentakills instead of stopping at quadrakills. "There's no callout for the penta," is another user's alternative idea for Jhin, adding, "you just hear a headset slam into a desk as someone walks off."

Another popular idea was the Rammus pack. Since this champion only rarely says anything other than "OK," - with other top phrases being "yeh," "right," and "hmm," there would be no sense in having him suddenly start saying anything else, really. This means that the game could get very confusing very fast - but this announcer pack could be well left for a less serious game mode. Fans aren't focusing solely on champions being announcers either, "I'd love an announcer that's a Spanish football caster. I don't know a word he's saying but he's screaming with such passion it hypes me up," writes one of them on Reddit. Another calls for Samuel L Jackson and his favorite swear word to follow them through the game. If anything, it would definitely be a great motivational factor.

Still, this has not been confirmed by Riot, and may take years to come. What Riot should consider, however, is that announcer packs - with the fact that they only existed on a limited time basis in the game - would certainly draw in many players that had left the game, at least for the sake of humor. Certainly more than any Project skin could manage.

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