League Of Legends New Mode Is A Little Bit Battle Royale, Including A 'Closing Circle Of Death'

Nexus Blitz is going to be the first Experimental Mode, a new temporary League Of Legends game that borrows from Overwatch and battle royale

League Of Legends is getting a brand-new, limited-time mode in the form of Nexus Blitz, a more action-oriented experience that borrows from Overwatch and battle royale games. It's the first of what Riot calls "Experimental Modes." The idea seems to be that Riot will sporadically introduce wild new modes and incorporate player feedback when deciding if they should stay. As the first Experimental Mode, Nexus Blitz hopes to defy expectations by providing fast gameplay on a small map with a "roulette of new, unexpected events."

The mode was announced in the Dev Corner of the League Of Legends boards (link here). SpaceNorth, the developer who wrote the post, made it a point to say that Experimental Modes are different from rotating game modes like URF or Doom Bots. That's because the goal behind rotating modes is simple entertainment, a break from the usual League gameplay. Nexus Blitz, however, might just be here to stay.

As the first Experimental Mode, Nexus Blitz seems to be Riot's attempt to see how other popular games can be incorporated into League. Two teams of five, consisting of two jungles and three laners, are dropped into a map that's much more confined than Summoner's Rift or Twisted Treeline. There's still a Nexus to destroy and minions to farm, but things supposedly get crazy when events hit. Events happen every few minutes and affect the entire map. The given examples are ripped right from other games, with King of the Hill, Push the Payload, and the increasingly-iconic "closing circle of death" from battle royale games.

via: leagueoflegends.com

These events are what will set Nexus Blitz apart. Even though the mode is still a team-based objective game, the inclusion of unpredictable map-wide chaos will lend it some urgency that's lacking in the other modes. The rewards for events only double down on the madness. Whichever team manages to capture the objective or otherwise "win" the event will receive all manner of wild bonuses. Blitzcrank hooks for minions and a giant cannon for fast travel are just two of the examples given, with Riot asking players to suggest more. Player feedback will also determine whether Nexus Blitz will become a permanent mode or just stay as a temporary experiment.

Overall, Nexus Blitz looks to be fun. But more importantly, it shows that Riot is aware of the success of Overwatch and battle royale games. While League Of Legends is by no means in trouble, it certainly isn't the biggest eSport anymore. It only makes sense for Riot to experiment with ways to make the game more fast-paced and chaotic to match the popular hits of 2018. Whether it works or not is up to the success of Experimental Modes. All I know is that it gives us Blitzcrank minions, so I'm in.

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