League of Legends Gets An Overhauled Achievement System

Riot Games will be making a few changes to the League of Legends achievement system before it goes live.

Riot Games will be making a few changes to the League of Legends achievement system before it goes live.

The developers announced Eternals, a new champion-based system, earlier in August, but have opted to make various alterations following feedback from the League of Legends community, per their latest statement.

Eternals will be split into two categories, common and unique, moving forward. Common sets will comprise of "broadly-applicable" Eternals, such as the tracking of kills, takedowns, and objectives destroyed.

Unique sets will include custom Eternals for all champions. For example, Sylas' "Stop Hitting Yourself" achievement will track how many kills a player using Sylas obtains within the first six seconds of damaging enemies with their own ultimates.

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Common sets will go on sale twice a year in the Essence Emporium for 3,500 BE, but will cost 225 RP year-round from the client store. Unique sets, meanwhile, won't appear in the blue essence store, but they will be available all year from the store at a 590 RP cost. Both types of sets will come with three Eternals per champion.

"We’re also exploring ways to offer discounted multi-champion bundles for players who want to pick up Eternals for multiple champs, but we haven’t figured out all the details just yet," Riot says. "We’ll have more to share as we get closer to the new launch."

Players who would like to try out the Eternals ahead of the launch could head over to the game's Public Beta Environment (PBE) to test them out. The Eternals will remain in the PBE until they're released, and the devs say that they'd appreciate help from the community with the testing of the ones they'll be dropping on a regular basis.

"Your candid feedback after the reveal has been incredibly helpful, especially from those who saw what we saw in Eternals and took the time to outline what specifically felt bad and what you’d like to see improved," they add. "We hope you keep the comments coming as we work to create the best version of Eternals."

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