League Of Legends Unveils New Virtual Band, True Damage

Riot Games has just announced a new, companion musical group called True Damage.

Following the success of K/DA, a virtual pop group made up of League of Legends heroes that was created last year, Riot Games has just announced a new, companion musical group. It's called True Damage, and consists of heroes Qiyana, Senna, Ekko, Yasuo, as well as the hardworking Akali, who previously made a name for herself in the music world as one of K/DA's four virtual members.

As with Riot's previous group, the new band will of course bring with it a set of skins, allowing each member to show off their unique True Damage look in-game. These are available at a variety of costs: players can buy a basic set of skins for Akali, Qiyana, Yasuo, and Senna for 1350 RP each, while Ekko will receive a Legendary skin priced at 1820 RP. They will all be available starting on November 10th.

Additionally, Quiyana and Senna will be receiving fancier and rarer Prestige True Damage skins. These were designed by Nicolas Ghesquière, who is the Artistic Director of Women’s Collections for Louis Vuitton. Quiyana's Prestige skin will be available also starting on November 10th, but only up until November 25th. It can be unlocked exclusively by playing games during the in-game Worlds 2019 event. Senna's Prestige skin won't be released until early 2020. Furthermore, Louis Vuitton will be releasing a capsule collection of IRL clothing inspired by Quiyana and Senna's looks, with more details to be revealed in the near future.

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But what is a band without some great tunes? True Damage will debut as a group with a live performance during the League of Legends World Champion Finals, as part of the event's opening ceremony. Playing the roles of the group's virtual members will be Becky G, Keke Palmer, SOYEON of (G)I-DLE, DUCKWRTH, and Thutmose.

The voices behind True Damage consist of an eclectic mix of talents, made up of pop singers and rappers from all over the U.S. and Korea. They will be performing a single titled "GIANTS" to kick everything off. The performance will go down at 1:00 PM CET (Central European Time) on November 10th, at which point the majority of the skins will also become available in-game.

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