Leak: Solo And Duo Apex Legends Modes Exist In Game Files Already

An alleged datamine of Apex Legends shows that solo and duo modes already exist in the game's code, giving players hope for the much-requested options

It appears that two-man squads and a solo mode could be coming to new gaming craze Apex Legends in the not-too-distant future.

The Respawn title has received rave reviews since its release last Monday, but not everyone is happy to be part of a triumvirate all of the time, hence concerns over the possibility of a solo mode coming to the game.

As things stand, a player could simply break away from their squad during the jump or just take off running on his/her own after landing. Yet it would be nice if there was an option to play as a lone ranger from the start instead of having to go through a messy divorce.

As it turns out, that could be in the making and is already actually written into the Apex Legends code.

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According to a datamine leak, the Titanfall-based battle royale will be getting a duo and a solo mode soon, although there's no information on when exactly.

Despite its sneaky launch, Apex Legends has gained major ground on rivals Fortnite and PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. The game garnered 10 million players in its first three days and has singlehandedly pulled EA's stock value back up after the company experienced a 16 percent tank in their shares.

One of the biggest issues, though, is the fact that players are forced into squads of three if they want to play the game. But, per a fan account on Twitter, @ApexUpdate, the game already includes coding which will allow players to embark in pairs or on their own once it's activated by the developers.

The account posted a photo of said coding, which clearly shows the above. And the suggestion is that the modes could be available very soon.

While it is possible that the leak could be fake, it does appear to look the part. And, say it wasn't genuine, it would still make sense for Respawn to add these modes for their already very successful game.

By the looks of things, they already had plans to hand players these options from the very start and it could be that it's some marketing strategy which could make sense given the way they went about launching the game.

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