Leak Suggests Titans Could Be Coming To Apex Legends At Some Point

According to a leak, Titans could be coming to Apex Legends at some point.

Gamers must have been disappointed to learn that there was not a single Titan in Apex Legends when they got that free download. The absence of wall-running should have come as a bit of a bummer too.

Yet, it's likely that they got over these disappointments rather quickly as the battle royale more than makes up for the lack of the above by simply being a great game. Its launch has prompted many to go out and buy Titanfall 2 anyway, so a Titan could be had there (not that consoling though, if you already had the game).

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Following the new title's release, Respawn's executive producer, Drew McCoy, explained the reasoning behind the decision not to add Titans, and he did make sense. They would obviously make for tipped scales and unleveled playing fields.

"We prototyped approximately a bazillion ways of having Titans in this game," McCoy told IGN. "The reality was, they were an incredible unbalancing factor. That goes back to the goals of Titans in Titanfall and Titanfall 2.

They were meant to be a giant power up for a period of time. Whereas battle royale games, and specifically Apex Legends, are trying to be a much more level playing field. When we tried Titans that weren’t as powerful or had kind of ‘gotchas’ to them, it really ruined that power fantasy of what a Titan is or should be. And at that point, why have them in the game? So for us, we don’t put anything in the game unless we think it fits and makes the game better."

However, according to a fresh leak from @ApexGameInfo, Titans could be coming to Apex Legends at some point. The Twitter account has pointed to coding in the game that reads, "GetDefaultTitanSegmentHealth," with a value of 2500.

There's also another bit of coding that suggests players could see enemies from 2000 meters away if they're inside a Titan.

Of course, these could be fake as Respawn has thus far not confirmed the leaks. Given that Titans were tested and experimented with before the game dropped, it could be that the coding is residual, so to speak, and will never come into play.

As things stand, there are no plans to add Titans to Apex Legends, but the fact that they're written into the game's files implies that their arrival is still possible.

It's something gamers will just have to wait out. But, to be fair, the game is pretty neat as it is and Respawn would have to come up with a genius way to include the giant mechs and still keep the playing field level.

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