Leak: Ubisoft Is Unveiling Fortnite/Rocket League-Esque Roller Derby Game At E3

A convincing leak has screenshots of what looks to be Ubisoft's answer to Rocket League, a roller derby game with a Fortnite-esque art style.

Ubisoft’s response to Rocket League is reportedly set to be unveiled during this year’s E3 in the form of what looks to be a cross between Fortnite and Rocket League itself.

Screenshots of a game called Roller Champions have found their way to ResetEra. And leaks such as this one really should come as little surprise as it’s pretty much open season on sneaky reveals, given that E3 happens to be around the corner.

Ubisoft appears to have a whole lot to divulge at the event. Watch Dogs 3 is very likely to be revealed, there’s also a rumor that a new Assassin’s Creed could be unveiled, while talk of a Premium Pass has surfaced as well.

Details surrounding a new IP from the publishers emerged over the weekend and said screenshots have since been released along with raw footage of maps and environments. As far as we can see, Roller Champions appears to be a derby-type game with a Rocket League-type multiplayer and Fortnite-like visuals/skins.

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Art shows characters skating in an inclined track with the lead man holding up a ball, while all of the avatars are customized in bespoke gear. It's highly reminiscent of the Motorball scenes from this year's Alita: Battle Angel and we hope it will be at least as half as fun to play as those scenes were to watch.

A control schematic is shown below.

via resetera.com

According to posts from ResetEra, "There will be quick play matches, ranked matches, custom matches and tournaments you can select from on the main menu. The sound options menu allows you to change certain aspects such as the crowd, music, voices, sound effects and even includes a streamer mode. The gameplay options menu has 2 aiming modes (Price and Flick) and will allow you to alter the X and Y sensitivity. Game will be online only as it immediately searches for a server."

Roller Champions will launch for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, per unconfirmed reports. But we should know all there is to know about this game, if it is indeed in the works, by the time E3 rolls around.

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