Leak: Watch Dogs 3 To Feature Female Protagonist

A leak claims that Watch Dogs 3 will have a female protagonist who works in London as a counter-terrorist operative infiltrating a hacker group.

The upcoming installment of Watch Dogs could feature a female as the main character, according to a recent post from Resetera.

Rumors have been swirling over Watch Dogs 3 for several months now but they're ramping up considerably as E3 approaches. It has been rumored that the game could be set in London; the theory has been out there for a while. But a new leak has surfaced claiming that the game's protagonist will be a woman named Sarah.

"Set in London and the main character is a young lady named Sarah, she is half Asian half English," the leak reads.

"She works for a counter-terrorist organization in a branch that specializes in stopping cyber attacks, she is tasked with infiltrating a hacker group, bringing their operations down and finding out who is in charge."

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via pcgamesn.com

It is also claimed that guns or knives won't be available to use. Instead, the likes of batons, tasers and other non-lethal weapons will reign. Watch Dogs 3 will be set in the near future, per the leak, and it will feel slightly more cyberpunk than the previous installments. Parkour is also said to be making a return and the feature is described as being "revised" so that movement is more fluid and natural.

That last part should come as a relief to Watch Dogs fans as the controls for Watch Dogs 2 ended up prompting criticism as they weren't all that comfy. Players should also enjoy being able to skateboard, as well as the ability to spray graffiti.

Side missions will include locating and shutting down drug dens due to Sarah's hate for drugs which results from her brother dying from an overdose.

This should all be taken with a grain of salt, but E3 isn't too far away so we should know whether or not this leak contains the real deal then.

The game will reportedly be teased by Ubisoft two weeks before E3, with a full gameplay reveal set for the event, ahead of its November 2019 release.

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