Leaked Apex Legends Modes Include 'Recruit,' Bringing Opponents Onto Your Team

Respawn's new Apex Legends, like every other great title, is constantly under the knife.

Dataminers have been dropping fresh leaks nearly every day since the game launched earlier this month. And, with its first season set to commence next month, they're trying to get the jump on whatever's to come.

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According to Twitter account, @RealApexLeaks, a new "Recruit Mode" could be coming, based on the coding found in the game's files. There's not much to go on there, but the idea is that you could recruit downed players to your team by reviving them - the exact same way the Golden State Warriors signed Kevin Durant after his former squad, the Oklahoma City Thunder, lost to the eventual champions in the NBA Playoffs in 2016.

Such a scenario would leave three 20-person teams to battle it out, with the last team alive being named winners.

The leakers have also discovered a survival mode in the files. There's not a lot of information there either, but there are suggestions that kill replays will be a part of the action while an NPC audience will be around to react to players by cheering them on, giving standing ovations, and booing.

There's also a list of names who aren't playable characters, but it's not clear how choosing one of them could impact the game.

As for what the players themselves will have to do, it's still unclear. But we can't imagine getting booed will be of any help to players who already have a hard time just getting around.

Respawn has not yet confirmed any of these modes. However, they have let players know that they can expect new characters. The names of "Octane" and "Wattson" have since come up, with the Tesla Trap and Stim said to be their special abilities.

Prior leaks also suggested that players will have the option of deviating from the three-man squad, potentially being able to play in pairs or solo.

It sounds like there's quite a lot in store, and there should be, as Respawn has worked on this game for two years. They have already confirmed that there's a year of content mapped out, so stay tuned.

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