Leaked Fortnite Datamine Reveals New John Wick Skin and LTM

Fortnite datamines reveal a new skin based more accurately on John Wick, as well as references to currency, characters, and a location from the films.

Big news today for Fortnite players who have been wondering if there would be a John Wick 3 event and accompanying cosmetics. A leak in the datafiles for the game reveals that both he and some manner of Sofia, played by Halle Berry, will be making their way to the game.

Lucas7yoshi dug up the files, including the skin of John Wick with clean, sharp looking clothing, as well as a battle-worn version, and what appears to be back bling in the form of the mysterious gold coins that serve as the dominant form of currency in the film series.

Later, Lucas7yoshi tweeted again another skin, this time lacking a head. Fans of the film should be quick to recognize that the outfit is worn by Sofia as she and Wick march through the desert. It is unclear if we will be getting a Sofia character, or simply the outfit on someone like Rodriguez.

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Via: Geetyrant.com and Twitter.com

More information also comes from this datamining regarding the event that should happen when the skins are released. It appears that there will be an LTM tasking players to collect a number of tokens, which could either be referencing the golden coins mentioned before, or the Markers from the film series.

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Those players who lead the coin search will be marked on the minimap, drawing full attention to themselves and inviting other bounty hunters to find and eliminate them for their stash. There is also a mention of the Continental Hotel in the game. This may be a safe haven for players, as the rules within the film series for that location state that no business can be conducted there, unless players wish to be made “Ex-cummunicado,” which seems to result in death, as one Ms. Perkins learned in the first movie.

In the days leading to the launch of the event, players are now wondering if there will be any of the specific weapons used in the films by John Wick. In some ways, one could say that this week’s update and introduction of a tactical assault rifle fits the description of the weapon used by the character in Rome during the second film, but that is a bit of a stretch.

Overall, this is an exciting leak which will hopefully be confirmed as authentic by Epic Games soon, with more details provided. Many fans have been wanting to see the return of John Wick to the game in some way after his initial skin, The Reaper, was added as the level 100 reward in the third Season Pass.

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