Leaked Ghost Recon Breakpoint Is Real, Launches October 4th, Expansions Every Four Months

It's not exactly the biggest secret in gaming, but the very ambitious Ghost Recon Breakpoint has been officially announced by Ubisoft. The game promises a "diverse and hostile" open world that can be taken on entirely solo or with up to three friends, and support that will continue "years after launch." More importantly, it has Jon Bernthal playing the villain. Anyone who was disappointed with the cancellation of Netflix's Punisher can now look forward to seeing more of Bernthal grunting and shooting.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint will launch October 4th on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. The story will see the player's Ghost team travel to Aurora, an island full of untamed wilderness and advanced drone tech in equal measure. When a squad of rogue ex-Ghosts takes over Aurora, the players will have to survive both the terrain and enemy weaponry to take back the island.

Gameplay-wise, this will add several interesting features. The wilderness survival aspect means that injuries will accumulate and fatigue will actually be a real concern. The tech front offers more options for defeating enemies. Camo plays a big role, as does a portable camp that acts as a hub to regroup with squadmates and equip new gear/classes.

Of course, any shooter that launches in this day and age has to include social features and loot mechanics. Ghost Recon Breakpoint will be no exception. Loot will be used to craft attachments for weapons. This, combined with a class system that lets you change combat roles frequently, equals "thousands of customization combinations" according to Ubisoft. While that could definitely be marketing buzz, the truly impressive claim is that all of this customization and gear will transfer seamlessly between the campaign and PvP modes. If  true, it would set a new standard for looter shooters that hasn't been seen since Destiny.

via: Ubisoft

Finally, Ubisoft also announced a heavy amount of post-launch support for Breakpoint. There will be an expansion every four months, adding things like entire new stories and classes. Raids will also come to Ghost Recon for the first time as endgame content. All of this will supposedly be added for years, meaning Ubisoft sees more potential in keeping a live service going than working on regular sequels. Again, this shows how Breakpoint is affected by current industry trends.

There will be more to cover at E3 and beyond, we're sure, but for now you can see gameplay here. If you want in early, you can pre-order the game to guarantee a spot in the beta. Getting one of the game's special editions will also give you access three days before launch.

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