Leaked Video Has Revealed Final Fantasy's 'Behemoth' Is Crossing Over With Monster Hunter World

One of the few worthwhile announcements during Square Enix's lackluster E3 conference was that a crossover was happening between Final Fantasy XIV and Monster Hunter World. 

There is a crossover event happening in Final Fantasy XIV where Rathalos from the Monster Hunter franchise will appear in the world of Eorzea. All we know about this upcoming event is that it is due to happen sometime during the Summer.

Fans were wondering if this crossover was going to work both ways, with one of the iconic Final Fantasy creatures appearing in Monster Hunter World. It turns out the answer may be yes.


A video was leaked by a Reddit user named TwitchSouls which shows a video for an upcoming update for Monster Hunter World which is adding a creature from Final Fantasy XIV to the game. The King Behemoth enemy from Final Fantasy XIV will be added to Monster Hunter World in a future update, as well as the Cactuar enemy, though this may also be a suit for your Felyne companion.

It's odd that this video wasn't shown during the Square Enix or Sony E3 press conferences, especially as they were both running on fumes in terms of new content that was being revealed to the public.

The addition of Rathalos to the world of Final Fantasy XIV was one of the highlights of the Square Enix presentation, so it's surprising that the addition of a Behemoth to Monster Hunter World has yet to be announced.

One of the most exciting aspects of this crossover is the new weapons and gear that will be made from the Behemoth's body.

The Monster Hunter series has featured numerous collaborations over the years, though this has mostly taken the form of costumes from different franchises, such as the various Nintendo outfits that were available in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. This is one of the few times when a monster from another franchise has appeared in the Monster Hunter series and we hope that it is popular enough to start a trend of other famous creatures joining the series in the future.

The collaboration between Final Fantasy XIV and Monster Hunter World is happening sometime during the Summer.

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