Leaks Confirmed: Apex Legends Is Getting A Halloween Event

That Apex Legends Halloween event is real after all. We know because Pathfinder's voice actor said so. While leaks back in August hinted at spooky skins for the characters and something to do with giant spiders, there was never official word. There still isn't, not from Respawn anyway. But now we have the next best thing: Pathfinder's voice actor straight-up saying that he recorded lines for a seasonal event and that he plays a big role in it.

Seasonal events are huge money-makers for live service games. All developers have to do is make a festive map with a limited-time mode, dress the characters as zombies or elves, and tell fans it will all go away on a certain date. Then the cash will roll in. It's worked as far back as League of Legends' heyday, and it still works in Overwatch and Fortnite. It only makes sense for Apex Legends to take advantage of its first Halloween with special events and skins.

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Via: Respawn Entertainment

During an interview with Dexerto, Pathfinder voice actor Chris Edgerly let slip the existence of an Apex Legends Halloween event. He also hinted at recording a lot of lines for Pathfinder, indicating that the robot is going to play a big part in some kind of short.

“The Halloween event coming up is going to be simply amazing. I recorded some new stuff for a short for it, where Pathfinder has a much bigger role," Edgerly said. He went on to say that Respawn "let me ad lib quite a bit so we'll see what they kept in — and get ready to see some creepy, scary, kick-ass designs. Can’t say any more than that, unfortunately!"

Apex Legends just started Season 3, called Meltdown. The trailer showed new skins based in the "fire and ice" concept, including Lifeline taking on a demonic appearance. With Halloween just around the corner, expect to see even more sinister looks for our characters. Pathfinder, at the very least, will get into the spirit of the season. That means there's hope for Octane in a Sonic the Hedgehog costume.

Source: Dexerto

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