Learn From The Pros: 10 Awesome Things Players Can Do In Gears 5

The greatly anticipated Gears 5 was finally released this month as the latest instalment in the classic franchise was made available as gamers have the chance to once again go back into the world that has created some of the most iconic moments in video game history.

The Gears of War franchise is one of the most popular in video game history, with the games being known for having incredible storylines while also being incredibly fun to play, with each game being jam-packed with action.

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There has been plenty of advertising for the game and a lot is already known about the game, but there are certain things that some people are not aware of, so within this article, we will rank 10 awesome things that you can do in Gears 5.

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10 Horde Mode

While Gears 5 has brought plenty of new elements, the game hasn't changed everything, with the popular Horde mode being an example of that, with fans likely being pleased to know that it does return in the new game.

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The mode which simply features wave after wave of enemies with an increasing amount making their way onto the map to make things more challenging, forcing plays to defend their area for as long as possible

However, there has been a slight tweak as the new mode features player abilities that change the way it is played, adding a small change that really makes the game even more fun.

9 Terminator

This new addition is only available to those who pre-ordered the game to play prior to the September 16th release, but it is certainly a whole lot of fun with Gears 5 teaming up with Skydance Media for this one.

The upcoming Terminator: Dark Fate has been showcased here as the exclusive DLC pack allows fans to play as their favorite characters from the movie, with Sarah Connor and the T-800 Terminator being available.

While it doesn't really impact the game at all, so those who missed out haven't lost out on anything, it is a whole lot of fun to be playing as T-800 within the Gears world.

8 Halo: Reach Characters Appear

It isn't just characters from the world of Terminator that make an appearance within Gears 5, as there are other cameos too with two characters from Halo: Reach, making appearances within the game.

Both Kat and Emile make their appearances within the game as guest characters which is a great way of bringing two huge gaming franchises together in a one-off moment that will be a lot of fun for gamers to play.

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To play as the Spartans you need to purchase the Gears 5 Ultimate Edition, and anybody who loves the Halo world will certainly want to do just that.

7 Turn Off Mature Content

Via: Polygon

For some people, blood and gore isn't something that is appealing and because of that, they may not be interested in purchasing Gears 5 through fear that they will not be able to enjoy the game because of its M for mature rating.

However, this is something that has been taken into consideration, and because of that, a more pleasant experience is available to those gamers who don't want blood, as the game's mature content can actually be turned off.

While this might not be something that interests you personally, the fact that this has been considered means everyone now gets a chance to play the game and experience it for themselves.

6 Snowboarding

Via: SegmentNext

Gears 5 is an insanely fun game to play, and one unique element that adds to that is a sort of snowboarding activity, that is called a skiff in the game, which is a whole lot of fun to do and is an element everyone will enjoy.

This combines a sled and a windsail, allowing you to move at a very fast-paced across the snowy landscape, allowing gamers to really explore the world in a way that nobody has ever been able to do before.

While it isn't going to be the number one thing you talk about from playing the game, it is something you will remember that was a lot of fun, which is what gaming is all about.

5 One-Shot Enemies

For the most part, Gears of War games are all about closely fought combat with the chainsaws coming into effect as you are forced to encounter your enemies at close proximity.

However, some gamers prefer long-distance shooting and with the Longshot Relic that is something that people really will get the opportunity to do when they play Gears 5, using the sniper rifle to full effect.

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The rifle will actually take down an enemy with just one shot if you are able to pick them off with a headshot, with an active reload allowing you to really cause mayhem with the weapon.

4 Influencing The Game

Traditionally with Gears of War games, players followed a set story and challenges and just had to go along with the structured game, but in this edition of the series, people have the chance to actually influence the events of the game.

Giving the players far more control than ever before, people can make decisions which leads to pursuing different routes, and players do get to make a major decision towards the end of the game as well.

While this isn't a role-playing video game, it is very cool to that people are now able to really make a difference on what happens in this game, making it feel even more realistic.

3 Early Boot Camp Exit

If you have played Gears of War before and are familiar with the game and how the controls work, then the Boot Camp introduction will be a rather annoying situation for you, with this being a way for the game to teach new players.

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While this is incredibly useful if this is the first time you are diving into the Gears world or have simply forgotten, it can feel like a waste of time for others, which is understandable, which the games designers clearly thought about.

In this game, you actually have the option to leave the Boot Camp if you wish, by simply pausing the game and quitting to the main menu, with gamers being able to skip it and get straight down to business.

2 You Can Play As Batista

Yes, you really did read that right, Gears 5 will allow you to play as WWE legend and Guardians of the Galaxy actor, Batista, who is a well known, passionate, and dedicated Gears of War fan.

For years Batista has pushed for a Gears of War movie to be created, with many people noting his likeness to Marcus, and it seems like his voice has been heard, with Batista being added as a playable character for this game.

Whether this is a not so subtle hint to people that the movie could be coming, it is a fun addition to the game that hardcore fans will appreciate.

1 New Game Mode

One of the biggest new additions for this new Gears of War game is the fact that they added a brand new game mode into the franchise, really freshening things up for the fans to enjoy.

The new mode is called Escape, and it is the first three-player co-op game mode of the Gears series which is a brilliant addition that allows you to play with even more friends than ever before.

The game takes the team of players into a hive of the Swarm, with the mission requiring you place a bomb inside, setting and fighting your way out before it blows in a fast-paced and frantic game that does require teamwork.

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