Learn From The Pros: 25 Awesome Things Players Can Do In Far Cry 5

Far Cry 5 is jam-packed with awesome hidden secrets that fans of the franchise should know.

The Far Cry franchise has always been known for whisking players away to remote locales for a protagonist to find their way through to the end of the game, likely running into an insane villain in the process. In Far Cry 5, there is still disturbed locals and a leader who is not playing with a full deck. However, instead of taking place in some foreign country, this installment is located right in the United States of America. The premise of FC5 involves a Montana-based group that has gotten a little out of hand. The player is sent in to subdue some of the leaders, and of course, all chaos breaks loose.

While the jury is still out about how the game lives up to previous installments, one this is for sure. Ubisoft took a risk with a different locale, but they are still employing some of the familiar plot devices that fans have come to know and appreciate. This game is a massive open-world space where players can stick close to the primary mission or veer off to have their pick of side missions. One thing is for sure; gamers will never be bored with this game. Players can look forward to endless references to Far Cry games of the past and other Ubisoft main staples as well as zany and sometimes creepy missions. Get ready, because here are 25 awesome things you didn’t know you could do in FC5.

25 A Ten Minute Game

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This entry is probably one of the most popular and anticipated secrets of the game. If gamers are wondering if Ubisoft is going to include a creative action to cut the game a bit short, they were right! Just like with Far Cry 4, gamers can complete FC5 in less than ten minutes. After the opening cutscenes at the church, gamers can opt to do nothing when told to arrest Joseph.

We think the price tag will make you rethink doing this.

The disbelief of the sheriff as players walk away from the cult leader is not only realistic but for a brief moment, it causes one to check their own sense of ethics and morality. Either way, it is a neat little nod to FC4, and it opens up one of the many endings of the game.

24 Create Your Own Maps For PVP Fun

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Now, this may be one of the coolest features in the game. If you are a Minecraft or Fortnite fan, then this will surely catch your eye. There is a PvP Arcade mode to FC5. However, to participate, players have to create their own maps.

The creativity of players is going to reach insane levels!

Gamers can choose from settings and items from games like Watch Dogs, previous Far Cry installments, and Assassin’s Creed. Want a boat? Put it in there! Looking for exotic locales to include? It is entirely up to you. Again, the developers up FC5 are pulling out all the stops to make this a game that the whole Ubisoft community can enjoy. Again, time will tell if this is enough to make the game a standout in the series, but we are sure gamers will have a lot of fun testing it out.

23 Sooooo…There’s A Secret Alien Weapon

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If there could be a sasquatch in this game, then this next entry makes total sense. As with most Far Cry installments, there are some exotic secret weapons up for grabs. Rumors begin to emerge that there was a secret alien weapon that had crazy insane power and infinite ammo. That was all gamers needed to start looking for this item.

Nothing stays secret for too long in games like this.

Eventually, photos and videos of gamers wielding the weapon begin to emerge, so there was proof of its existence. Players can acquire the Magnopulser by accomplishing a broad set of tasks that includes freeing a man from a laboratory, finding alien artifacts, and dodging local cultists to restore electricity. There is a lot involved, but the reward is so sweet if players are willing to put in the time.

22 Useful Reading…

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Reading…in a video game? Other than the required notes or game lore, who in the world is trying to capture books or magazines while attempting to fend off crazy cult members? Well, FC5 makes it worth player’s while. Gamers should keep their eyes out for survivalist magazines. If they find them, gamers can gain one extra skill point.

Nothing wrong with a little wilderness literature ;-)

They can be found in people’s homes, in various other buildings, and even campsites. Players do not have to read through the magazines, but it is pretty cool that FC5 is making this type of literature a part of the experience. While they are at it, maybe they can include a guide for how to deal with a religious cult that has gone way off the rails.

21 We All Float Down Here

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What is your biggest fear? What keeps you up at night? FC5 is not only heard to give players a good time, but it also exists to scare the living daylights out of unsuspecting gamers. If players want to face their fears and re-enact one of last year’s most successful horror movies, they should travel to the sewer pipe between Lamb of God Church and Fall’s End. Once there, they can see one lone red balloon near the opening of the sewer, a callback to last year’s It. It is a chilling easter egg and one that leaves players wondering if Mr. Pennywise is going to jump out and greet them with a smile. From what we heard, the clown does not make an appearance, but players are still discovering new things every day.

20 Huntin’ For Sasquatch

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No game is complete without a potential Big Foot, alien, or ghost side story. Fans like a mystery and FC5 developers were quick to oblige. Theories have emerged, much like GTA’s Chilliad situation, that there is a Big Foot in the game. Various players have gone on a hunt to find bones, footprints, and possible references to the legendary monster. Players can get in on the fun and search for the monster’s potential whereabouts. There is even a cave hideout where someone has gathered evidence on a map to the possible location of Sasquatch. As this article is being written, we are sure gamers are scouring every part of Hope County to find this monster. GTA’s Chilliad is still largely unsolved, so we are sure players have their work cut out for them with this one.

19 Ride Around With Vaas

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Many games are now including small collectibles that bring attention to a character of another series. It is always a fun little nod. FC5 allows players to unlock bobbleheads that they can place on their dashboard as they ride through Hope County. One that will be of interest to many is the Vaas bobblehead, referencing the villain from FC3. What makes this so hilarious is knowing how insane, powerful, and charismatic this character was in the game. To now see that he has been whittled down to nothing more than a cartoonish bobblehead that has to watch you run through local cultist, is nothing short of satisfying. On the other hand, this game is paying respects to one of the most famous and evil villains of the franchise.

18 Have A Little PUBG Fun

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We all know that developers play video games, and they are not always from the company they work for. However, it is pretty cool to see them reference other favorite games from other gaming studios. Clearly, someone (or a lot of individuals) at Ubisoft enjoy intense battle royale games. If players run up to the Raptor Peak, they can find the famous melee frying pan from PUBG.

This guy needed a bit more support than the pan in our opinion.

Things apparently did not work out for the guy who had it as he has expired, but he looks to disappear when some players come back to the area. Did he get a second wind? Did someone go and move him? Again, there is more to this story as well, but we think it’s fantastic the developers threw this reference in there.

17 The Impossible Task

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Have you ever wanted to fly? Well, FC5 gives players the opportunity to do it. Flying in a wingsuit is definitely something on our bucket list, but we are not sure if we have the guts ever to try it. Nicely enough, FC5 gives us the opportunity to enjoy this activity in a safe and virtual environment —like so much else in the gaming world.

Soothing and dangerous never went so well together.

If players use a Wingsuit to travel more than 5000 meters, they will receive the silver trophy for "Like A Bird." For those who are not a part of the metric system —everyone in the United States — that is a little over three miles. Players will have to have locate a significant drop off point to complete this task successfully.

16 Who Ya Gonna Call?

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We love a good haunted mystery. With the inclusion of aliens and a possible Big Foot roaming around, it seems appropriate to allow players to immerse themselves in some spooky goings-on. However, this entry not only brings fear into the equation, but it also makes an excellent nod to a well-known horror franchise. At The King’s Hot Springs Hotel players can find a note from a Ghost Hunter that talks about a series of murders that occurred at the hotel and the paranormal activity that is now going on there. It makes a reference to ectoplasm and asks the phrase “Who Am I Gonna Call?” This is an apparent reference to Ghostbusters. The first part of the letter starts ominous enough, but as players read on, they see the playful reference to one of the most popular horror comedies of all time.

15 Umm…Is This Still Far Cry?

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Now, take the fear factor from the last entry and multiply it by ten. This one is not fun, nor is it meant to be a cute reference. This task is the kind of spooky that will have you wondering if this is still a Far Cry game. The Prepper Stashes can get players some awesome gear.

Um, we love sleep too much to embark on this one.

However, some of these missions can be a little weird if not downright scary. If you know you can stomach it, then make your way to the O’Hara Haunted House. This mission requires players to go through a Haunted House to come in contact with mannequins wielding knives, laying on ceilings, and other creepy happenings. This is probably a mission that players will want to leave the lights on for.

14 Free Is The Best Price

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Alright, so you are finally in Hope County, ready to embark on yet another dangerous, bizarre, and ethically questionable quest. These cultist mean business, and you realize you are going to need some heavy artillery to deal with them. Unfortunately, you are low on dough and don’t really know where to go (see what we did there). Well, you have some options with a price tag of free!

Umm...sign us up for anything free!

Players may not be able to purchase weapons from the store, but eagle-eyed players can gain weapons for free. Weapons in the store can be found out in the field. So, if players find them, they will now be open for pick up in the store. Exploration is critical here, so tread lightly until you get the items you need.

13 Know If The Job Is Done

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One of the peskiest things about a game like FC5 is knowing if and when someone is out for the count. Things can move very quickly, and a lot of enemies can bury players if they are not careful. That is why this nifty tool is ideal for letting players know if they can move onto the next enemy. If players are fighting someone and they go down with a red indicator on top of their head, this means they are still alive and that their friends are on the way. Players can prepare for the oncoming onslaught with this detail. While it does bring bad news, the red indicator gives gamers time to get a strategy together. These enemies appear to roll deep, so be on the lookout!

12 Get That Much-Needed Haircut

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Who would have thought the option to customize characters would be so popular in gaming today? It allows players to make characters their own, that’s why we were a little surprised when we found out that players cannot go back and change certain features later in the game. When gamers create characters, the game tells them that they cannot change their face and gender, but players can still take their time with that hairstyle. Maybe you were feeling a Mohawk at the beginning, but now you are more of a buzz cut person. While it would be nice to change things up as time moves forward, it is nice to change hairstyles if a player so desires. However, if this doesn’t float your boat, don’t sweat, there are some other cool appearance features on this list that gamers can get excited about.

11 A Well-Deserved Reference

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Nothing is more exciting than when developers can pull off a “game within a game.” Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon was a zany first-person shooter that poked fun at 80s action films. It was a standalone that many enjoyed for the nostalgia and creativity. In FC5 gamers can participate in a smart and well-deserved top of the hat to Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon.

Jean-Claude Van Damme would be proud. 

If players go to the Grimalkin Radon Mine, then they will encounter a movie poster for an in-game FC3 movie. Players can participate in a mission that puts players right in the middle of the movie shoot and requires them to accomplish tasks reminiscent of the game. Dare we say that this move makes the game canon in the FC universe?

10 What’s Your Fashion Sense?

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Again, everyone likes to make a video game character their own. Player customizations allow gamers the chance to have a say in a significant component of the gaming experience. The developers of this game not only score points for allowing the customization, but they also threw in some subtle nods that hardcore gamers would immediately understand. This game will enable players to have a ball in dressing up their characters in uniforms of Ubisoft games past. Players can dress up like a Cyborg Soldier from FC3 or like Castle from Rainbow Six Siege. It’s always cool when video game developers decide to include references in their gaming to past beloved franchises. Even if the game is mediocre, a little bit of nostalgia will always win fans over.

9 Send That Bat Flying

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Imagine being in a situation where you have enemies all around you. You are armed with nothing but a bat or pipe. You know you can take a few of them in hand-to-hand combat, but you need a strategy with the others. Well, it’s time to get creative, and what do you have to lose? It’s time to use a nice little helpful perk to take down who you can. In FC5, all melee weapons can be used as projectiles, so players can easily throw them instead of engaging in hand-to-hand combat. It would benefit players to stock up on melee weapons because it is never known when a situation will arise where ammo is low. This game requires a lot of creative strategies to get by, so players should focus on looking into more than just guns.

8 Demolition Derby

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What is the coolest thing you have ever done to bond with your friends? We bet it is not anywhere near as intense as what the developers for this game had planned. Ubisoft takes friendly bonding seriously. In FC5, the game invited players to bond with Hurk by destroying 15 vehicles with him. Completing this task will give the player an achievement of "The Hurk Locker" and a bronze trophy.

Nothing like a good ol' smash em up to prove friendship. 

Now, maybe this is a thing in the areas this video game is meant to represent. We would love to know how they even arrived at planning this particular achievement. Did one of the developers have an experience like this? We feel there is a backstory somewhere, and we would love to know what it is.

7 Pay Tribute To A Legendary Author

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The references and Easter eggs just keep on coming. This time, it is for the literary experts out there. If players are a fan of the famous novel, Fahrenheit 451, they can take the path to visit Bradbury Farm which is named after author Ray Bradbury. What is interesting about this reference is how it plays close to some of what is going on in Hope County. Basically, there is a group of people trying to control the minds of others, and part of doing this is incorporating literature and music that only supports their viewpoint. Fahrenheit 451 is about the removal of books from society, but the group that is controlling this process is trying to accomplish the same thing. This is an intelligent connection the developers decided to make in the game.

6 Bring Out The Extrovert

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Looking for some secret achievements and trophies? Well, for this one you are going to have to bring out your larger than life personality to win over the people of Hope County. If players talk to 50 people in Hope County, they will receive the "Ain't No Wallflower" achievement and a bronze trophy.

Um, we prefer to stay introverts...

Considering how much the cultist will be on your tail, this is not an easy task. However, in the midst of dodging bullets and running through evil locals, you can find some time to make nice and discuss the weather with residents of the location. Alien weapons, a Sasquatch, and hauntings do not compare to the likely risk of having to venture out to speak to people who may have it out for you.

5 It May Be Too Late For Henry

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Again, Ubisoft knocks references out of the park in this game. This one does have a bit of a sad and tense element to it. Players can go to a fire tower that looks strikingly reminiscent to the one included in the sharp-looking adventure game, Firewatch. If players decide to listen to the answering machine, they can hear the panicked monologue of someone talking to Henry —the main protagonist of the game —who is describing what seems to be a fire. Knowing how isolated Henry was in the game, it leaves his fate to question. This may be one of the most striking and well-done references in FC5 as it seamlessly connects the player to the plight of a character in another game.

4 Take A Piece Of Mario With You Everywhere

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Did you know that you could turn a weapon into a piece of video game history? No? Well, that is what FC5 allows gamers to do during their run through the game. Remember those pipes we spoke about early? Well, they definitely come in handy here. Players can customize weapons they find in FC5, and a fresh little Easter egg involves the assembly of a lead pipe.

Cue Warp Stage music!

If players change the color to green, the pipe will be renamed Warp Zone since the pipe now resembles this famous feature in the original Super Mario games. While the weapon looks amazingly cool, it still can do some nightmarish damage to those who think they will try you. Hmmm…can we get this feature in the Mario games? Bowser would be so much easier to beat.

3 Now…They Are Just Being Creative

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Again, there are a lot of hidden achievements and trophies in this game. Some make absolute sense and go right along with the theme of the game. Others may have the theme element, but they are bizarre and somewhat unsettling. This one, while having a clever name, leaves little to the imagination. The "Fertilizing the Land" achievement requires players to use a tractor to obliterate five enemies. Their reward is a bronze trophy. Whoa, first of all, the fact that developers were dark enough to associate fertilizer with running over people is pretty disturbing. However, if using farm equipment to take out enemies is your thing, then have at it. Be sure to watch out for that red indicator we mentioned earlier in the article.

2 Mr. Tweak Looks A Little Familiar

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In a game like this, you know it had to be a matter of time before we mentioned a Breaking Bad reference. Again, hats off to the developers for making a smart and subtle nod to one of the most popular shows in modern times. During a part of the game, the player can meet Aaron Tweak.

This guys paranoid stare and love of controlled substances gives it away quickly. 

Upon first glance, he doesn’t really ring a bell, but as players follow him and see his “extracurricular activities,” they can easily surmise that he is meant to represent someone from the show. The characters mannerisms and actions are a direct reference to Jesse Pinkman from Breaking Bad. In fact, the character’s real name is Aaron Paul. Hmm, that reminds us, we need to go on another Breaking Bad binge.

1 Don’t Worry…No Climbing!

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How annoying is it when games require players to do something that takes up too much time and is not necessary to the series? For the FC franchise, this seemed to be in the form of climbing. There was a unique climbing feature in FC3 and four that was pretty annoying to players. Well, there is a mission that makes fun of the element that players can join in on. If the player begins to climb up a ladder leading to the top of a tower, a message will come over the radio as they are going halfway up telling them they won’t have to do this and they can slide back on down. Even Ubisoft has the self-awareness to make fun of itself, and we can appreciate that.

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