Pringles Will Sponsor LEC Finals (Yes, That Pringles)


Pringles is now an official sponsor of the 2019 LEC Summer Finals. Yes, the Pringles that makes chips. What other Pringles is there?

The first LEC Summer Finals of the rebranded League of Legends European Championship is set to begin next week. The winning team will take home a top prize of €80,000 (roughly $89,000) and automatically qualify for the League of Legends World Championship for a chance to win $1 million.

Giving away that much green requires sponsors, so Pringles has stepped up to help out. In addition to funding the LEC Summer Finals, Pringles is also hosting two giveaways.

The first will help LoL players get their very own Legacy Skins. Inside every can of European-sold Pringles (sorry, North America and Asia) is a code. That code can then be redeemed for a chance to win one of 5 different legacy skins for five League of Legends characters. Those skins include Championship Zed, Championship Riven, Conqueror Varus, Conqueror Alistar, and Challenger Nidalee.

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To redeem your code, head to LEC.pringles.com, type in the code, and then complete the skill-testing word search puzzle (it’s mostly to prevent robots from winning). You'll also have to fill out a brief survey, including your country of residence, your preferred position in League of Legends (Top, Mid, Bot, Support, or Jungle), as well as which League of Legends server you play on.

Two exclusive Legacy Skins will be given away every day until September 26th. There are 84 skins to be given away in total, and it’s limited to one per customer.

The second giveaway is a trip to Berlin to check out the LEC headquarters. Everyone who enters a code for a Legacy Skin gets entered into a raffle where two winners will win a “match day experience” which includes a back-stage tour of LEC HQ and a meet and greet with LEC commentators.

The raffle ends September 30th, so go out and buy some salty snacks for a chance at League of Legends awesomeness.

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