10 Left 4 Dead 2 Cheats

Left 4 Dead 2 has seen players across the world trudging through swamps and cities infested with the undead. Among them are pros and newbies alike, but no matter what your zombie shooting skills are like, you might want to use a cheat every now and then to lighten the load, or just to have a little more fun.

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Once you enable cheats in the main menu of the game, you’ll be set to enter a ton of commands to make it as simple or as wacky as you’d like. Continue reading for our guide of the best cheats that Left 4 Dead 2 has to offer.

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10 Change Zombie Speed

Imagine zombies that crawl at the speed of a snail: super creepy, but easy to beat. You can make this a reality with the cheat, “z_speed #”. The default number is 250, so you can set it higher or lower depending on the kind of experience you want.

You could set them to go really fast, like a frightening horde of undead Sonic the Hedgehogs. Just picture a load of zombies racing at you at a hundred miles per hour. Scary. But if you’re the kind of player that loves a challenge, you’ll certainly give yourself one if you make that number higher.

9 Become Invincible

We’ve all been there - you’ve taken another Tank punch to the face and you’re a goner. Fighting zombies is hard work when you’ve got to be constantly dodging and avoiding damage, all while trying to deal some of your own. Well, what if you didn’t have to avoid damage at all?

Using the ‘god’ command allows you to become invincible, completely avoiding health loss. Simply type ‘god 1’ to activate and ‘god 0’ to deactivate. It will make the tricky battles way more doable, and once you’re in a calmer stretch you could always switch it off again.

8 Change Zombie Health

If you do want things to be easier but don’t want to be totally invincible, you can adjust the zombie’s health. With the ‘z_health #’ cheat, you can make them as easy or as difficult to kill as you want.

If you set their health a little lower than the average value of 50, defeating hordes will go more smoothly and you’ll still have the pride of a victory. Alternatively, you could ramp up their health so you that you have to send a barricade of bullets just to take them down a couple of pegs.

7 Never-Ending Panic

Sounds like exam season, right? But it’s also an option to spice up your gameplay. With the “director_panic_forever #” cheat enabled, a panic event will start the moment the survivors leave a safe room; a load of undead will come charging their way.

Like many other cheats, you can turn it on and off again, in this case by entering a “1” or “0” in place of the “#” (“1” turns it on). Unlike “director_force_panic_event,” a cheat that triggers one panic event, the “director_panic_forever #” cheat – as you can probably tell – will spawn constant hordes, and constant panic.

6 Change Witch Attack

Most fans will remember the first time they encountered a witch. Seeing that lonely soul crying pitifully on the floor, getting closer, and then watching that figure leap to its feet and attack like some kind of possessed animal.

Changing the amount of damage she deals can make her more or less threatening, with the cheat, “z_witch_damage #.” Her damage value is typically 100, but you can adjust it depending on your desire (or lack of) for a challenge. You can also edit “z_witch_anger_rate 0.2” – changing the number at the end will alter how close you can get before you trigger her attack.

5 Spawn Zombie Hordes

Maybe you’ve gotten really good at Left 4 Dead 2. Maybe you’ve become such a pro that you’re totally unfazed by its trials and tribulations, unflinching in the direst of straits.

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Well, it’s a good thing we have the “z_spawn mob” cheat, to make the game even harder. If you enter this cheat, a whole horde of zombies will spawn. They will generally appear under your cursor. Any time you find yourself with a hankering for a zombie blood bath, use the cheat and shoot to your heart’s content.

4 Control Zombie Numbers

So maybe you want to spawn a bunch of zombies using the cheat above, or maybe you’re overrun by the amount you’ve already got. It turns out you can alter the number of infected that the game produces.

By default, the number of zombies produced at any given time is limited to a set number, typically 30. You can override this with “z_common_limit #” where the “#” represents a number of your choice. You could spawn an absolutely ridiculous amount of zombies if you wanted to. But be warned – too many and you’re likely to crash the game.

3 Control When Zombies Attack

When the infected are far away, they won’t take any notice of you and so won’t attack. There are several commands that alter their range of attention. Enter “z_acquire_far_range” with a number (typically 2500) to adjust the maximum range for a distant zombie to spot you and attack.

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If you’re a real daredevil you could set it super high, but if you’re intimidated you could set it lower, too. You can do the same thing for zombies that are “near” with the command, “z_acquire_near_range #” (the default being 200). Combine these cheats to totally customize your game and adapt to your skill level.

2 Remove Zombies

You can remove specific zombies from the game with the “kick” command. Let’s say there’s a Hunter pinning down and attacking a teammate. Enter “kick Hunter” and it should disappear, just like that. Maybe magic can happen even in a zombie disaster?

If there are multiple of the infected type that you’ve tried to kick, the system will put them into a queue, and they’ll have to be kicked one by one. So if that Hunter doesn’t disappear straight away, there might be another one somewhere else on the map.

1 Break Physics

Shooting down the undead is fun and all, but wouldn’t it be even more fun if you could do it without limits? And by limits we mean walls. If you enter the code “noclip”, the characters can phase through walls like a ghost, drifting around and thrashing zombies left and right.

You can even fly across the map like some kind of apocalyptic superhero. This command also disables collision and physics in general. Who said you can’t be a gamer and a mad scientist?

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