Brick'd: 25 LEGO Fan Creations That Are Too Ridiculous For Words

It's amazing what can be built from LEGO bricks. Here are 25 fan creations that are too ridiculous for words.

At some point in every kid's childhood, they realize how incredible Lego is and the brick building toys end up becoming their most sought after form of entertainment. This is also around the time when kids start to understand the concept of money and how you're not able to buy anything you want. It's really unfortunate how expensive Lego sets are considering how many kids love them and want to have a good amount to build with and explore their own creative and imaginary ideas. Luckily some kids are fortunate enough to experience the energetic excitement of coming up with an idea and seeing it through to completion. Over the years we've seen countless Lego creations on the internet and it seems like they're just getting better with time. It's great to see artists and creatives make these incredible pieces, but unfortunately, they rarely get the credit or recognition once the images of their builds go viral. Lego is arguably one of the best toys ever created in terms of giving people the tools to make their imagination and creativity turn into physical creations. Every kid should get the chance to play with Lego at least once in their life. Apologizes to the creators who built some of these creations that aren't properly credited. We attached the names of the creators with their builds for the ones we could find. Let's now take a look at 25 Lego fan creations that are too ridiculous for words. Could you build any of them? Which is your favorite?

25 The Flash

via pinterest.com

When you're creating a static 2-dimensional object one of the hardest things to convey is movement. Brilliant artists and sculptors over the years have found unique techniques and practices that allow you to convey movement in a variety of ways. When it comes to the Flash he has two things that really define him, his movement and his speed. This Lego creation does an excellent of not only communicating that The Flash is running, but it also showcases that he's moving at a speed that is clearly faster than any speed a normal human is capable of.

24 Charmander

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Pokémon is a brand that you'll often see as the base of many different Lego creations, but it's not always done at the scope or level of detail as this Charmander was. Often when you see people try to recreate their favorite pocket monsters in Lego form it's done with the pixel art of the original games in mind. Rarely do you see someone execute on making a 3-dimensional version of a pokémon. Not only did they capture his adorable baby dragon form, but they also managed to capture his rebellious child-like nature as well. This creation really lights a fire of imagination.

23 Desserts

via wired.com

Often when you hear about extraordinary designs and creations it's commonplace for your mind to think about the largest and most grandiose objects people have built. In the world of Lego, it's not about the size of your creation, but rather the creativity, level of detail, and execution of your initial idea. These desserts at first glance look like simple Lego versions of your favorite sweets, but they look exactly like what they're meaning to impersonate and not necessarily a toy version of that same dessert. These fall into the category of vastly underrated creations in the world of Lego building.

22 Wall-E

via techrepublic.com

Everyone's favorite lonely robot has managed to find himself reincarnated as what we would assume to be a functioning Lego robot. As a creator, when you set out to create the next amazing Lego build your brain automatically defaults to all of the brick options at your fingertips. Many people forget that Lego has a whole line of Lego focused on robotics and engineering. These not only give you the ability to make something that moves or displays actions, but it gives creators a whole new catalog of pieces to work with. Wall-E seems to be one of these creations using every type of Lego piece at the creator's disposal.

21 Dragon

via mapio.net

This dragon that greets visitors at what appears to be some type of theme park or boat rental business is all smiles. It's tough to know whether or not this guy is fully comprised of Lego pieces, or if his outer shell is the only thing made from Lego pieces. Either way, it's a great creative use of Lego and immediately gives a childlike and welcoming feel to the area. It uses a well-known design choice for cartoons when they have a serpent-like character in the water. They'll have the body come in and out of the water to help show how long and big the creature is by showing it's body dip in and out of the water.

20 Pokémon

via moc-pages.com

We already covered an amazing large creation of almost everyone's favorite starter, Charmander. This Lego creation decided to go for a smaller and simpler design aesthetic and tackled a variety of pokémon. Just like we talked about with the desserts, minimalist design doesn't mean it's less impressive. This creator managed to make a trainer, the legendary Groudon from the 3rd generation of games, as well as Marshstomp. The third yellow pokémon is hard to identify but we assume it's supposed to be a Makuhita or an Abra.

19 Motorcycle

via speckyboy.com

An often overlooked aspect of Lego design is being able to photograph your creation in a clever and impressive way. Toy photography is an often overlooked career that has taken off in the age of the internet. People love to see toys, such as this amazing motorcycle Lego creation, posed and positioned in a way that makes the toy itself feel realistic. Every kid who ever had an action figure or a barbie would have loved to mount their favorite characters on top of a cool looking bike as they rode to take down the bad guys and rescue those in danger. Harley Davidson should hire this creator for in-store showpieces.

18 Human Cracking

via abubillamusic.com

If we're being honest we could have filled this entire list with creations by Nathan Sawaya. If you're not familiar with his work, well simply Google "Amazing Lego creations" and his builds will more than likely fill up your screen. He's known for making original pieces of art with Lego that showcase human-like figures undergoing some type of physical change. This particular piece shows a person being split into two and cracking down the middle. Of course, there's plenty of artistic interpretation to discuss, but the piece itself is amazing just to look at.

17 Victorian House

via wired.com

Like Nathan Sawaya, Mike Doyle is another gifted Lego artist with an aesthetic entirely his own. Doyle tends to go for an older Victorian style that lends itself to historical and slightly eery designs. This Victorian House piece features only Lego pieces that are on the gray-scale of colors and beautifully communicates a sense of history and horror. It's great to see how Sawaya's uni-color vibrant style directly opposes Doyle's black and white masquerades. If they aren't proof that you can use Lego for any artistic vision or style, no one is. Doyle might have a job designing the set for the next Annabelle sequel.

16 Paras

via kotaku.co.uk

People may be upset that a Lego creation of Paras lands higher on this list than one of the beloved Charmander. The reasoning for this is because Charmander is one of the most popular pokémon of all-time and there are plenty of resources to get a good feel for what a 3D sculpture should look like. Paras, on the other hand, is a way lesser-known pokémon and being able to translate them into the 3D space is far more impressive. Both of them are very impressive, but when it's hard to beat the fact that whoever built this knew they were working with a tougher challenge.

15 Wonder Woman

via flickr.com

Wonder Woman over her long and storied history has transformed from a comically proportioned feminine hero to a true symbol of female empowerment and strength. She's a part of DC comics famed "Holy Trinity" and in the modern day holds her own alongside both Batman and Superman. This Lego creation brings her spark to life in a 3-dimensional fashion and the vibrancy pops off of the background. It registers more like Gal Gadot's iteration as opposed to the classic Lynda Carter take on Wonder Woman, but the inspiration is still there at its core.

14 Giant Spider

via sheknows.com

Now, there are hundreds of thousands of people who may feel as though this particular creation is unsettling beyond belief, but that doesn't mean it's not incredible. This spider creation is gigantic and really brings out the unique aspects of the eight-legged freaks. Funny enough the photo features a little kid posing next to it and you're not sure if they're excited or scared for their life. Are spiders creepy? Sure, there's a case to be made. Like sharks though pop culture has made them out to be villainous and terror-inducing when in reality they're not even near the top in terms of all-time aggression in the animal kingdom.

13 Bengal Tiger

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We've covered a couple of creatures from the animal kingdom as well as some fictional pocket monsters that have made their way into amazing Lego creations. It should come as no surprise that a very talented creator made this tiger sculpture. The contrast of colors from the vibrant orange to the blacks and whites really allows it to stand out among the various foliage encompassing the background. Though it may not be a direct nod to the movie, this creation is definitely giving off Jungle Book vibes. A case could also be made for the pet tiger in Aladdin.

12 Helm's Deep

via eurobricks.com

The Lord of the Rings is often considered the greatest piece of fantasy literature and is a huge inspiration for the amazing novels that have followed in its footsteps, just like George R.R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire series which led to the mega-hit television show A Game of Thrones. In the second The Lord of the Rings book, The Two Towers, there is one very memorable battle, Helm's Deep. This iconic fictional location was brought to real-life in Lego form and showcases the landscape that was the home of a giant battle that left book readers and moviegoers in awe at the sheer spectacle of it all.

11 Face-Split

via italybyevents.com

Once again we're looking at another brilliant piece of work by the Lego legend himself, Nathan Sawaya. The way he was able to communicate a perfect human form with the definition in the muscles, as well as proportions that add to the realism, is hard for people to do with clay, let alone Lego bricks. Having the face be pulled in opposite directions is a simplistic effect on the overall piece that gives it a bit of intrigue and interest. That little touch of supernatural or unfamiliar really helps bring the entire thing together as one impressive and cohesive piece of Lego building magic.

10 X-Mansion

via theawesomer.com

At first glance this recreation of the famous X-Mansion that Professor X's students and faculty call home doesn't look like it holds a candle to many of the other creations on this list. The real magic with this is in the details of the specific rooms. It does a great job at calling back to moments X-Men fans are familiar with and bringing to life these backdrops in the X-Mansion that you're familiar with but often take for granted. It would be great to see the outside areas of the X-Mansion built around this creation to bring it all together and make it feel like something truly extraordinary.

9 Harry Potter & Company

via metanetworks.com

It's one thing to build a giant life-sized model of one character from your favorite franchise, it's an entirely different bag of worms when it's 4 characters standing side-by-side and one of them happens to be a living giant. Having Harry, Ron, and Hermione would have been impressive enough on its own, but also deciding to have a giant Lego creation of Hagrid standing alongside them really puts everything into perspective and takes the collection to a whole new level. Just imagine how heavy the Hagrid piece is in comparison and what type of forklift they had to use to get him on the convention floor.

8 Endor

via eurobricks.com

Star Wars and the Lego brand have had a strong relationship for years now and fans have been able to experience many of their favorite things about the franchise through the various Lego sets and video games they've released in collaboration with one another over the years. Lego's done sets that involve and showcase Endor, but it's always nice to see a fan's perspective on it. They often don't have to worry about the same commercial and marketing restraints that an official toy manufacturer and partner have to when they're working with a brand as massive as Star Wars.

7 Toy Story

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Toy Story and Lego is a partnership that simply makes sense. It's actually quite surprising that everyone's favorite building brick hasn't made its way into the nostalgic and beloved movie series by now. With Toy Story 4 set to hit theaters in the Summer of 2019 don't be surprised if you see this cool Toy Story Lego build resurface on your favorite meme account or subreddit. The RC car from the first movie is very iconic and is a big part of the emotional beats of the film but is often an afterthought when fans discuss they're favorite toys from the movie franchise.

6 Giant Butterfly

via picsunday.com

Guess what? We're talking about another stellar animal Lego creation that made its way onto the list. Tigers and spiders are impressive in their own right in terms of someone creating a giant 3-dimensional version of them out of Lego, but their body structure isn't odd or complicated. A butterfly, on the other hand, can be complicated if you really want to wow people with the overall pattern design of the wings. Once you find a great composition and color scheme and complete a wing, you then have to perfectly match it on the other side. Props to this creator for not defaulting to a Monarch butterfly.

5 Iron Man

via chicasimagenes.com

Over the last 10 years, we've seen Marvel grow into a Hollywood blockbuster studio thanks in large part to the Marvel Cinematic Universe that started in 2008 by way of Iron Man starring Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark. The character's quickly grown in popularity and easily holds a place near the top in popularity right below Batman, Superman, and Spider-Man. This Iron Man creation was done by Ramon and Amador Marcilla and shows a calm and collected Tony Stark probably reminiscing about his past adventures with fellow Avengers.

4 Hobbiton

via flickr.com

Helm's Deep was talked about earlier as one of the most memorable battles in The Lord of the Rings series, but Hobbiton may take the crown as the most iconic location in the book and film series. Bilbo's house, in particular, has become a tourist attraction in New Zealand as fans can visit the real structure that was built for the movies. The circular door on the side of a hill has found its way into pop culture as a shorthand for a hobbit house which clearly showcases the popularity and influence of J.R.R Tolkien's fantasy epic. Hopefully, Lego Gandalf doesn't bump his head inside this stunning recreation.

3 Hyrule Castle

via gizmodo.com

Joseph Zawada may only have one entry on this list, but man did he win the hearts of Nintendo fans everywhere. Zawada decided he would bring the world of The Legend of Zelda into the realm of Lego and figured Hyrule Castle would make the best choice. He seems to specifically have gone for the design from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, and though that entry is divided among fans of the series, Zawada's creation will drop the jaw of anyone who loves adventuring with Link through the land of Hyrule. Here's hoping Zawada falls in love with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

2 Beauty And The Beast

via flickr.com

It may be a tale as old as time, but we're all hoping this fantastic Lego build stands the tests of time as well and sticks around for years to come. Disney always manages to align themselves with really magically and awe-inspiring experiences for children and children at heart across the world so it's no surprise that something like this exists. Beauty and the Beast is a Disney classic and to have it brought to stunning Lego life in this way should have Disney impressed and willing to commission artists to bring even more iconic characters and scenes to life this way.

1 Chest Burst

via italybyevents.com

Coming it at #1 is the 3rd and final Nathan Sawaya creation and it should come as no shock that he sits at the top of this list. As great as Nathan Sawaya is, that doesn't mean that all of these creations didn't take talent, effort, and a great imagination to bring to life. Everyone who's ever build something impressive out of Lego knows that they're possible of doing incredible things. This creation by Nathan Sawaya not only delivers on his well-defined style, but it really brings forth the Lego and communicates that the Lego isn't special, your imagination, creativity, and craftsmanship is.

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