The Legend of Zelda: The 10 Most Powerful Bows In Breath of The Wild, Ranked

To the joyous surprise of many Nintendo fans, the company recently teased the sequel to the classic fantasy epic, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. While the brief, darkly-tinged trailer has Zelda fans giddy over Link's next Switch adventure, we shouldn't forget the original 2017 open-world epic. The game is so rich and massive that many are still venturing, battling, and making new discoveries in the game to this day.

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Being a Zelda game, the Bow and Arrow is a staple weapon here; and a handy one at that. Knowing your way around a good bow is a useful way to balance offensive prowess with evasiveness, and can be key to Link's survival. Without further ado, let's examine the game's 10 best bows overall. We'll be stressing strength and durability here, but also factoring in range and amount of shots a bow can launch at a time. Keep in mind, a few of these come with exclusive or special circumstances, like the Amiibo-specific bow.

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10 Knight's Bow

The knights of Hyrule Castle know what's up when it comes to their weaponry. This bow is an all-around beast.

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While its range isn't the greatest ever, it comes with a base attack of 26, sturdy durability clocking in at 48, and a Quick Shot ability. It doesn't typically make for a fantastic sniping weapon. Yet, the Quick Shot functionality makes the Knight's Bow a solid choice when you're in a pinch or a gritty close-range fight.

9 Steel Lizal Bow

While this bow is on the heavy side, it's quite worth it, as its potent metal makes for a highly durable piece of equipment; clocking in at durability of 50. Those pesky Lizalfos are really tough marksmen to survive, and it's thanks in large part to their expertly crafted bows such as this one.

They can typically be found in the Hebra Mountains and Akkala Highlands. They''l serve you well, with their admirable attack base stat of 36.

8 Mighty Lynel Bow

Sure, squaring off against the large Minotaur-esque Lynels is an intimidating prospect. Yet, it can be worthwhile if you land their loot; the Mighty Lynel Bow in particular. While this bow has a more powerful counterpart called the Savage Lynel Bow, the lesser "Mighty" variant is still one of the strongest, most useful bows in Breath of the Wild.

It should be noted there are a couple of bows not featured here that have slightly higher base attack per arrow - the Strengthened Lizal and Dragon Bone Boko bows. Yet this weapon has a key attribute - the ability to fire off 3 arrows at once, essentially tripling the damage inflicted; assuming all 3 hit their mark. It also stands at a pretty durable level of 35.

7 Royal Bow

This bow is fit for a king - or in this case, the king's archers - with some pretty well-rounded stats of a respectable 38 attack and solid 60 durability. As you'd expect, the Royal Bow can be a royal pain to find, though it's occasionally dropped by Silver Bokoblin, Lizalfos, and Moblins.

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Slaying a towering Hinox can, at times, also yield one of these coveted bows. Though if you don't feel like clashing with one of these beasts, Link can also stealthily approach a sleeping Hinox and snatch one from them, as they sometimes wear them as necklaces.

6 Great Eagle Bow

This is the legendary bow of Rito Champion Revali, and it shows. Coming equipped with an admirable 60 points in the range category, this Great Eagle Bow soars through the air like a bird, making for an accurate and efficient shot. Its strength stands at 28, which looks far more appealing when you consider that it fires 3 shots at once.

The Rito Village Elder Kaneli will grant you this bow after you conquer the Divine Beast Vah Medoh. Don't fret if and when it breaks - a brand spanking new one can be crafted by Harth for the cost of a Swallow Bow, a Diamond, and 5 Wood bundles.

5 Savage Lynel Bow

Yes, the offensive might of the Mighty Lynel has been covered, but this is the real deal. For one, the Savage Lynel Bow is even more durable, clocking in at a solid 45. This special bow was forged in the steel of Death Mountain's peak, which explains why it's so sturdy.

This weapon also comes with at least a 3-shot-burst. With 32 damage per arrow, that isn't too shabby. You can even land a rarer 5-shot variant if you're lucky enough, making the weapon even more devastating. Just be careful around Golden Lynels in Master Mode, because they wield these devastating bows themselves!

4 Twilight Bow

If you're scratching your head wondering why you haven't seen or even heard of this epic bow, with its hypnotic glowing arrow tips, it's because you need the Zelda Amiibo from Super Smash Bros. to have a chance to obtain it.

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Simply scan in the Amiibo and an enticing, shimmering gold chest will fall from the sky along with some herbs. Open the chest and cross your fingers that you happen upon this legendary Twilight Bow. If you don't get it on the first take, you can always rescan and try again. And you'll certainly want to. While the bow isn't the most accurate, launching arrows in a ballistic trajectory, the range stands at an insane 8000, so they'll travel vast distances. It's also an extremely durable weapon, standing at a whopping 100.

3 Ancient Bow

Guardians are some of the most powerful, frustrating baddies to deal with in Breath of the Wild. Taking one of these gargantuan bots down requires both strength and precision, which means that you're best served using Ancient Sheikah-developed tech, and specifically the Ancient Bow.

Once you've completed Doctor Robbie's side quests, you'll be able to craft Ancient weaponry and armor in exchange for Rupees and Guardian Parts. While these Ancient items can be both pricy and hard to obtain, they're well worth it, especially when dealing with the tough Guardians roaming Hyrule. The bow's got it in just about all areas; with a 44 base attack, 50 range, and a tank-like 120 durability. Basically, it'll be awhile before you'll have to worry about it breaking.

2 Royal Guard's Bow

This is essentially a Royal Bow with a darker, older tinge. It also swaps out durability with strength, clocking in at 50 strength and only 20 durability. This shouldn't come as too much of a surprise given the lore behind it; it was made with ancient technology to fight the Great Calamity.

Thus, unlike its counterpart, it's best used for quicker, more offensive pushes, as it breaks down rather quickly. Still, it manages to be one of the most powerful single-shot bows in the game, second only to the exclusive Bow of Light. These can be found in Princess Zelda's room as well as the Hyrule Castle Armory.

1 Bow of Light

In terms of Zelda lore, this weapon is a bit like the Master Sword of bows, with its recurring, near iconic status.

The Bow of Light is a bit of a dicey choice to include on this list - but it's certainly not because of its stats, which are legendary. Like the Twilight Bow, this is essentially an exclusive item with special circumstances. This bow is only granted to you by Princess Zelda upon facing off against your arch nemesis, Ganon. But the fact is that, in the course of this singular event, the Bow of Light is simply the most powerful bow in the game, bar none. It comes with a beastly 100 attack, 100 durability, and 500 range.

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