The Legend of Zelda, Breath of the Wild: Every Memory's Location

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was a huge hit on Nintendo Switch, and we're here to help you find the location of every single memory.

No one can deny that Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is and most likely will always be one of the best title, the franchise and Nintendo Switch have seen. Not only because we've seen Hyrule more vivid than ever. It also gave us enough challenge to keep us hooked to the screen for weeks if not months. One of the important things you'll want to do on you journey through Hyrule is find the eighteen memory locations for Link to visit, in order to remember what happened to him before he fell into slumber.

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With only images as hints, you'll have to make use of specific details in order to find those specific locations. We're here to help. If you find it difficult to find the memories and get the Master Sword, continue reading to find how to reach all Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild memory locations.

18 Memory No. 1 - Subdued Ceremony

Although this is the first of the eighteen memories for Link to obtain in Breath of the Wild, it is also one of the difficult ones. To find the Subdued Ceremony memory, you'll have to head to Central Hyrule, just below the castle.

There, you'll find a small ceremonial area and you'll easily spot the memory by its light beam. Be careful though as the area is filled with Guardians and other threats. You might want to leave this one for a bit later.

17 Memory No. 2 - Revali's Flap

The second memory is the first available as part of the recapture of the Divine Beasts. After finishing the quiz and boss fight on Vah Medoh you'll get another part of Link's lost memories.

You don't need to follow any Sheika plate photos or light beams to get Memory number 2, so you'll get there without any exploration just by following the main quest.

16 Memory No. 3 - Resolve and Grief

One of the easiest memories to obtain is this one. Located in Great Plateau, just above the Great Plateau tower, it's accessible through gliding straight through there.

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Navigate yourself to Lake Kolomo and right at its left side, you'll find the location of the third memory. Follow the pattern of the image on your Sheika plate and it's sitting there waiting for you.

15 Memory No. 4 - Daruk's Mettle

Daruk's Mettle is another memory obtained through the Divine Beasts story quests. This time it is Vah Rudania that you'll have to save from the Calamity. A little trickier to finish though than Vah Medoh.

Complete the challenges on top of the beast and slay the Fireblight Ganon to free it and gain access to yet another memory.

14 Memory No. 5 - Zelda's Resentment

This memory is easier obtainable through the Tabantha tower. Teleport there and glide south. Past the road following south of the tower, you'll find the Tena Ko'sha shrine and subsequently the fifth memory.

If you're lucky enough to get the shrine beforehand but missed the memory, simply teleport and see the beautiful cinematic. Moving on to the next.

13 Memory No. 6 - Urbosa's Hand

Continuing the main story and finding the Gerudo desert means more responsibility. Vah Naboris is the trickiest of the Divine Beasts, offering challenge in almost all aspects of the game.

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Clearing Vah Naboris and freeing it from Thunderblight Gannon gives you access to Urbosa's Hand memory along with a sweet ability to add to your skill set.

12 Memory No. 7 - Blades of the Yiga

The Blades of the Yiga memory isn't a difficult memory to get but can easily trick you into finding it. It's set in Kara Kara Bazaar in the Gerudo desert and you'll probably find it before you get to the desert city.

Make your way to the northeast area of the town and look at the rock structure in the middle. The memory must be somewhere in your vicinity if not right next to you.

11 Memory No. 8 - A Premonition

Directly west of the Eldwin Tower is where you'll find the eighth memory, it's not an easy one as well though. First of all, you'll have to spot the exact location, past the lava. Move to the tallest spot, as the image indicates and you'll easily spot it.

Be careful of heat if you haven't unlocked the area. You'll need the Flamebreaker armor in order to withstand the heat as you get close to the volcano. If you lack the money for it, find out how to get a heat potion and use that instead.

10 Memory No. 9 - Silent Princess

Northwest of Hyrule Castle, right above the bank, there's higher ground with two small ponds. The image is easier for you to pinpoint the exact location and find the memory.

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Among the two ponds, you'll see a grass opening and a big tree. The Silent Princess memory and its beautiful cinematic are sitting right there, a few steps next to the tree.

9 Memory No. 10 - Mipha's Touch

This is the last of the Divine Beast memories but the first one you'll get for sure. Vah Ruta is the first beast you'll visit after getting the quest from Kakariko village. Waterblight Ganon as well as the challenge of Vah Ruta are the easiest of the bunch, so you'll get around it easily.

See the cinematic, get Mipha's protection spell and you have the tenth memory of Link. This concludes all the memories you can get from the Divine Beasts.

8 Memory No. 11 - Shelter From the Storm

Just on the right of the Great Plateau Tower, beyond the river, is where you'll find the 11th memory. This one is easy to locate on the map but it could be tricky for some to spot when you get there.

While watching at the tower, locate the big tree with the rocky structure below it. Right in front of it sits the light beam and another cute memory to learn about.

7 Memory No. 12 - Father and Daughter

The Father and Daughter memory is the most difficult one to obtain. The reason for that is its location since it "sits" inside the Hyrule Castle. To get to it, you'll need to get past Guardians, climb mountains and swim upstream.

Once you get to the top of the castle, you'll spot a narrow bridge leading to a small room at the left. This is Zelda's study. Go inside to find her diary and the memory will be right in the middle of the bidge.

6 Memory No. 13 - Slumbering Power

The Slumbering Power memory can be found in the Akkala region. If you teleport to the stable below the Ancient Tech Lab and move directly left, you'll reach a shrine among waterfalls.

In the middle, you'll spot the memory and get acquainted with Zelda's powers before Link fell into slumber. This cinematic is slowly setting the stage for the game's ending.

5 Memory No. 14 - To Mount Lanayru

There are two easy ways to approach this memory. The first one is head to the Central Tower and glide west, past the river and look for the spot on the map. The second is teleport to the Outskirt stable and make your way north until you reach it.

Either way, when you get to the spot, you'll notice a horse statue. You can't miss it. The 14th memory is right in front of that statue.

4 Memory No. 15 - Return of Calamity Ganon

This is another hard memory to reach. Not only because its location is in a canyon that is hardly reachable from any place. You might bump into a Lynel as well if you're not careful enough.

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The easiest way to reach it is through Mount Lanayru. Go west until you see the canyon narrowing to a tall gate. This is where your next Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild memory will be located.

3 Memory No. 16 - Despair

The Despair memory is hidden deep inside a forest, away from all the darkness of Hyrule. Find it by teleporting to the Central Tower and gliding east or by the Wetland stable.

Inside the forest between the two is where the sixteenth memory is located. In fact, it is right in the middle of it. You might need some patience to look around the trees when you get there but it's an easy one at that.

2 Memory No. 17 - Zelda's Awakening

The last memory to be obtained needs some preparation. You'll first have to get all previous 12 memories (without the Divine Beast ones) and then visit Impa to get the location of the last one.

It will lead you to Dueling Peaks, east of the stable. Among the bottom ponds, is where you'll find the last Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild memory. Remember to scavenge all fallen guardians for parts. They'll be useful along the way.

1 Memory No. 18 - The Master Sword

To get the last memory, you'll either have to be about a hundred hours in the game or be incredibly good at solving shrines. Make your way through the Lost Woods (you'll need a torch in order to find your way around) and find the Master Sword pedestal.

You'll have to take the sword out "Excalibur style". To do this, you'll need at least 13 heart containers. This means you'll need 10 extra hearts from your starting pool. To get them, free the divine beasts, clear shrines and trade stamina containers for hearts.

This marks the end of our list and the end of all Link's memories before the reign of Ganon. For the map locations in this list, we've used the full Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild map with Shrine names from Reddit.

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