22 Hilarious The Legend of Zelda Pictures That Are Too Funny For Words

The Legend of Zelda series is over thirty years old! That's amazing seeing as how it's still relevant today as it was all those years ago on the NES. In fact I would argue it's even more relevant since Breath of the Wild launched alongside the Switch in 2017. That was a match made in heaven and both products wouldn't have done as well without the other. I actually played it originally on the Wii U as I wanted to wait on buying the Switch so I guess that point is moot for me as I loved it on the Wii U. Overall everyone else played it on the Switch at least 3:1 if not more over the Wii U. My point is it was really good!

Now as great as that game was, it had its problems. The same can be said about every game in the franchise. While none of them are truly bad, except for those Philips CD-i monstrosities, they do have some issues fans can’t help but complain about. These legit complaints are more digestible in the form of comedy. Laughing and cracking wise is a coping mechanism. While it sucks that weapons broke so easily in Breath of the Wild, and that your inventory space was extremely limited, and that rain could suck a big one, we all got over it because of the memes and crazy fan art. That and, again, the good parts far outweighed the bad parts. Let's see what other Zelda tragedies have been solidified into comedy coping mechanisms.

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21 How In The…?


If you played Ocarina of Time, then you can probably emulate with this reaction from Link. One of the greatest mysteries in the game was concerning Sheik's true identity. Who was this masked warrior helping Link on his journey? It turns out it was Zelda, which was insane and it's still crazy to me. Like the fact that she's helpless to Ganondorf, but also not? It's very confusing, but not as confusing as this revelation. I guess Link is a lucky guy now.

20 A Melting Pot Of Links


Even though Link is basically the same character in ever game, he's actually not. I mean the boy is usually different except for a few direct sequels. That said, yeah, they mostly boil down to the same personality types. While that may be true, this scene of the Wind Waker, Twilight Princess, and Breath of the Wild Links all cooking together is adorable. I'm not so sure that stew is going to be great though. There are too many cooks in the kitchen.

19 Attack On Tingle


Yeah, this parody is pretty spot on. First of all Tingle does have a weird way of walking and or acting just like the abnormal Titans in Attack on Titan. So that part is golden.

I'm also glad this artist went with Linkle instead of Link. I think this is to pay homage to Mikasa, the most amazing warrior in the anime/manga, or at the very least, the fiercest female fighter. Mikasa is BAE.

18 Need Directions?


The original The Legend of Zelda on NES was groundbreaking at the time. It was an open world, with tons of dungeons to tackle, and secrets to uncover. It virtually told you nothing either. There were no fairies, or sword spirits popping up every second to explain something rudimentary. As nice and simple as it was, this did make the game hard. A phone app would have gone a long way back then. For that matter real life GPS is a godsend.

17 Packed To The Brim


You ever wonder how Link carries all of his gear? It doesn't make logical sense especially in Ocarina of Time. You're telling me I need a new wallet to carry money, but I can have all of this gear pop out of infinite space? That's what made the whole thing so unimaginable otherwise I wouldn't complain. The worst game was Breath of the Wild in terms of space offenders. Look, I love you, but we need to have a talk, Nintendo. Do not pull that stunt again.

16 A Link To The Future

Wallpaper Abyss

Time travel has been apart of The Legend of Zelda series ever since A Link to the Past, which was the third game. Since that iteration, it's only been more expanded upon. The deepest game was probably Oracle of Ages on the Game Boy Color.

Great Scott!

Here's a thought this piece of fan art brings to mind. What if there was a Zelda game on the level of Chrono Trigger wherein you don't go back and forth between one era, but multiple? Sounds good, right?

15 Need Cookie Now


Albino Raven made this design and put it on Tumblr.

If Link's boomerang can retrieve anything, then it would be a lazy man's dream. Think about everything you could do with it. Need a cookie? Boomerang it! Need to get the remote? Boomerang it! After a long journey of rescuing the princess from countless evil, I think Link deserves to be lazy for a while. I wonder what he does with his other tools. Why not stash the cookies in those empty jars of his?

14 Jelly Belly


Chibiterasuchan made this design and put it on Zerochan.

Have you ever looked at a Chuchu Jelly from The Legend of Zelda and wondered what it tastes like? I didn't until Breath of the Wild came out and I acquired a ton of their essence for recipes. I bet it wouldn't taste like Jell-O. It would probably be more like a jellyfish, but with a gamier taste. Either way, I'd definitely try some Chuchu Jelly jelly if Nintendo marketed some faux stuff.

13 Take A Heart


Ds_designing made this design and put it on TeePublic.

Most games, back on the NES, represented life by just a static life meter. Either that, or it was represented by power-ups, like in Super Mario Bros. The worst example of all were games that had no life meter and made you perish after one hit.

Now that's the power of Heart, Ma-Ti.

My point is that the heart meter is one of The Legend of Zelda's most iconic pieces of imagery. That said does anyone find it odd? I mean does Link actually have twenty pumping hearts in his chest?

12 The Golden Fairy


Harebrained made this design and put it on TeePublic.

The Golden Snitch, depicted in both the Harry Potter book art and films, looks an awful lot like Navi from Ocarina of Time. Who copied whom? The first book, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, released on June 26, 1997, in the U.K. and September 1, 1998, in the U.S. The Japanese launch of Ocarina of Time was on November 21, 1998. With that history tucked away in your noggin, you can now get this artist's thought process with the joke.

11 Wrong Island


Trheewood made this design and put it on TeePublic.

The Wind Waker is still my favorite 3D adventure in the series in the most classic sense. Breath of the Wild is close behind though. Anyway, I'd love to see a modern sequel with tons of more islands to explore like a clash between Wind Waker, Breath of the Wild, and Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag. Just think of the Easter eggs they could put in like this artist's example of Master Roshi’s island.

10 Just Blow


Naolito made this design and put it on TeePublic.

Over the years Link, in his many incarnations, has had a lot of things to blow into instrument, or otherwise. That said, I couldn’t believe they haven't made this joke in any of their games.

You're doing it wrong, Link.

It would make so much sense for Link to try and blow into a cartridge only for an error message to pop up and say something like, "Blowing never works, you ruined this item." That would be hilarious.

9 Wake Up!


PsychoDelicia made this design and put it on TeePublic.

This is an adorable mashup if ever there was one. For those unaware, in Pokémon Red and Pokémon Blue, the only way to wake up a sleeping Snorlax blocking your path is with a Pokéflute. Link is no stranger to flutes so that's why this crossover works so well. I can see it as a Pixar animated like short. Shigeru Miyamoto did direct some Pikmin short \-films that were pretty cute so he should try this idea out too.

8 The Four Swords In The Stone


Phil-SH made this design and put it on DeviantArt.

This one probably needs a little explanation. The artist took the classic scene from Disney's The Sword in the Stone film wherein Arthur pulls a, you guessed it, sword from a stone. That idea is also where Nintendo derived its Master Sword legend from. Well, that and the actual Arthur mythology. Anyway in the Four Swords Adventures, when Link takes the sword from the stone, he splits into four entities. Do you get the joke now?

7 3DS Denied


JamesmanTheRegenold made this design and put it on DeviantArt.

Getting prequels right can be extremely tricky especially when you're trying to explain the origins of something. Solo did a terrible job of explaining how Han got his last name as if that was a question fans asked. Like, EVER!

No time for games, boy!

The Minish Cap sort of explained why the green hat is important to bestow on a new warrior. It's because this grumpy wizard got transformed into a hat-bird-thing, and a grumpy one at that.

Running With Cuccos


Jennyisdrawing made this design and put it on DeviantArt.

In real life, I couldn't be any less afraid of chickens than I already am. When it comes to The Legend of Zelda though, well, I’m terrified. Chickens, or if we want to be technical, Cuccos, are more vicious than anything else in the games. Mess with one and you're done. This artist did a great job of capturing the fear of having this happen in the games. It's scary, but still a fun little Easter egg I try in every new entry.

6 A Devious Smile


Kevinbolk made this design and put it on DeviantArt.

In a lot of The Legend of Zelda games, Link is just a kid. He may be destined for great things but a kid is still a kid. There are just some things boys can't help, but do hero or not. For example, using a big net to catch fairies in jars. It's great for healing, but that's also a little psychotic. At least he doesn't take off their wings or burn them with a magnifying glass.

5 Lords Of Hyrule


LoftyAnchor made this design and put it on DeviantArt.

Something is definitely wrong with Tingle. He's a very, let's say, special character. What if that goofy getup and attitude was all a disguise? What if Tingle was actually a lord of war, you know, like that Nicolas Cage movie.

Want some bombs?

The weapons and gadgets have to come from somewhere. This setup could have been implemented in A Link Between Worlds with the shopkeeper, but I did like how that game handled it regardless.

4 The Legend Of Derp Link


Superretardedlinkplz made this design and put it on DeviantArt.

Yes, you are not mistaken. That is the Twilight Princess version of Link. So what's up with his derpy face? Well in case you weren't aware, Nintendo let Philips design three The Legend of Zelda titles and one Mario game for their Philips CD-i console. They're bad, very very bad, but thankfully funny. The face replaced on this Link is reminiscent of Link's in those other games. That Link is the monster of time.

3 Go, Forth Tingle


Thegreyzen made this design and put it on DeviantArt.

Tingle is kind of, well, let's be nice and just say odd. His design is weird in Majora's Mask, but also spooky, especially compared to the Wind Waker's. He's a lot more pleasant in that one. Either way, he talks a big game. Just imagine if Link were dumb enough to believe in his fantasies. Now imagine Link wearing the same getup. This picture is sweet but also has me asking questions. I can just see Tingle claiming all of Hyrule with Link.

2 Look Out Linebeck


TwilightSaphir made this design and put it on DeviantArt.

Captain Linebeck was Nintendo's all too obvious clone of Jack Sparrow from the Pirates of the Caribbean film franchise. He's less intoxicated but equally as greedy.

I caught one!

It's pretty astonishing that he travels with Link since he also seems like a coward and Link is prone to danger both in the form of his enemies and the fact that he is just naturally attracted to danger. Even the simple task of fishing could end in disaster.

1 The Boys Of Hyrule


Wings-of-Art made this design and put it on DeviantArt.

As I mentioned earlier, Four Swords Adventures saw Link split into four colorful clones. You could play alone, controlling all four with formations, or you could get three friends together and play with four Game Boy Advances with Link Cables for the GameCube. It was an expensive setup to be sure, but fun nonetheless. You could also hook up your GBA while playing Wind Waker wherein another player could control a flying Tingle and help guide you. I think this doodle is paying homage to both games' multiplayer ideas.

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