Legend Of Zelda: 23 Ridiculous Things About Zelda And Link’s Relationship

Links and Zeldas have had relationships throughout the series, but they haven't always been the most straightforward.

The Zelda series has always been vast, with multiple storylines, plot twists, and even some of the most unexpected character development. The series has really embraced the universe it takes place in almost on a whole new level. Not only because of how well made every installment has been, but also because it’s actually a bit ridiculous how this series almost feels real. In this article, we want to talk about the qualities that have made people believe that Zelda and Link have a special relationship, maybe not dating, always, but there is definitely something there that’s important to acknowledge.

From being a part of the same destiny to not always being the best of friends because of the progression of the story, it’s really safe to say that their relationship resembles a relationship of a married couple. Maybe that’s just because they’ve been around each other for so very long that it could just be perceived that way. We also want to talk about other characters in the series and how they have developed with the two main characters we’re focusing on today.

Whether they’re involved in a very professional relationship like BOTW or if they’re just best friends who might feel a spark for each other, let’s dive right in and find out more about these two! We also want to know what you think as well, do you think the “relationship” between these two would be considered more than just friends, or do you think they’re just best friends with the same fate?

23 They Are A Part Of Destiny

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What's crazy about their relationship is that they're always meant to find each other, no matter what. It’s easy for some people who aren't major fans of the series to believe that Link and Zelda are actually romantically linked, but this might just be because people are reading way too much into the relationship dynamic between them. In the base reality of the game, they are almost forced to always have a friendship, which would most likely make them just want to be friends and that’s it.

22 Never Being Romantic

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Zelda and Link are almost never romantic with each other; if anything, their relationship resembles a pair of best friends and that's it.

While there might be slight tension, it could just be the emotion in their friendship.

While some would like their relationship to go to the next level, we really don't see that happening anytime soon, especially since the whole focus of the series is to defeat the storyline with as much fun as possible, not on the possible relationship of these two.

21 Meeting Two Of The Same Princess?

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Zelda is usually the focal point of the games in the series, as well as the Triforce, but what would you do if we told you that there is a timeline in the series where there’s more than one princess named Zelda? This is actually because in this timeline she is very well-known as a goddess and many families named their daughter Zelda, especially if they had pointed ears, to bring good luck and fortune into their lives. We can only hope that they work more with this timeline in the future, it would be so cool to see!

20 Link Wouldn’t Have Made It With Tetra

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Whenever they introduce a new female character into the game, everyone usually wants that character to fall in love with Link and vice versa, but that almost couldn't end up in anything other than failure. Not only would it be an unneeded distraction, but it also wouldn't be something that would actually benefit the game in any way. If Link and Tetra actually did have a relationship, how would that change the rest of the game? Would it be for the better?

19 They Are Underrated In This Specific Game

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In certain games in the series such as Wind Waker, they don't really have the same kind of friendship they have in other games, especially BOTW. While they may right-hand bicker in the latest game, in games like Wind Waker, they often don't even talk to each other.

There's a disconnect between the two of them that really pushes the narrative of damsel and hero, not friends.

While they might be underrated in some games, we still love them! Let's hope they make games that embrace that special friendship in the future.

18 Not Always The Best Of Friends

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Zelda and Link; as much as people want them to be an exclusive couple that takes over the world, they are not always the best of friends. For example, in BOTW, they constantly bicker with each other, they fight, and don't always get along even though Link never really speaks a word to her. Of course, they love each other as friends, but with all this fighting, would it even be possible to have more than just a simple friendship? We really doubt it.

17 Taking It To A More Professional Level

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The bond between Zelda and Link isn't always just a simple friendship, sometimes it's much more, sometimes the relationship is professional as well. The professional relationship between these two characters stems from the fact that they rely on each other because they make up two out of three points of the Triforce, always bound together. This can be problematic at times and often makes them fight with each other, but they always pull through at the end of the day!

16 Many Have A Ton Of Disdain For Princess Zelda

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This sense of disdain from fans towards Zelda usually has to do with the fact that many fans want Link to be interested in their own choice of another character from the game. While of course we can't just always play matchmaker in the game, it is fun to think of different relationships that could possibly be a thing, even if it's unlikely. Maybe we can all just agree to be cool with Zelda at least, she did nothing wrong!

15 Zelda Has Some Hidden Feelings

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It might seem like we’re kids again with this one, with the little crushes we’ve all had at some point in our lives. Zelda has shown that she does have some hidden feelings even though they are never really clarified. Instead of just coming out and telling Link how she really feels, she holds it in and doesn't let anyone know except those who are just reading into her attitude and interactions with Link. Maybe she will just speak up and show us how she really feels.

14 The Missed Romance In Spirit Tracks

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Sometimes Nintendo has gotten close to giving the fans what they want, but it's only been hinted at, maybe to keep the fandom going between these two. While they may never admit to their crush on each other in some games, Nintendo seems to really like how people react when they hint at the relationship between the two of them. Maybe just like in Spirit Tracks, they will expand on the fact that they could be more than just friends.

13 Looking To The Past For Love

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Maybe in a past life, they found love, on a different timeline that seems to have been hinted at quite a few times.

Let’s just hope that they finally admitted their crush at least once!

Maybe when we see flashbacks of moments of peace within the games that focus on such dread and saving the world, maybe just once they've been able to admit how they really feel! Or at least how fans really want them to feel, regardless.

12 Is Marin Really Just Zelda?

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Marin shows so many qualities that really stand out that resemble Zelda. While it's not exactly clear whether or not Zelda and Marin are the same individual in some respect, we do have to wonder after everything that takes place in the story. There have been many instances where people believe that the heroes Zelda and Link could have been other characters in the story as well even though this has never been confirmed. Do you think Marin is Zelda?

11 Each Zelda Is Herself, But Link Isn’t

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One thing that has been an ongoing theory that has somewhat been confirmed is the fact that Zelda is herself in every single timeline while Link is never the same Link in any of the timelines. While it is unsure as to why this might be the case and why they would make these heroes so different in terms of their life and how they exist within the created world, perhaps it’s because she's actually a Goddess and Link is only a knight.

10 A Knight In Armor

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The main purpose for Link in all the series and timelines of the game focuses on the fact that he’s a knight that serves Zelda. He is forever in her service. That would make a romance between them quite the strange combination due to the fact that they’re basically forced to be around each other all the time. Which would also explain why they tend to fight more than you might expect. Can you imagine someone always, ALWAYS, being by your side and trying to save you? It might get a bit old sometimes, honestly.

9 Messing Up Everything In Ocarina

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Of course, there are some games such as Ocarina Of Time, where the dynamic between Zelda and Link are not exactly on the same page. It seems like they actually have feelings for each other in this game; they seem warm and friendly towards each other, but never seem to come to the same conclusion at the same time.

So close, yet they couldn’t even be honest with each other.

Plus, when the ending comes around and she’s sad about him leaving her, it’s obvious that there could have been something more between the two of them.

8 And Even Doing It A Second Time

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Even when it came to the game Phantom Hourglass, one of the least played games in the series, it featured their relationship very strongly, more so than any other game in any of the series. Just because this game is one of the least played, that doesn’t mean that it isn’t a great game, because it really is quite the experience that will show you so much more about these two characters that we all know and love! This game really gives more about the two of them.

7 She Outnumbers Him Big Time

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Because there is a considerable focus, particularly on Zelda, there is much more we know about her within the lore compared to Link. Not to mention there are also many more versions of her in the story compared to him as well. While this might not be apparent unless you’ve done your research and played the games quite a bit more than just the average player, it is something many have picked up on and have found quite strange and telling as to why the dynamic between them wouldn’t hold up.

6 Skyward Sword Manga Tells All

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While it’s not actually a match up with the game and it’s non-canon, we thought it should be mentioned because it is something people usually consider to be a big part as to why the series is so popular. The Skyward Sword manga is seriously a plot twist as a whole, it changes the whole lore of the series. While it might be a bit dark and we don’t want to spoil it, it does provide a romantic outcome for these two heroes that are always together.

5 The Technical Aspect To Them

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Like we mentioned above, there are more versions of Zelda compared to Link, mostly because she’s a Goddess and how they come back to life within the stories. Zelda doesn’t always come back as herself, she comes back as a new Zelda each generation, while Link only comes back when he is needed.

Yes, it is technical!

While this could present problems, because as soon as Link is gone, it wouldn’t matter if she loved him, he wouldn’t be needed for the sake of saving the world.

4 The Big Curse

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One of the only reasons why they’ve been able to meet each time they come back into the world through rebirth and reincarnation is because they’re cursed. Because of Demise. If they weren’t cursed and the Triforce wasn’t messed with, they probably wouldn’t even know they were meeting again after all the history between the two of them, it would basically be starting over. Which is why there is so much reflection in these games, to reflect on past events that have shaped them to who they are now.

3 Being A Partner In Crime

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Basically, the biggest thing to remember is the fact that Zelda and Link are partners, they are always meant to be together. But usually when they are brought together, they have so many other big goals in their eyes that they need to accomplish. When would they ever have time for a relationship between the two of them? They’ve always worked hard together to ensure that they protect the people of the land that they care about the most. This has always been the overall goal.

2 No More Female Link, Ever

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Because of the dynamic between the two heroes, we highly doubt that they would ever allow a female version of Link, aka Linkle. It was confirmed by Nintendo themselves that this would never happen, unless they created a whole new timeline in the story between these characters. While our dreams might be crushed, we can only hope that one day in the future they put the extra time into developing this additional timeline within the story and the lore.

1 There Is One Lineage

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When it comes down to it there is one focus in the lore that revolves around the triforce. Link and Zelda are always going to coexist to some degree, they have to because of the Triforce, they make up two out of three of the points.

They will always be forced to be together in some way.

It would be interesting to see if they ever did deviate from this lore in some way. But we highly doubt this would ever happen.

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