Breath Of The Wild: How To Find The Eighth Heroine, Get The Sand Boots, And Look Fabulous

The Eighth Heroine is an important quest line in The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild. It takes place right outside the gates of Gerudo Town, and gives you one of the most useful items in the game: the Sand Boots.

Trying to walk around the outskirts of the Gerudo Desert is a nightmare without the Sand Boots, which as you might have guessed, allow you to move quickly through sandy areas. In order to obtain this fancy footwear, there are a few things you’ll need to do.

Why Link Needs To Dress Like A Woman To Start The Quest

First, there are a few things you need in order to begin The Eighth Heroine quest. You have to make sure that you’ve completed the Locked Mementos quest. This allows you to use your Sheikah Slate as a camera and take pictures. Without that ability, this quest won’t even show up.

Then you’re going to need to talk to a man named Bozai, who can be seen jogging around the area near Gerudo Town. The only problem is that Bozai is a bit of a ladies man, so he won’t give you the time of day. In order to get his attention, you need to be wearing the “Vai” (the Gerudo word for woman) Disguise, consisting of the Gerudo Veil, Gerudo Top, and Gerudo Sirwal. These items can be bought from a merchant named Vilia at the Kara Kara Bazaar, located east of Gerudo Town.

Now that Link is looking pretty and ready for the city, Bozai will chat you up. After some incredibly awkward flirting, he’ll tell you about the Eighth Heroine, which is a long lost statue and Gerudo monument. With a little convincing, he tells you that if you can find the Eighth Heroine and come back with photo evidence, he’ll gift you with the very Sand Boots he’s wearing right then.

He’ll also give you the Snow Boots, which will come in handy as you’ll be heading out to a very cold part of the world.

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Where To Find The Eighth Heroine

Once Bozai has given you the Snow Boots, make sure you’re stocked up on potions or food, as well as armor, that give you cold resistance. It might not be a bad idea to buy or find some Fire Arrows or Fire-based weapons, as most of the enemies in the area will be weak to flames.

Your next destination is to travel to the Gerudo Highlands. If you’ve unlocked the Kuh Takkar shrine as a fast travel point, then warping straight there would be the easiest route. Otherwise, it’ll be a bit of a trek.

The Eighth Heroine is located in the Risoka Snowfield, which is in the Northwest Section of the Gerudo Highlands. Once you’ve reached this point on the map, you should see the Eighth Heroine statue below you. You can then glide over to the statue and land in right in her hands. From here you should be able to snap the picture that you need.

Head back to Bozai with your picture and don't forget to wear your Vai disguise. After showing him the proof that the Eighth Heroine is real, he’ll hand over the Sand Boots as your reward.

He will ask for his Snow Boots back, but if you talk to Bozai later on, you can begin The Forgotten Sword side quest. That quest requires you to find the Eighth Heroine’s sword, which can found atop the Gerudo Summit. Do that and Bozai will also hand over his Snow Boots.

Way to clear out a man’s shoe collection.

Eighth Heroine Lore

There isn’t a ton of lore on the Eighth Heroine. The statue remains one of the biggest mysteries in the Legend Of Zelda franchise. According to Rotana in Gerudo Town, the Seven Heroines are giant statues of the heroines who once protected the Gerudo people. They're located in the East Gerudo Ruins, and once a puzzle is solved in The Seven Heroines side quest, the Korsh O'hu Shrine is unlocked.

The Eighth Heroine, however, is located all the way over in the Risoka Snowfield, a significant distance from the other statues. Its existence is also questioned, and until Link actually finds the Eighth Heroine, it's considered a myth by many people including Bozai. Furthermore, the Eighth Heroine's sword can found on top of the Gerudo Summit, meaning that at some point the statue must have placed or moved it there, and then somehow moved again to its final resting place.

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So why was the Eighth Heroine moved away from the seven others? Did she fall out of favor with the Gerudo people or even the other heroines? How was she moved to her current location? And who were these Heroines?

Only the people who made Breath Of The Wild may know the answers to these questions. For now, all we know is that while the Seven Heroines are revered by the Gerudo people, there's only a select sect of Gerudo who still make the pilgrimage to the Eighth Heroine.

And it's definitely a trip worth taking if you want some dope new boots.

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