Zelda: What's In Breath Of The Wild's 'Master Trials' DLC?

The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild 'Master Trials' DLC includes new armor, sidequests, and new 'Hard' mode.

If you were to make a shortlist for best games of 2017, Zelda: Breath of the Wild would be right up there at the top. This game has been a phenomenon since it’s release and just recently has been given DLC that brings even more content for your adventures through Hyrule.

Titled The Master Trials, Link will face new challenges, new game mods, and best of all, new loot!

Let’s take a look at what’s to be found in The Master Trials.

Trial of the Sword

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The biggest addition to Breath of the Wild is the Trial of the Sword challenge. To access the Trial, go to Korok Forest and put the Master Sword back in its pedestal, keeping in mind it won’t work unless the sword has some energy left.

Afterward, you’ll be transported to the Trial area, with the notable exception of all your items, weapons and armor. All you can take with you is your hearts, runes, stamina, and cunning, and it’s recommended you have as much of all these as possible before you embark.

The trial is made up of 54 floors divided into three sets. Once you beat a set you can skip it on future attempts, but you will always begin at the start of the last set you completed if you die.

As reward for completion of the 54-room gauntlet, you unlock the full power of the Master Sword, which basically keeps it all glowy and super powerful for as long as you have it equipped.

Hero's Path Mode

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This is a brand new map feature that will tell you where you’ve been for the past 200 hours of stomping around Hyrule. There’s a time tracker to tell you where you’ve spent the most time, and it’s basically just a handy tool to help you navigate the game world and let you know if there’s a spot you missed. It’s sure to be useful in tracking down those last few temples if you haven’t resorted to a guide already.

Master Mode

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For those looking to up their Zelda game, there’s now a Master Mode. Master Mode is like turning the difficulty up to 11: all enemies will now regenerate health, are powered up by one level, and can more easily detect Link as he sneaks around.

What’s this all mean? Well, instead of fighting weak Red Bokoblins they’ll be replaced by tougher Blue Bokoblins, they’ll spot you when you’re a few feet behind them, and they’ll regain that lost health you managed to bleed out of them. Not only that, new enemies will start to appear in areas where they formerly did not, and new treasure chests will appear floating in the sky held aloft by Sky Octoroks.

If you’re a Breath of the Wild enthusiast, this is the game mode you’ve been waiting for.

Travel Medallion

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Somewhere in Hyrule is a treasure chest and inside that chest is the Travel Medallion. Using the medallion, you can register your current location on the map as a fast travel point, allowing you to head back to town to stock up on supplies and easily returning to continue your adventuring. This is a huge quality of life improvement that is well worth the search.

More Armor

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There are 5 new armors you can find in Breath of the Wild via 5 new sidequests. You may even recognize these armor pieces from past Zelda games. The five new armors are Majora’s Mask, Midna’s Helmet, Tingle’s Outfit, Korok Mask, and The Phantom Armor. Acquiring these sets won’t be easy, but the rewards are powerful and stylish.

Korok Mask

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Of important note is the Korok Mask, which has a very special ability. It acts similarly to your Sheiklah Slate, except for finding Koroks. As there’s 900 of the little bastards, this mask is invaluable for those seeking to 100% their playthrough.


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