The Legend of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild - Every Secret You Need In The Yiga Clan Hideout

Breath Of The Wild is one of the most popular titles in the Legend of Zelda franchise. It' one of the most played games on the Nintendo switch. It's stunning visuals and the engaging story made it an instant fan classic. The game keeps up the franchise's tradition of being packed full of challenges.

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One of the most frustrating parts of this ae for many players is the Yiga Clan Hideout. One slip up gets you instantly swarmed by difficult to defeat guards. If you follow these ten tips you'll have a much easier time making it through.

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10 Stealth

Your primary objective is to remain undetected. The most important thing you need to get through this part of the game is finely honed stealth. Before entering the hideout is an excellent time to stock up on stealth food and clothing. You'll need as much help as you can get.

Get yourself a sneaky snack and some subtle duds and head up to the hideout. Once inside you will have to avoid detection. You can take the risk of trying to kill the guards but they are incredibly tough and difficult to kill without raising the alarm.

9 Arrows

Nearly every part of this area of the game will require arrows. You'll want to stock up on them before you enter the hideout. You may want to farm for some more powerful arrow types such as bomb or fire.

You'll have a much harder time making it through the hideout and the final boss battle if you don't have enough. You'll need to shoot out supports, maybe take out a guard and create diversions so make sure your quiver is full. You'll need to make sure you have some in the final battle so use them carefully.

8 Aim

Armed with an overflowing quiver of arrows the next thing you'll need to is the skill to wield them. Prepare yourself to hit some very small targets in some tight locations. You'll need to take out supports under a few awnings throughout this area.

You may also need to take out a guard while avoiding detection. That's a task easier said than done. Your ranged attack will play a pivotal role in defeating the final boss so make sure you have what it takes to make it through to the end.

7 Sneakstrike

You may decide the only way forward is through killing a guard. Engaging them in combat immediately sounds the alarm for the other guards if you're seen. These are also formidable enemies that aren't to be engaged lightly.

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The power of sneakstrike is proportional to the power of Link's melee weapon. Make sure you're well armed before you enter the area to ensure your sneakstrike does the most damage possible. This subversive move is your secret weapon for surviving the guards so don't underestimate its usefulness.

6 Patience

One of your best tools to beat this challenging area is patience. You'll need to keep a calm, clear head while you hide, sneak and wait out the guards. Take your time as you move on the ground in the hideout.

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You'll need to move carefully from cover to avoid detection. It becomes a little bit easier to get around the higher up you move but you still need to exercise caution. There's a lot of loot in this area if you look for it. Don't rush and miss something valuable or sound the guard.

5 Bananas

Mighty bananas are your best friend in the Yiga can hideout. They provide the perfect distraction for the guards to help you avoid being overcome. There are plenty of bananas to be found around you if you know where to look.

Keep an eye on the awnings. If you see one with bananas on top of it, shoot out one of the support legs to drop the loot. You'll want to be sure you're still as sneaky as possible even after you tempt the guards with fruit.

4 Magnesis Rune

This part of the map is rife with secret corners and hidden features. Even the boss fight is hidden behind a secret door. You'll need the magnesis rune to find your way to Master Kohga.

The secret door can be found in a large room containing several chests. You'll want to take your time looting these so you don't miss out on any items. Once you've used the magnesis rune to find the secret door you'll be faced with the final battle.

3 Deadly Distraction

Arrows come into play through most of this area. The final boss is no exception. During your battle with Master Kohga, you'll need them again. Several times throughout the fight Kohga will raise boulders over his head.

Every time you see the boss do this, let an arrow fly. You'll cause him to drop the boulders on himself dealing massive damage. Both phases of the fight will require this tactic. Get those rocks falling and you'll be tasting victory in no time.

2 Boomerang

If you find yourself in the Yiga Clan Hideout without enough arrows there's still more you can do. A boomerang can be used in a pinch in two ways. First and foremost it can stand in for arrows.

If you need to shoot out awning supports but your quiver is running low, consider using the boomerang as a stand-in. You can also use it to create a distraction and get the guard's attention. It's never a bad idea to have more than one option for a ranged attack.

1 A Keen Eye

Throughout your entire time in the Yaga Clan hideout, you'll need a keen eye and honed observation skills. You'll have to find hidden entrances to areas you could otherwise miss. Valuable assets are scattered across the map.

Keep a watchful eye out for bananas and topaz. You'll also have to be aware of the guards and avoid detection. If you're careful not to get caught and swarmed a well-trained eye may get you through this part of the game without incident.

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