10 Things Everyone Completely Missed In The Legend Of Zelda: Link’s Awakening Remake

The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening remake, out on the Nintendo Switch, has proven to be an exceedingly charming game. Packed full of Nintendo related nostalgia, this Zelda game has a lot to offer for those who know where to look. Even besides the fresh and colorful graphics, the game has received a lot of updates.

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These updates vary from gameplay mechanics to dialogue and so much more. It's enough that it can be difficult to recognize them all. Because of how lovingly this game was remade, you won't want to miss out on noticing them all. Here are 10 Things Everyone Completely Missed In The Legend Of Zelda: Link’s Awakening Remake.

10 Amiibos Change Things

Nintendo's use of amiibos hasn't slowed down yet and, in Link's Awakening, they can do some amazing stuff. The primary usage of the amiibos is in the Chamber Dungeon that you can access from Dampé's Shack. All you need to do is tap with your chosen amiibo and you will unlock special content.

There are two primary forms of new content here. Firstly, If you tap any Legend of Zelda amiibo, you'll unlock new chambers to use in the dungeon. If you tap the Link's Awakening's Link, you'll unlock the option to make a shadow Link who will chase you while in the dungeon. And who knows what future Zelda amiibos will unlock?

9 Dampé's Shack

Link's Awakening Chamber Dungeons Dampe Cover

No longer does the game contain the Camera Shop from the DX version. The old camera shop was pretty simple, it allowed you to take a picture of Link. Thereafter, the photographer would show up at certain locations and take more pictures of Link. This would all go into an album. While it was certainly a fun little feature, it didn't add much to the actual game.

The new feature, Dampé's Shack, houses the Chamber Dungeon. The feature is somewhat similar to Mario Maker, except for a Zelda game. In it, you have little rooms that you can arrange to form personalized dungeon. There are different challenges that the game gives as well. Once a dungeon is complete, it can be shared online with others.

8 More Buttons

This might seem an obvious change but it can really trip up players who were used to the older versions of the game. In the remake, certain actions get their own buttons. Not only does this make for a smoother gameplay experience but it's also a lot faster.

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There are now four abilities that have their own button: The sword, shield, dash, and items. Furthermore, both the power bracelet and pegasus boots are always equipped. While the original game was certainly fun in its own right and time, it has become outdated. The remake for the Switch brings Link's Awakening to the modern era. Being able to use your sword, shield, dash. and whatever two items you have set such a nice quality of life improvement.

7 More Obvious Puzzles

Like many older games, the original Link's Awakening had some aspects of it that were not obvious. There were puzzles with obtuse solutions and doors that were difficult to open. The remake fixes a lot of these in various ways. As is typical in a Zelda game, the special item you get from a dungeon is the key to solving much of it.

Even knowing that much, some solutions can be odd, with one such example being when you acquire the power bracelet. You're supposed to understand that there are some doors that require you to pick up the heavy pots and throw them at the door. The remake makes this more obvious by putting a picture of a pot on the door itself.

6 Now, In 3D!

The Legend of Zelda Links Awakening Holding Marin Cover

Beyond the obvious graphical improvements, this improves various aspects of the gameplay as well. Not only can Link now attack in more than four directions but bosses can now move around more freely as well. In the original game, this limited the user's combat ability and made some boss fights easily cheese-able.

By going 3D, the remake changes all of that. No longer is it as easy to cheese a boss and no longer do you have to suffer awkward angles when fighting. Furthermore, an odd quirk of the original was fixed. Before, when Link swung his sword east, he used his right hand. Now, he always uses his left hand no matter which direction you swing.

5 Altered Text & Dialogue

Another tendency of older games was to keep the dialogue and text simple and short. This is still true, to an extent, in the remake. But so much more has been added or changed as well, the remake has made things more clear and updated them to current times. More and more characters have actual names now as well.

Another little tidbit here is that the references in the game have even been updated. The Yoshi doll that you have to acquire by beating the crane game has had its text changed. In the original, it said "You got a Yoshi Doll! Recently, he seems to be showing up in many games!" Now in the remake, it says, "You got a Yoshi Doll! You can't count how many games you've seen him in now!"

4 Easier Navigation

There wasn't much to help you with getting around in the original game. In the remake, quite a few things have been added to make your adventure much more convenient. While warp points have been around before, the remake adds in a lot more of them. Furthermore, you can now choose where they'll teleport you rather than there being some set pattern.

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Another new addition is the ability to place markers and pins on the world map. This makes it much easier to track where you're going and to avoid getting lost. Furthermore, you can access a screen called "Memories" from the map. This screen lets you read past conversations and see which seashells and hearts you've collected.

3 More Fairies

Fairies have been a staple of the Zelda games basically since their inception. However, in the original Link's Awakening, the Fairies' counterpart, the humble bottle, was not. This meant that you couldn't carry many Fairies to help with difficult boss battles. The remake fixes this and allows you to capture a Fairy in a bottle and release it to fully heal Link.

Speaking of which, something you may not know about Link's Awakening is that there are a lot of Anti-Fairys. The little fireball spinning enemies that travel in certain patterns. This is doubly important in the remake because they are an easy way to get fairies. Just use the magic powder on them and they'll transform into a fairy.

2 Nintendo References Galore

The Yoshi doll has already been mentioned but it's only the tip of the iceberg. Throughout the game, you'll run into many, many, Mario references. There are the chain chomps that are actually required to advance through the game. Goombas that you can stomp on in 2D side-scrolling sections. A character that looks suspiciously like Mario and so much more.

Another fun thing you can do is to collect figures of a bunch of different Mario enemies. One of the first ones you'll run into is a CiaoCiao figure, but that is just the tip of the iceberg. There's the Goomba, Cheep Cheep, Spiny, Boo, Blooper, Shy Guy, Piranha Plant, Pokey, and a Chain Chomp. It's clear that Link's Awakening is in many ways a much more lighthearted Zelda game and that's no bad thing.

1 Music & Sound

The Legend of Zelda is well known for having some really beautiful pieces of music. But that isn't always the case for the oldest of their games and so the remake has adjusted some of the music and sound effects. This change really helps bring life to an older game, especially for some of the more interesting characters and monsters.

For example, Dethl, one of the bosses, has been given its own music instead of reusing the sub-boss theme. Angler's Tunnel has been give new music, although the original soundtrack can still be heard in the background. The Overworld, Mysterious Forest, and Tal Tal Heights all have a re-arrangement while Marin is following Link. There are even more than this but each change is intended to improve upon the original without removing the nostalgia.

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