A Copy Of Legend Of Zelda For The NES Just Went For $3,360 At Auction - Time To Check The Attic

It seems that old video games may be becoming as valuable as classic comic books and toys, as high-quality games for the Nintendo Entertainment System have started to sell for a lot of cash at auction.

Heritage Auctions has started to put video games under the hammer, with a collection of twenty-five NES games that had been graded by a third-party company and were considered to be of high quality.

The prize of the collection was an exceptionally high-quality copy of The Legend of Zeldawhich sold for $3360 at auction.

A copy of Excitebike was also sold for the high price of $1140, while a copy of Dragon Warrior (which was the English name for the Dragon Quest series for several years) sold for $660.

It's not unheard of for NES games to go for a high price at auction, as the incredibly rare gold & silver versions of Nintendo World Championships have been known to sell for over a hundred thousand dollars, but the value of those games has as much to do with their historical significance as it does their rarity.


Old Nintendo games sell for a lot of money largely because of how rare it is to find them in pristine condition, which has a lot to do with their packaging.

It's a lot rarer to see high-quality NES/SNES games out in the wild than it is for Sega games, due to the fact that Nintendo used to use flimsy cardboard for their boxes, while Sega used hard plastic cases, which would go on to be the industry standard.

The fact that we are seeing high-quality copies of regular games just goes to show how valuable the collectible gaming market has grown. Nintendo has no problem giving away NES games on the Nintendo Switch Online service, yet fans will shell out thousands of dollars for an original copy of one of them.

As the 8-bit generation of gamers grows older, the collectibles market will only continue to become more competitive, due to the scarce amount of high-quality games from that era that are still out in the wild.

It might be worth checking on the quality of your old games, as they might one day be worth a fortune.

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