The Legends Ultimate Arcade Machine Is An Actual Arcade Cabinet With Internet And DLC

AtGames has announced the launch of its new Legends Ultimate Arcade Machine,  featuring hundreds of legendary video games, cloud connectivity, access to online tournaments and leaderboards, and hardware that is flexible for your current and future needs.

Among the hundreds of games that are included on this full-size arcade cabinet is an impressive selection of classic arcade and home video games from Atari, ColecoVision, Data East, The Tetris Company, and many more. Top game properties include Asteroids, BurgerTime, Centipede, Fighter’s History, Pong, and Tetris, to name just a few.

Via: Atgames.net

Recently, the market for these kinds of at-home arcades has been growing steadily, as has the range in quality and price. The Legends Ultimate unit looks to impress with an assembly that is simple and quick, though the claim that it can be set up in only ten minutes sounds too good to be true.

The built-in library of games is a nostalgia-fueled delight, pre-loaded with 200-400 properly licensed games, unlike some other arcade units that can be bought online. It is not clear why the range is so large between the number of games considering that the machine only sells in one model, with the only difference being a taller or shorter cabinet.

The Legends Ultimate Arcade Machine is described as having authentic arcade-style controls that include joysticks, a trackball, spinners, and a host of action buttons for maximum compatibility and true multiplayer fun. As enthusiasts are probably wondering, there is no information yet on exactly what brand of materials have been used for the joysticks and button switches. This is always an important point to keep an eye on, as cost-cutting measures in this area are usually the most notable after a few months of use.

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Still, this broad range of controller types is a major selling point for the long-term enjoyment of the unit. As there will also be ArcadeNet connectivity, providing access to free DLC, remote play, tournaments, a subscribe to game library, and access PC libraries, these additional controller types mean that this may be the perfect choice for someone who wants to be able to access the broadest selection of games now and in the future. The company also states that additions can be made with “Blast!” links, Bluetooth accessories, cabinet art, light guns, and more.

Via: Atgames.net

The suggested retail prices for the two sizes are $599 for the 66” full-size unit and $399 for the 46” Compact, with both looking impressive and polished in their presentation and materials and the size being largely a matter of preference depending on where in the home you may want to place it.

While all of this sounds more than impressive from the start, we will have to wait until E3 where the company will be making a more formal presentation and providing additional details. Afterward, AtGames will be taking a limited number of pre-orders in July, so take a look and be ready to act fast!

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