Lego Will Unveil Life-Size Sith Trooper At SDCC (Here’s A Peek)

Lego is showcasing an exclusive 6'2" and 169 lbs Lego Sith Trooper from the upcoming Star Wars movie at SDCC.

The upcoming San Diego Comic Con is getting even more LEGO surprises than previously announced, with a life-size model of a Sith trooper that ties into the upcoming film The Rise of Skywalker. The model will stand at six feet and two inches, contain 34,307 bricks and weight a total of 169 lbs. Estimates place the completion time of this project at 259 hours.

There will also be a collectible bust of the same character, but considering the grand scale of this LEGO set compared to anything one may find at a retail store, these are not for the average consumer. As such, both items can only be purchased exclusively by those attending SDCC and who have entered a submission of interest through the official Exclusives Portal.

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Via: Cbr.com

The choice of character is an interesting one, to say the least, as the bright red Sith trooper has only been seen in the briefest of moments so far in the new films. The choice may simply be to showcase the newest addition to the Stormtrooper family, as the SDCC this year will be displaying a special exhibit featuring a broad range of troopers from the entire Star Wars series.

The choice of name is rather peculiar as well, or it could be a massive hint at to where the storyline of the next film is going. Currently, Sith troopers only exist within the Star Wars universe as foot soldiers of the previous Sith Empire that fought in the Jedi Civil War. However, these events are not exactly current in terms of the films we have seen over the past few decades.

Via: Cbr.com

Rather, the Jedi Civil War takes place nearly 4,000 years before that of Star Wars: Episode 4 – A New Hope, and was instigated by Darth Revan, a popular antagonist of the universe who has not been mentioned in the films as of yet.

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However, we know that Kylo Ren has been delving deep into history, worshiping his grandfather as a Sith Lord. This may be a clue that he has renamed entire squadrons of Stormtroopers to be Sith troopers in a symbolic return to the old faction and what they stood for. This would not have made sense in Episodes VII or VIII; but now that Supreme Leader Snoke has, well, split, there is nothing stopping Ren from molding the future of the First Order as he sees fit.

That theory might be off the mark when it comes to the actual story of the upcoming film-- but no one can deny the symbolic importance of the appearance of any antagonistic force in a Star Wars movie with “Sith” in its title. For a history of the Old Republic Sith Troopers, check out the video below.

For now, we have only a LEGO version of the character to keep us company. Be sure to check out the other two debut sets making an appearance at the SDCC as well, Obi-Wan’s Hut and Luke Skywalker’s Landspeeder.

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