The 25 Rarest Lego Vehicles Of All Time (And How Much They're Worth)

Lego has seen some amazingly creative sets over the years but these vehicle sets can really break the bank.

Legos are easily one of the most beloved and popular toys of all time. Everyone knows what these cool stackable blocks are! In fact, most kids back then probably have had owned at least one set. These iconic interconnecting blocks are awesome, after all. How can they not be when they resemble basically everything we love? From sports cars, cozy houses, and iconic landmarks to even our favorite characters, there's always a Lego that fits people of all ages.

While Legos might be popular with the kids, they're not the only market for these highly-coveted plastic blocks. Grown-ups collect these miniature block models too, perhaps even more often than kids! That's because Legos aren't just fun to play with, they're also quite valuable. Sure, it's cool to just gawk at a fully-assembled Lego set. However, some don't even build them at all since keeping a completely sealed Lego set is akin to having a box full of gold coins, just waiting to be sold!

Some of the most highly sought-after Lego sets are undoubtedly those that are based on popular vehicles. These sets feature intricate parts and require literally hundreds of individual blocks to complete. Most collectors pay thousands of dollars for a single set! Despite their notorious reputation for causing pain whenever they're stepped on, looks like Legos aren't so bad after all, right? Here are 25 of the rarest and most sought-after Lego vehicle sets ever produced. Although the question still remains, could you have one of these hidden gems locked away in your closet?

25 4x4 Off Roader Set 8466 ($200-$700)

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Lego set 8466, mostly known as the 4x4 Off-Roader truck, came out almost 20 years ago. Given its hulking wheels, brutish exterior and detailed chassis, it's easy to see how this set became so popular. Of course, a set this sweet doesn't come cheap.

This beastly ride also comes with a matching hefty price tag.

Most Off-Roader sets being sold are already used and even at that, there's not that many of them. The value of a new one can easily climb from $200 to a colossal $700!

24 Control Center II Set 8485 ($250-$1,200)

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It's been 24 years since the 8485 Lego set, aka the Control Center II, was released. Unsurprisingly, its value has also grown tenfold since then. This set features an array of big mechanical vehicles including an airboat, a helicopter, and even a cool mechanical T-Rex!

In fact, the set itself contains over a thousand pieces, making it quite an enormous package. A package that's this jam-packed also comes with a price that's just as heavy! We're talking about paying up to $1,200 for a sealed set, which is about right. The set is over two decades old, after all.

23 Auto Chassis Set 956 ($140-$200)

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The Auto Chassis Lego set is hard to come by nowadays, especially since it was released way back in 1978! The parts of this set are quite intricate despite the simplistic design of the fully-assembled product. This Expert Builder set can make any aspiring auto-mechanic's dreams come true.

How can it not when it gives them a slew of automobile parts to play with? Collectors can easily nab one for about $200. However, there's always a paucity when it comes to these vintage sets, so collectors won't have much luck finding one in mint condition.

22 Crawler Crane Set 8288 ($150-$560)

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Anyone who invested in a Crawler Crane Lego set back in 2006 would be glad they did. Its current price has now risen to as high as a mechanical crane could reach! A brand new set can cost as much as $560, which is a far cry from its original $50 price.

It's no surprise since the number of copies being sold is dwindling in the double digits. It doesn't help that this particular set is no longer in production either.

21 Space Shuttle Set 8480 ($225-$1,195)

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Why limit ourselves to building land vehicles when we can make space vehicles instead? That's an idea that the Space Shuttle Lego set was able to realize. This set came out in 1996 but it's so detailed that we could've sworn it was released just recently.

It takes the imagination of fans to infinity and beyond.

A completely unblemished set would cost Lego aficionados an out-of-this-world price of $1,195, which does make sense. For a set that contains over 1,300 pieces, it's not easy to keep it from losing at least one, after all those years.

20 Motorized Truck Set 371-2 ($750)

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The vintage Motorized Truck set is quite literally the granddaddy of most modern Lego trucks. It's basically a relic built during a time when Samsonite, a company better known for making expensive luggage, was still making Lego sets. It was originally sold for only $15 when it first debuted back in 1967.

Finding these in large quantities is extremely unlikely given its old age. It's so scarce that there's only one being sold on eBay, and it costs an alarming $750 at that! That's like hundreds of dollars more than its original price.

19 Super Street Sensation Set 8448 ($225-$1,479)

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When it comes to fantasy sport cars, the Super Street Sensation Lego set has to be among the most coveted models for racing fans. This set was released in 1999 and contains even more parts than the Lego Space Shuttle! These snazzy miniature sports cars can easily cost as much as an actual full-sized go-kart too.

An unopened set, even if it's not in mint condition, can still cost as much as $1,479. This just goes to show that, even in the toy world, sports cars are still pretty expensive.

18 Mobile Crane Set 8421 ($250-$1,300)

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The Mobile Crane is a relatively new Lego Technic set compared to the previous entries. However, that doesn't make it any cheaper than the rest. Due to its popularity, this set is usually sold out in most retailers. While a boxless version can go for a reasonable $250, collectors would have to be really lucky to score a sealed copy.

Boxed versions in mint condition can easily go for as much as $1,300! Of course, its massive size does justify its megalithic price tag. It can easily be a centerpiece in any Lego collection.

17 Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano ($350-$1,495)

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Purchasing a Ferrari can be a daunting experience, even if it's just a Lego toy model. How can it not when it's based on the iconic Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano? Lego set 8145 brings the legendary sports car to life in miniature form.

When was anything with the name Ferrari ever cheap?

Fans of both Ferrari and Lego toys would have to set aside about $1,495 for a sealed set. Collectors shouldn't expect to get it for cheap either since even worn-out boxless copies can amount to $350 each!

16 Williams F1 Team Racer BMW Dealers Edition ($1,900-$2,000)

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Just when we thought that Lego sports cars couldn't get any more expensive, the 8461 Lego set comes into the picture. The limited BMW Dealers edition of this set is not just valuable, it's a lot more elusive as well. This is one exclusive Lego Technic vehicle that's significantly pricier than its standard version.

Whenever it's being sold online, there are only one or two copies available. If collectors eventually stumble upon one, they'd still have to pay about $2,000 or even more for it. Well, at least it's still more feasible than buying an actual F1 race car.

15 Motorized Bulldozer Set 8275 ($157-$1,300)

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The Motorized Bulldozer can certainly set itself apart from other more common construction vehicle Lego sets. This mechanical behemoth is actually a fully-functional mobile vehicle, with the help of some batteries, of course. Although fans shouldn't expect every copy being sold to be working models since the set is already over a decade old.

Its price can also be as steep as the mound that real-life bulldozers can pile up. Stores don't usually keep these models on their shelves for long given its popularity, so paying $1,300 for a new one online might probably be the only option.

14 Super Car Set 8880 ($157-$900)

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Considered to be one of the most innovative Lego Technic models, the Super Car set is basically the older cousin of the newer Super Street Sensation. It came out in 1994 sporting some of the most intricately detailed pieces at the time. It's even considered by some collectors as the holy grail of Lego Technic sports cars.

That being said, a 25-year-old set would certainly show signs of aging in its packaging. A sealed copy can reach up to $900 on eBay but don't expect to find this set in generous quantities either.

13 Ultimate Collector's Series X-Wing Fighter ($280-$2,598)

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While there may be other X-Wing Lego models, the UCS X-Wing Fighter set has got to be one of the most definitive versions of this iconic spacecraft. Finding a completely intact version can be as challenging as facing Emperor Palpatine alone! Most Star Wars Lego sets are usually expensive.

May the force be with anyone who hopes to buy this set.

Unfortunately for collector's on a budget, this set is of no exception to that. It originally retailed for about $150 back in 2000, but its price has now soared to a whopping $2,598!

12 Whirl N' Wheel Super Truck ($120-$1,400)

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Any Whirl N' Wheel Super Truck set that passed the test of time will certainly fetch a high price. This enormous set features over a thousand pieces comprising both a big rig and a helicopter. Since it was released back in 1990, most opened copies will likely have missing parts.

However, if there are sealed copies available online, they're mostly sold for up to $1,400 on sites like eBay. On the other hand, it's not a bad investment for anyone who bought this set almost 30 years ago since its starting price was just $80.

11 Air Tech Claw Rig ($220-$500)

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While the Air Tech Claw Rig might not be one of the priciest sets on the list, it's certainly one of the more significant ones. This set debuted back in 1992 for a relatively high price of $140. Its current market value now ranges from $200 to up to $500.

However, the price alone doesn't exactly tell the true value of this historical set. According to technicopedia, it's basically the first and only set that features both a pneumatic compressor and an electric motor at the same time! It's definitely a set that only true collectors will appreciate.

10 Minitalia Deliver Truck ($875)

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Not many might know about the Minitalia Lego set since it's one of the much older sets, debuting way back in 1971. Apart from being ancient, it was also only sold exclusively in Italy. This line-up features a Car and a regular Truck.

Its Mini name certainly doesn't speak for its price.

Although the Deliver Truck is arguably its more valuable vehicle. Used copies of it are scarce while sealed ones are impossible to find. There's only one being sold on Bricklink for a ridiculous $875! At that price, it's even more costly than most Lego trucks twice its size.

9 Maersk Line Container Truck ($2,000-$3,598)

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There are various Maersk-based Lego sets but the Container Truck set 1651-2 is definitely one of the rarest ones. This set was first released in 1980 as part of an exclusive promotional series. Nowadays, this set is so scarce that the number of these being sold can be counted on one hand.

It also doesn't help that most existing copies being sold always reach four figures! In fact, a lone copy is being sold on Bricklink for a crazy $3,598! How can a tiny plastic Maersk container cost more than its ginormous real-life counterpart?

8 London Bus Set 313-1 ($180)

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Fans and seasoned collectors alike might not have had a chance to get their hands on a London Bus Lego set. We're not talking about the newer 10258 Creator Expert set of the same name either. The vintage 313-1 London Bus was released in 1966. For a set this old, it's likely that collectors will never find one in mint condition.

Fans hoping to nab a copy can get a used one for $180. The thing is, there's only a handful of these being sold, so don't expect to see it available for long.

7 Shinkai 6500 Submarine ($240-$1,800)

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What makes the Shinkai 6500 Submarine Lego set special? Well, aside from its cool looks, it's also the first ever official Lego Ideas set ever produced! On top of that, it was released exclusively in Japan and its production was extremely limited.

It's based on an actual submarine too, not a yellow one.

Boxless sets already go for over $200 so expect sealed versions in mint condition to go for up to $1,800! That's the price of becoming an owner of a historical piece that only has 10,000 copies in the whole world.

6 Volkswagen Beetle Set 10187 ($700-$2,000)

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The value of a much newer 10252 Volkswagen Beetle set doesn't even come close to the price of its older counterpart, the 10187 VW Beetle. This one's based on the Charlotte model of the iconic Beetle, featuring exceptional miniature detailing that befits its steep price. In fact, many consider it as one of the most sought-after Lego sets based on real-life vehicles.

This older Beetle first came out in 2008 and originally retailed for only $120. Its value now averages at somewhere between $700 all the way to $2,000 per set.

5 Santa Fe Super Chief Limited Edition ($900)

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Train Lego sets don't come cheap most often than not and the same can be said for the Santa Fe Super Chief. When this iconic locomotive first debuted back in 2002, it only retailed for a meager $40. Anyone hoping to nab the Limited Edition version would first have to do a little digging though.

All aboard the money pit express.

First of all, there's not many of these to go around. They usually cost $900, and that's just for one railroad car! Complete Limited Edition train sets are much harder to come by and usually cost a staggering $2,500.

4 Imperial Star Destroyer UCS ($3,000-$5,169)

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The massive UCS Imperial Star Destroyer Lego set is as breathtaking as it is ominous. The set contains over 3,000 pieces, after all! As if building this menacing battleship isn't intimidating enough, it also comes with a price that could make fans shudder. It originally came out with an already humongous $300 price tag, and that was in 2002.

Its price dramatically spiked upwards since then. Purchasing a complete set now means paying over $5,000. That's enough to make even the most avid Star Wars fan think twice before considering buying one.

3 Millennium Falcon UCS ($600-$11,000)

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If there's anything that can rival the popularity of the Millennium Falcon, it's going to be the Lego version of this legendary Star Wars vehicle. Buying a UCS Millennium Falcon Lego set for cheap is extremely unlikely. Collectors would have to pay at least $600 for a used one while pristine copies can go for as high as $11,000!

Its price kinda went off-orbit.

Its value is now more than ten times its original $500 price tag. Fans who managed to snag one of these back in 2007 should now feel as lucky as Jar Jar Binks.

2 Giant Truck Set 5571 ($1,900-$2,900)

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When it comes to truck models, the Giant Truck 5571 set is undoubtedly one of the most popular big-rig Lego sets ever. Most copies were instantly sold out when it first came out back in 1996. How could it not when it had some of the most impressive parts and detailing out of all the toy trucks in that era?

While it used to go for $140 back then, a brand new copy now costs as much as $2,900. The toymakers definitely weren't kidding when they named this truck, its price is as big as an actual sixteen wheeler!

1 Lego Opel Kapitan

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The miniature scale Opel Kapitan is perhaps the rarest and most elusive Lego vehicle of all time. It's so rare that it's quite impossible to find one for sale. This tiny vehicle was manufactured by Lego's Norwegian subsidiary known as Norske LEGIO.

Owning a piece of Lego history is basically priceless.

It was made way back in 1957, making it over 60 years old! Its historical significance certainly makes it a dream-come-true for any Lego toy collector. The thing is, it was never released. It's said that there are only about 15 prototypes in existence.

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