25 Lego Sets That Are So Expensive It Makes No Sense (And What They're Worth)

Lego has produced some absolutely stunning sets in the past. In fact, some of them are so elaborate that they can cost more than a car!

Sometimes people grow older and grow out of the things, films, and toys that shaped their childhood. And sometimes they don’t. And the people who don’t, grow older, get rich, and spend their adult lives spending every spare dollar they accrue on the better, rarer, and sleeker versions of the toys that filled their youth. And those people are my kind of people.

I am in my early twenties but am enjoying that sweet spot where I have enough money to spend it all on the geek merchandise of my dreams but not enough adult expenses to make such spending habits seem unwise or irresponsible. I may even forget to have children as I will be so busy spending my money on my own hobbies and interests. But I digress.

The geek hobbyists of the world spend their days scouring the internet for the best, rarest, and most decently priced items that they can find. These rare items can be difficult to find and thus, their cost is, understandably high. But something about finally getting your hands on these items is so wonderful that it makes it all worth it in the end. So, without further ado, allow me to take you through twenty-five of the most expensive Lego sets currently available on the internet.

Note: The prices listed in this article were the highest known prices (in USD) that these items have ever sold for — however, some have been reprinted and are available cheaper today. The items may be available on other sites for lower prices or the prices may change over time.

25 Hogwarts Express ($75+)

Via DW Games

Available on Amazon: $75

Though I was more of a Barbie child, I did own my fair share of Legos and would sometimes play with those little bricks for a considerably long time. Some of the best afternoons of my childhood were spent bent over a bucket of Lego. One of my first Lego sets was the Chamber of Secrets set but trust me when I say that I always wanted to own the above Hogwarts Express set. Of course, once you have both the Chamber of Secrets and the Hogwarts Express, then there is no reason why one shouldn’t simply buy the rest of the castle sets.

24 Kessel Run Millenium Falcon ($130+)

Via YouTube

Available on Amazon: $130+

Note: The majority of the sets in this article are related to the Star Wars series/Universe. It is also important to note that many of the pricier items on this list are simply fancier versions or special edition versions of the same set. Which truly is the best way to make a profit. Step one: release a Lego set for a franchise with a dedicated fanbase. Step 2: make a few stylistic or thematic changes and release the set again. Step 3: profit. Step 4: repeat.

23 Minecraft: The Mountain Cave ($293+)

Via YouTube

Available on Amazon: $293+

That title truly is a mouthful but the product is quite intricate and beautiful, in a way. Now, my only experience with Minecraft was that it was banned from the school computers back when I was in high school. But based on the fact that the game is based on building things, a Lego set related to this popular game truly seems like a good idea. It is not too outside of the realm of the original media that it would alienate fans but is also part of another brand, as well.

22 Technic Bugatti Chiron ($349+)

Via Star2

Available on Amazon: $349+

Now, I have to be honest. Cars are not something that truly appeal to me. My dream cars are the blue convertible from Princess Diaries (that breaks down several times) and the blue convertible from A Cinderella Story (that breaks down as well). But this car looks so cool, even to me. I can only imagine the immense sense of pride that someone would get from building such an intricate set. Though the price point for this set is a bit steep for me, for a hobbyist, such a price is barely something to even make note of.

21 Betrayal At Cloud City ($399+)

Via BrickSet

Available on Amazon: $399+

Here we have another Star Wars set because it is my belief (and clearly the belief of the hobbyists based on the items contained in this list) that film-based Lego sets are the best Lego sets out there. It is important to note that this Cloud City set is different from the other Cloud City set which will appear later in this list. This set is referring to a specific scene/moment from the film series while the later set simply depicts Cloud City on a normal day.

20 Ghostbusters Firehouse Headquarters ($399+)

Via Flickr

Available on Amazon: $399+

I think that, at this point in the list, it is important to remind readers that not only are these sets impressive in their final form but they had to be built by someone. Someone had to sit down, sort through all of those tiny little pieces, and follow each and every instruction in that step by step manual in order to create the final product. It is not a collectors item that you simply purchase and place on your shelf. It is an item that you purchase in pieces and have to create. There is something so exceptionally beautiful about that.

19 Creator Expert Roller Coaster ($399+)

Via Trusted Reviews

Available on Amazon: $399+

It is my opinion that the Lego sets that include functional/moving parts are the best sets. My awe for the Lego sets on this list is never-ending. I have so much respect towards the people who dedicate their time to sitting down and creating these amazing 3D puzzles. When I played with Legos in my youth, I would make whatever my imagination told me to. But someone took the time to make this functional rollercoaster and there is something so amazing about that.

18 (Full) Hogwarts Castle ($499+)

Via Journal News

Available on Amazon: $499+

Now, this is what dreams are made of. Honestly and truly. If I had a flat surface in my house large enough to house this monolith of a creation, I would be spending my share of next months rent money on it at this exact moment. Hey, I have a dining table, don't I? What if I simply turned that into my Hogwarts Lego build display table and ate on the couch in front of the TV? Or we could eat around the Lego build and worship it every night when we say our nightly prayer. There area a lot of options.

17 Death Star ($469+)

via youtube.com

Available on Amazon: $469+

We have reached the first Death Star set on this list. This first Death star set is the standard edition Death Star set. Though expensive, I believe the price is warranted. Imagine not only the sheer amount of pieces included in this set, but also the difficulty involved in building it as well as the man hours it will take to complete it. All of those elements added together leads me to believe that these pricier sets are truly worth their cost.

16 Cloud City ($666+)

Via ToysPeriod

Available on Amazon: $666+

The previous Cloud City recreated a specific fan-favorite scene from the films while this set is simply just a recreation of the world itself. This allows fans to create their own scenes in their versions of the infamous Cloud City. And though both the building and the process of destruction can be some of the funnest aspects of playing with Lego sets, I personally believe that projecting one's imaginations onto the completed set is the best aspect of playing with Legos.

15 Rebel Blockade Runner ($1,500+)

Via Trademe

Available on Amazon: $1,500+

We are halfway (more or less) through the article and we have officially left the three-digit price range. We have now entered tetra digits and prices will continue to rise from this point on. For context, the price of this set is nearly double my monthly rent. Now, I don’t mean to disparage any collectors or Lego hobbyists. If you can responsibly afford these sets and purchasing them brings you joy, then go for it. But it will still continue to shock me everytime I am reminded that there are people who could drop double my monthly rent on a single purchase without a moment's hesitation.

14 X-Wing Fighter ($1,500)

Via Amazon UK

I wonder if the high price point for this Lego set prevents it from being a toy? Would someone be cautious to play with the completed set out of fear that they would break it or due to the man-hours needed to build it? Are these sets meant to be displayed and nothing else? Because when I look at this X-Wing, all I want to do is make my best engine noises and run around the living from, allowing the toy to fly through my projected imagination.

13 Y-Wing Fighter ($1,700)

Via YouTube

The design difference between the X-Wing and the Y-Wing fighters is so fascinating to me. There is something so cool and exciting about Lego sets. They are truly just big puzzles that you can play with. And the idea of having a collectible item that you can play with seems so exciting. Most collectibles are placed on the shelf and left there to collect dust but Legos are meant to be played with. And I like that.

12 Cafe Corner ($1,945)

Via Ebay

Available on Amazon: $1,945

I love this set. It is absolutely beautiful. There is nothing that I want more than to be able to temporarily become a Lego figure, to transport myself into a finalized, built, and fully fleshed out version of this set, and to enjoy it as a citizen of the Lego world. I would drink my little Lego hot chocolate, sit on a little Lego chair, read a little Lego book, and jam out to the hit song “Everything is Awesome” as it plays on repeat over the little Lego radio.

11 Market Street ($2,041+)

Via YouTube

Available on Amazon: $2,776+

When I was a child, my grandfather would create a Christmas village and display it in the living room and I have always dreamed of doing the same thing but with Lego sets and this Market Place set (as well as the later featured Corner Cafe set) will make this dream a reality. An incredibly expensive reality. But a reality nonetheless. Even though this set is over two thousand dollars, I find myself easily able to justify it because of the quality, man-hours, and post-build playtime.

10 Rebel Snowspeeder ($2,208)

Via Kids Nursery

This Star Wars set gains its value from its age and diminished quantity due to time since its release. Which is how most collectible items get their value. Though some items are inherently valuable at their time of its release due to being initially branded as collectors edition or being part of a limited run, other items gain value over time as fans consider them as collectors items and their diminished quantities make remaining sets (which are still in relatively good condition) become increasingly valuable over time.

9 Mr. Gold ($2,300)

Via YouTube

Though technically not a set, this item was included in this list/article solely because of its price. This minifigure gained its value immediately upon release and this limited edition piece was created for the sole purpose of being a collectible. The materials used, the limited quantity, and the sole fact that it was labeled as a collector's item upon release created the price at which it is currently valued. A price that will continue to rise as time progresses.

8 Grand Carousel ($2,299)

Via Repubrick

Available on Amazon: $2,299

Functional Lego sets are the best Lego sets of all. Now, I have been unable to officially and certainly confirm whether or not this Lego set contains fully functional and movable pieces, however, if it does not then I will be incredibly disappointed. You truly cannot make a set about a wonderfully magical piece of amusement park fun without allowing it to move like the real-life item it is modeled after. But, either way, it is truly beautiful and I am envious of anyone who owns it.

7 Death Star II ($2,500+)

Via YouTube

Available on Amazon: $2,500+

Here we have it. The second Death Star on our list of pricey, intricate, and expansive Lego sets. The destruction visible in this finalized version of the set is just wonderful. Look at that laser beam. That is just infinitely cool. This might be the coolest thing I have ever seen. Bonus points to anyone who can purchase both Death Star sets and quietly swap one out for the other during a party and wait to see if anyone notices.

6 Milk Truck ($2,646)

Via Brink Link

We have to take a moment and appreciate this item as well as its place on this list. The top five items on this list are either related to popular films or franchises or are scale model recreations of famous world wonders. And just below those majesties is a simple milk truck. A happy little lad who is just so excited to be included. Well, you know what, Mr. Milk Truck? I am truly glad that you are here too.

5 Eiffel Tower ($2,900)

Via Catawick

This is the last item on this list that exists at a price point below three thousand American dollars and I truly am surprised that this set is not pricier. I cannot even imagine how difficult it must be to build. The sense of accomplishment that a hobbyist must get after finishing a build of this magnitude must be so immense. A true adrenaline rush and an utter rush of absolute pride. I am in utter awe of each and every single one of you.

4 Imperial Star Destroyer ($3,000)

Via Amazon

I personally believe that these sets are some of the hardest sets to build. And by “these sets” I mean the sets that include several pieces that are the exact same color. I mean, look at that thing. Pretty much every single brick is the exact same color. Luckily, the instructional booklets that come with Lego sets are the most intricate yet simplistic instructions ever and make the building process so much simpler than it honestly could have been otherwise.

3 Statue Of Liberty ($4,000)

Via Brickset

Scale model Lego set versions of real-world wonders are always so fascinating to me. Imagine being able to tell someone that you built a scale model of the Statue of freaking Liberty in your spare time. That sounds so impressive to me. I truly believe that this set is fairly priced. Though it costs more than my first car, I do believe that the number of pieces included, coolness factor, and cumulative build/play/destruction time makes four-thousand American dollars seem like an incredibly reasonable price when all is said and done.

2 Taj Mahal ($5,000)

Via Lego

Look at that beauty. Look how absolutely beautiful she is. Almost as beautiful as the original Taj Mahal. I can’t even imagine how many pieces that it would take to build this thing. Imagine the creators in the Lego labs trying to figure out the number of bricks, size, shape, and colors needed to create the Taj Mahal scale model Lego set. I wonder how long it takes for Lego to finalize a set for our consumption. Thinking about all the work that goes into both the pre-consumer and post-consumer aspect of creating a Lego build makes the price seem truly reasonable in the end.

1 Millenium Falcon (Limited Edition) ($5,000)

Via Amazon

This entry requires a disclaimer. Since this version of the Millenium Falcon is a limited edition collector model, there are several different prices listed online for this model. Some builders claim that this model can reach asking prices of $10,000, but since I was unable to confirm this first hand, I listed this item under the most common asking price of $5000, which is still a very high price for an item. I can’t even remember a time when I had five-thousand dollars to my name. If five-thousand dollars fell into my lap right now, I would probably weep from joy. Spending it on one single thing is just something that my brain cannot comprehend.

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