LEGO Speed Champions: How To Find The Barn Car, And What It Could Be

Our guide on how to find the Barn Car in Forza Horizon 4's LEGO Speed Champions DLC, and our predictions on what the car might actually be.

Forza Horizon 4's surprise E3 announcement was the LEGO Speed Champions DLC. It came out right at the end of the conference, on June 13th, so by now players have had the time to put in some miles in LEGO Valley.

Even though LEGO Speed Champions acts as a plastic coat of paint, the engine inside is still very much that of Forza. It's the same racing, the same seasonal approach to map changing, and the same live service multiplayer. It even has the same secrets, in the form of a Barn Find.

The thing is, you can't actually play it yet. We don't even know what the actual car is yet. Still, it's out there to be found. So here's how to find it, and what we think it could be.

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How To Get The Barn Find

The process for this is basically the same as Barn Finds in the main Forza game. There's only one difference, but it's a big one. You have to gather enough bricks to earn the Barn Find rumor.

As you probably already know, all unlocks in the LEGO Speed Champions DLC are won through bricks. You get bricks by doing things like discovering new locations, racing in new locations, and smashing new locations. There are several brick milestones, with each one rewarding you with something like an expansion for your Master Builder's house or a new car.

4,000 bricks is what you need to get the Barn Find rumor. Once you do that, you can go to this place on the map.

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From there, it's exactly the same as a Barn Find in any other part of Forza Horizon 4. You drive to the barn, you see a cutscene of your avatar opening it, and then there's a new car!

What Car Does The LEGO Speed Champions Barn Find Unlock?

There's one teensy little issue. The Barn Find car isn't actually in the game yet. The game explains this by saying that Jay can't find the instructions for this new car. And what good is a LEGO set without instructions? (Well, you could just build whatever your heart desires, but this isn't that kind of LEGO game.) We'll have to wait for a future update to see what kind of car will get the LEGO treatment next. Until then, we can engage in mostly unfounded speculation!

The frontrunner right now, according Forza fans, is the 1977 Porsche 911.

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The reason this one seems like a top choice is because it will soon be the newest actual LEGO Speed Champion. That's right, the name of the DLC comes from a line of real LEGO products. The cars in the game already are taken from real LEGO models. So it makes sense that LEGO would want to advertise its newest product by having it feature prominently in a video game. It also explains why the car is "missing" in Forza right now. The real LEGO 1977 Porsche 911 doesn't come out until August.

Based on the fact that LEGO Speed Champions the game borrows from LEGO Speed Champions the toy set, fans have several others predictions. Most accept the idea that it will be a classic car, as the idea of a barn find is that you chance upon a forgotten car in a barn.

An old Ford is another common choice, particularly a '68 Mustang as it seems to match the color and parts found in the barn.

A Ferrari would also be cool. In particular, a few fans favor the 312T for that old-school race car vibe.

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The fact is, we simply don't know. Many cars would be a great choice. The real issue is that we'll only have four LEGO cars in the game total. We can only hope that the positive fan response to this DLC will inspire the developers, and LEGO, to add more.

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