LEGO Star Wars Battles Mobile Game Announced

LEGO Star Wars Battles will let you recreate famous battles and stage new ones with the brick versions of beloved characters.

LEGO Star Wars Battles for Android and iOS isn’t just ANY game filled with LEGO bricks, this is an actual Star Wars experience where you get to pit your favorite characters against each other in actual combat. If the concept of having LEGO Luke Skywalker fight a LEGO Boba Fett or LEGO Chewbacca doesn’t excite you, then maybe you need to look for your lost childhood. 

LEGO Star Wars Battles allows you to build LEGO towers to defend and capture territory as you fight in PvP battles. You’ll get to visit fan-favorite locations and take them over from other players. The game itself looks solid from the details available, with LEGO clearly putting a lot behind this especially considering it’s a mobile game. The game allows you to stack your deck with famous faces from the Light or Dark Side. You can collect your favorite characters to make your dream team.

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The game itself isn’t set to release until 2020. It will be available on the App Store and Google Play, allowing for anyone with any phone provider to do battle in the brick arena. Whether you are trying to help the Jedi defeat the Sith, trying to topple the petty Rebellion, or just trying to capture as many characters as you can, this game will have something for you. All fans of both the previous LEGO games as well as Star Wars in general will have something to enjoy about this.

Maybe you like to pick different characters and see who would win in a fight, the game will let you do exactly that. Perhaps a more fun exercise would be to take a team of your favorite characters and prove once and for all to your friend that his characters are inferior. That’s right, you can settle age old arguments with this game along with doing battle in the Star Wars Universe. It seems this game will have a little something for the Star Wars fan in all of us, hopefully it doesn’t wait too long into 2020 to be released... none of us can bear to wait much longer.

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