The Leviathans In Apex Legends Background Are Slowly Moving Closer


The Leviathans in Apex Legends are moving closer to the game’s battle area, and nobody is quite sure why.

Ever wonder what those giant beasties are in the background of Apex Legends? During every drop, you can see enormous dinosaur-lookin' creatures just hanging out in the waters surrounding the arena. Nobody seems all that concerned about their presence, so we just assumed they were neat aliens to give the word of Apex a little flair.

As with most things in Apex Legends, it turns out those creatures are part of the original Titanfall lore. They’re called Leviathans, so named after the world where they were initially found, and as the name implies, they’re huge. Some of them grow to be many stories tall, in fact.

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Despite their size, they’re mostly peaceful, although there was that one time where a bunch of Leviathans trampled Airbase Sierra on the fourth moon of Demeter.

Now that we’ve got the biology lesson out of the way, we should probably point out that the Leviathans surrounding the Apex Arena are moving. Closer. And we’re not sure why.

This was pointed out by Reddit user FrozenFroh who helpfully took a few screenshots to show us what they mean. As you can see, the Leviathans were much further away at launch and have crept much closer as of today.

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The real question is why? It could be nothing--just regular migration from giant beasts as they wander to new grazing grounds. This might be the case as the second set of images from FrozenFroh show the Leviathans taking a somewhat tangential route that doesn’t see them making landfall.

Leviathans 2
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Or they might be up for some tiny people trampling as they did that one time on Airbase Sierra.

Or, as many users in the Apex Legends Subreddit pointed out, the Leviathans could just be on their way to Skull Town to take part in the initial melee like everybody else.

We don’t know. All we know is that the Leviathans are getting closer. Best get the biggest guns you can find on your next drop, just in case.

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