Leviathans Are Taking Over Apex Legends’ Season 2

Apex Legends' Season 2 is still a few days away, with its launch being set for July 2. However, two trailers leaked ahead of the official reveal give us a sneak peek at how exciting it could be to play the battle royale game's second campaign.

The leaks have since been confirmed; an official video is now available for viewing. Furthermore, one of the things that really caught the eye of many is the takeover of the Leviathans. It appears that the massive creatures will be let loose to invade the map.

Respawn had already leaked a teaser pointing to "animal intrusions" that also showed the changes to King's Canyon. As per the trailers' releases, we know for sure now that the dinosaurs previously seen in the distance are poised to get in on the carnage.

Season 2 is set after an EMP attack on the Repulsor tower that facilitates the escape of the previously trapped animals. Additionally, a mysterious unknown figure is also seen along the ridgeline of the Cascades.

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It is believed that this could be a backstory for leaked character Crypto. This notion is strengthened by players who have already found laptops showing the tower in various locations.

New character Wattson is definitely coming, though. Wattson is responsible for helping build the Apex Arena and is set to return to assist with the repairing of the structural damage.

The EMP attack has resulted in the beasts returning to the island as well. This potentially means that, apart from dodging bullets, players will also be preoccupied with not getting stomped by a dinosaur.

There's also a flyer shown in a crate promising new features for the arena. A prominent theory is that players will be able to unleash Leviathans on opponents.

It appears that things could get pretty exciting for Apex Legends fans again. The lack of new content has been the crux of player complaints for a while now, with Respawn sticking to their plans to release updates seasonally, so respite could soon be had.

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