Every LGBTQ Character In Nintendo Published Games

Let's not mince words here. When it comes to Nintendo's history with LGBT representation, it's bad. The company has been making video games since 1980, and we've been able to compile every single instance of LGBT characters in their games into this small list, something that shouldn't be that easily quantifiable. Nevertheless, today we'll be looking at every single one of these characters, and you'll be noticing a trend very quickly. Without any further ado, let's get into it.

14 Heather

The trend is that this is a Fire Emblem list, which is basically the only series that Nintendo has ever really implemented any sort of LGBT themes into, at all. The Wii title Radiant Dawn featured a character named Heather, who was really just there to meet cute girls and okay, yeah, absolutely valid. The game’s creator also said that she was just "born this way" after some backlash, which is just adorable. Considering how many years ago, this is quite progressive for Intelligent Systems.

13 Corrin

Now get ready for the entire rest of this list just being possibly bi characters depending on what the player chooses - yay! Corrin. The main character of Fates, Corrin can be male or female depending on the players choice, and they get not two, not three, but one same-sex choice for romance, with the male and female options split between the two versions of Fates. Terrific. Thanks for less than the bare minimum, Fire Emblem. Let's meet our two options now, shall we?

12 Niles

On one end of the Fire Emblem Fates spectrum, we have Niles, available in Conquest. He's our only male option, and he's a sadist that has done horrible things that he will not speak about to anyone. Wow. Thank you, Nintendo. Representation is super important, but maybe not this type?

11 Rhajat

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10 Birdo

One of two exceptions from this list is about as progressive as it gets, and we're 100% here for it. Birdo is described as a boy who believes he is a girl, who'd like to be called Birdetta. That's Super Mario Bros. 2 talk for 'Birdo is transsexual - respect her pronouns.' Mario games can't come up with another story that isn't Peach getting captured, but then they also have lore like this. What's going on over there?

9 Leon

Leon, of Fire Emblem Gaiden and its remake, Shadows of Valentia, was actually written as a gay man in the remake. And get this, it wasn't terrible. He loved a man who died, and he had to deal with that, and it was rough. He actually had a good storyline. There is hope for Fire Emblem after all.

8 Byleth

Byleth might not speak, but they sure can be gay if that is what your heart desires. As a woman, you have five different options to choose from for marriage, awesome. That's a huge improvement over Fates. As a man, you have three, two of which are platonic. You know what... we're just moving on. Thank u, next.

7 Linhardt

Sleepy boy Linhardt is yet another marriage candidate for the Fire Emblem series, a male marriage candidate for both of the Byleth genders in Three Houses. This crest enthusiast is actually the only non-platonic LGBT candidate for male Byleth, which is absolutely ridiculous because females have five options to choose from. Doesn't that kind of bring up gay isn't okay but lesbians are mentality? Ugh. At least he isn't locked behind one version of a game that you need to buy separately.

6 Edelgard

Empress Edelgard is one of the five female same-sex options for romancing in Three Houses. Anyone getting an, “it's okay because they're girls,” kind of vibe from that? Either way, Edelgard is one of the most interesting and developed characters that Three Houses has to offer, so the fact that both genders can romance her is absolutely a blessing.

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5 Rhea

You wanna know why the Church of Seiros is a great religion to follow? The archbishop of the church (basically the leader of the free world) is bisexual. Yes. Amazing. The fact that the church just doesn't even care about sexuality? Ahead of their time. Isn't this game set in like, 2000 B.C. or something? Progressive. Now, your thoughts on Rhea may differ, but she's there if you want her.

4 Sothis

Fire Emblem: Three Houses is so generous. As one of the options for a female same-sex marriage, they give us Sothis. The child that lives inside of our heads. Thanks? Is this even considered a win by any standard? Like, she a whole child. Could you at least make our mind marriage at least be with an adult woman Intelligent Systems?

3 Mercedes

Another very faithful woman, we have Mercedes. Mercedes' main goal in life is to work in service of the church (or something similar), in order to help people. Well that's adorable. She's a great person (and an awesone unit on the battlefield), and makes a great choice to wed yourself to as both male and female Byleth. Mercedes is another great option for marriage from Three Houses. At least they got one of the genders a few good picks.

2 Dorothea

Well, we can all agree that this one is a win, though. Dorothea is the final member of the maybe bisexual squad from Fire Emblem: Three Houses. She's a win, this character is absolutely fantastic, in battle and personality-wise. So, as long as all of the choices weren't mind children, we'll take what we can get.

1 Vivian

While not true in the English release, Vivian from Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door, is trans. Hell yeah. She's a great example of a trans person who isn't defined by her gender, and is a great villain turned hero who is essential to Mario's journey. Isn't it weird that one of the best representations of LGBT characters on this entire list is from the Mario series? And from a game that came out in 2004? And she's a ghost? Literally what? You know what though, killing it.  We absolutely stan Vivian, transgender ghost icon.

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